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Let down by a book or an author it s been hands down proven that he never spent any time in jail ver in his life Frey also can t prove Leonard Lakeside Redemption existedithernothing at all Years ago I read James Frey s now known as heavy on the fiction memoir A Million Little Pieces as an Oprah Pick This is the seuel to that book which I bought years ago but after the scandal and fury heaped upon Frey and the denouncement of his first book I probably just set aside Anyway unearthed and read while weeding out the crowded library this is the story of James and his friend Leonard a much In Pursuit of a Princess established and successful conman who after meeting him in rehab at thend of Million Pieces adopts him as a son I actually like Frey s simplistic style of writing where sentences are not always complete but still carry conviction but as one might Second Time Loving expect be warned of jailhouse language Frey s journey back from addiction is actually pretty interesting If a story about honor among thieves or a lifelong friendship between mobster types could be called touching this is it 35 stars Whether this book is fact or fiction does not mean crap to me which wasxactly my stance on A Million Little Pieces It was just a good book James reminds me a lot of someone I know and in some ways of myself and some of my family members His friendship with Leonard albeit ridiculous was very special and the stories in this book made me laugh and cry If you read A Million Little Pieces you already knew what Leonard s demise was but that certainly didn t make it a I normally would reserve the 5 star rating for a book that I think NOONE should missbut I just have to give this book 5 stars Some people might like it some people might think it is just okay I read it immediately following A Million Little Pieces and it is a great seuelI love LeonardI love Leonard I love LeonardI cried harder at the nd of this book than I have ver cried after a book or moviemaybe it s because I am a pregnant hormonal headcase right nowbut I SOBBED Then I told my husband about it a couple of hours later and sobbed some I really love this book It totally touched me and I loved it I never cared whether Frey s A Million Little Pieces was real or not The truth is if you Dark Awakening enjoy his writing style you re sure to be caught up in thenvironment and Hawks Way (Hawks Way especially the characters he creates I read this in one day on a flight from San Diego to DetroitMy Friend Leonard pretty much picks up where A Million Little Pieces left off If you thought it couldn t get any worse think again My Friend Leonard follows Frey s post rehab trials and tribulations andxamines the continuation of the relationship he began building with one of his contacts from rehab Touching heartbreaking and a testament to the strength of human willpower whether it happened or not I picked up My Friend Leonard by James Frey This book is the follow up to A Million Little Pieces which is the book that started such a furor last year The one that the author claimed to be true and the Smoking Gun website discovered was likely an Family Men exaggeration of the truth Oprah went a lil crazy andveryone Efinesc normalitatea Cine ii va oferi sprijin Lilly fosta prostituata dependenta de crack care i a fost alaturi la dezintoxicare Familia O noua iubire Sau Leonard mafiotul care face chilibristica pe linia subtire dintre bine si rauUn nou tur de forta al lui

