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Uldn t have to say this but everything in this book is iction People need to use their imaginations Vampires aren t real either Just putting that out th This was awful in a Psychopharmacology of Herbal Medicine fun way There was very little reality involved in the writing of this book The why you should read this was what brought me to purchase the book That didn t live up to the guts Good thing I got it on discount Wasn t worth theull book price Vampire Six fans shouls get a kick of this silly guide to vampires I loved the pop culture comments andootnotes And all the comparing Vampires Zombies was amazing This book was just plain weird but I have to admit it had me laughing pretty hard A hilarious book about vampires The author pretty much sums it up in the Bandscheiben-Leiden - Was tun?: Mit den besten bungen fr den Alltag followingthe most powerful item in your arsenal is not a stake or a clove of garlic but a mock informative guide on vampiresilled to the brim with Lady Janes Nemesis fluff Lots and lots ofluffuite an entertaining and short read A Texas Rangers Family (The Stone Family for adultsilled with pop culture references. Ow much badass are vampires than zombies Dracula Is A Racist is the essential vampire handbook that digs up all the dirt and backs it up with hard vampirical evidence That's totally true Really Matt Melvin is a 25 year old T shirt aficionado and sideburn enthusiast Along with three other dudes he runs Explosmnet a pretty awesome website Racialization, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Canada full of awesome things When not adding evenilth to the Internet he enjoys criticizing and complaining about movies listening to music and inventing obscure types of niche sexual acts He currently lives in San Diego He is very tall.

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Of those people I enjoyed the crap out of this book I really did There are so many Computers funny spots There is a reference to how Count Chocula came to exist as a vampire and how his cereal came to be There are little snippets of interesting historical lessons as well Some of which while not widely known are inact true Much is not but it s still Before You fun to think it could be if vampires were real Such as can you guess which US President was a vampire I had no idea before reading this but now that I have it kind of makes sense Dracula is a Racist highlights many of the stereotypical vampire mythology as well as mentions uite aew vampire themed pop culture references This includes books music movies tv shows and even video games Everything A History of the Guyanese Working People, 1881-1905 from becoming a vampire to killing them is mentioned The illustrations in this book are prettyunny My Blackfrost (Wytch Kings, favorite was the one about Gaydar Theirst half of Dracula is a Racist is a bit Stupid men jokes funnier than the 2nd half but the 2nd half still holds its own I sho. E or something From Matt Melvin one of the creators of Explosmnet and the hit online comic Cyanide Happiness comes Dracula Is A Racist the definitive guide to vampires answering those gravely important uestions that keep you up at night Was Dracula really a racistHow do vampires do their hair if they don't have any reflectionIs it grossor immortals to be attracted to high school girls if they're stuck in a 17 year old bodyWas Sesame Street ever truly safe Workbook for Emergency Care from The CountIs dressing in all black and acting snobby toward everyone enough toake being a vampireJust

What a The Benn Diaries Vol. 2 funny and weird book I loved every minute of it Some of the ideas were just so absolutely ridiculous I laughed out loud I think it s pretty obvious that this book is in no way intended to be taken seriously but I m sure that some people will still be butt hurt over its stupidity It s meant to be stupid andunny people need to relax and remember how to take a joke Some people seem to think that everything must be taken seriously and everything is offensive I think those people are just looking Macroeconomics for something to complain about and should be ignored to theullest extent If you are easily offended please don t bother reading this book There is every type of stereotypically offensive joke made This book is the opposite of politically correct so if your race sex creed mental capabilities sexual orientation or ashion sense are easily offended please don t read this book Only people with a healthy and twisted sense of humor could possibly enjoy this book Thank goodness I am one. Vampires The 100% Bona Fide Totally Real And Not Made Up At All Truth In this day and age the belief in vampires has been dwindling at an exponential rate Those who still believe in them are often wildly misinformed So what do you think will happen when Johnny McNormalpants inds himself The Hero (Thunder Point, face toace with a bloodthirsty vampire Probably crap his pants but then what An informed citizen would know exactly what to do in this situation If only there was some way to enlighten the public about this often Longarm and the Dynamite Damsel (Longarm, forgotten subject preferably in theorm of a mock informative guid.