Not sure what possessed me to add a book to my to read list that has an ashtray on it I didn t ven get past the first chapter Awful sophomoric writing in a robotic manner Waste of my time Five stars simply for the last 30 40 pages of this book which never fails to make me cry like a baby I thought this one was so much far fetched than A Million Little Pieces If I doubted Pieces this one I downright didn t believe Once again it should have been promoted as fiction although actually I think it may have been promoted as such I thought Pieces was better because it described so much struggling to get to where he got and My Friend Leonard was pretty much here I am la di da with good things happening all the time and a good Sabina Spielrein ending andveryone is happy Cognitive Radio Networks ever after Totally unbelievable I read A Million Little Pieces by James Frey and I liked it I devoured it Despite the controversy that a lot of it was made up It was made up to make James Frey look like a hardcore badass But really it turns out that he s just anotherntitled rich white kid with too much time on his hands and too much money so he does too many drugs then Personnel Management in Government ends up in rehab Then writes a best selling memoir that turns out to be held together by lies and covered up by the convenient death of the majority of the characters No one to collaborate Yes in spite of all of this Injoyed the story although it did make me think of Frey as kind of a pathetic douche So when I got an birthday gift card I Out of This World eagerly ordered his second memoir My Friend Leonard It s the continuation of his life story Emphasis on story It starts with him nearing thend of his three month jail sentenceHis girlfriend that he met in rehab kills herself before he can get to her The rest of the story is him trying to stay clean and hold on Leonard the friend he made in rehab features predominately He unofficially adopts Frey as his son and becomes his benefactor Leonard is part of organized crime so he has large amounts of money that he throws around mostly at Frey Frey talks about all the beautiful woman who love him He talks about impromptu trips meals and huge parties all funded by Leonard Everything lavish and The Time It Never Rained expensive of course Oh the awesomeness of Frey s awesome awesomeness This book was insipid and made me cringe It seemed like Frey was just trying to seem like a badass again who had rich powerful friends and hot chicks Hey guys Looklook at how freaking amazing I am Over here Oi It was theuivalent of the kind of person who gives themselves their own nick name and tries to get it to catch on And it makes it worse that there is no proof that Leonard The Child of the Soul and Other Stories everxisted So this fantasy is all the pathetic and douchey I was willing to over look the smudges of lies around the Childrens Phantasies edges of A Million Little Pieces because the writing was visceral and intense But My Friend Leonard is a blatant pack of lies To be fair they haven t proved that he didn txist so maybe it s all true And it has made me lose any respect I had for the author This is an xtremely negative review I won t apologize for it but I will acknowledge it I have never been so. Eliberat din infernul dezintoxicarii tanarul James are de parcurs purgatoriul inchisorii Ce il asteapta insa dupa liberare In nici un caz paradisul Are 24 de ani cazier si corpul distrus de alcool si droguri Va putea James sa reinvete gesturile cotidiene ce

Rashed the guy What a lot of people didn t take into account is that true or somewhat true A Million Little Pieces was a great book A story of the hell of rehabilitaion from drugs and alcohol that rings true whether or not some of the details are fabricated There s a review of it somewhere in these blogs if you care to look for it But bottom line I highly recommend taking the time to read it Now My Friend Leonard picks up the author s life after he gets out of rehab and tells you how his life progressed from then on with the help often uninvited of his friend Leonard Frey s frantic style of writing keeps the pages turning and before you know it the The Soviet Union end is happening The characters in Frey s books just kind of speak to you in a personal way As I said before the details that are fabricated don t matter it s the kernel of truth that seems to shine through that keeps you interested Leonard isntirely too much of a good thing wrapped in a bad package to be Gods and Heroes entirely real but it s inconseuential Because I would give my left leg to have a Leonard and so would most of the people I know James Frey is a better man for having a Leonard and he knows it And this is his way of acknowledging it Good for Mr Frey I m fuckin jealous I m also glad he decided to share Leonard with me because it made me smile thinking that if a fuck up like James Frey could find a Leonard real or not something helped steer him towards life than anyone can Hopeful thoughts aren t necessarily plentiful these days so when a good one comes along snatch it outta the air and keep it for awhile I started this book on the bus Sunday and just finished it this afternoon And I ve gotta say I kinda wish there was of it to read Should it matter if a memoir is truthful By asking this uestion I guess it s safe to say I went into James Frey s My Friend Leonard with some misgivings The act of memoir writing inherently produces meaning but that s not the same as manufacturing meaning not the same as findingvents which possibly didn t happen to fit a pre determined story What s called truth may lie in a fuzzy area of the memoirist s memory not always accessible as a complete Science, Technology and Culture emotionalvisual record That s why memoirists often take repeated stabs at the same memory as they try to determine what really happened and what it all meant I don t really like the idea of fact checking memoirists but knowing big parts of a memoir have been intentionally falsified changes how I react to a work When I read the opening about jail time in Frey s work which readers now know didn t happen I decided to read this as a fictional memoir and see where it took me It wasngaging Leonard a larger than life father figure looms over James life after he leaves rehab and is a presence until the very No Beast So Fierce end I thought it was written in a clear and compelling style Still calling it memoir made me wonder about the authenticity of people andvents in the memoir and made me uestion how vulnerable Frey had made himself by writing the memoir ven though I had decided not to worry about truth For now I m giving it three stars but I m still thinking. Ames Frey un maraton al motiilor care incepe intre zidurile cenusii ale unei inchisori districtuale continua intr un Chicago mohorat si in Los Angelesul tuturor posibilitatilor Proza Last Chance Bride electrizanta a lui James Freyste un logiu adus prieteniei Publishers Week.

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