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25 starsThis book just wasn t my cup of tea I picked it up a few years ago when I was in a big historical fiction phase but I didn t get to it until now when I don t particularly enjoy historical fiction I didn t really enjoy the writing style and I didn t feel connected with the characters I didn t find myself caring what happened to them I think this book would ve been better if it was onger and the characters were developed I really enjoyed this expertly woven tale that bound together 2 similar girls from the same family born hundreds of years apart History becomes very real for Elizabeth in the pages of Storyteller as a trip to stay with her Aunt Libby brings her into a close connection with Storyteller is a beautifully written historical fiction young readers novel I Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code loved reading the story and getting to know Elizabeth and Zee The story starts with Elizabeth and how she must go stay with her mother s sister for a few weeks because her father must go away on a business trip At her aunt s house she gets to hear stories of a girl in a painting who is undoubtedly one of her ancestors We get to read the intertwined stories of these two girls and even as an adult I teared up and dreaded for it to end This story has plenty of fictional narrative in it but there is also historical validity to the way it is connected to the revolutionary war and the wareaders and battles are very real as well This chapter book would give students a new way to think about the revolutionary war as though it is than a page in our history book but that it was personal to those who were alive during it The fact that these young girls are about the age of our older elementary school students will make it very easy for them to relate to The characters act and talk ike they do and so switching shoes will be accessible to them Another good way that I can imagine using this in a classroom would be to point out the value in family histories and oral storytelling as it is often the only way for us to pass on personal accounts that may one day be pieces of a huge historical shift The other connection I felt between this story and curriculum was how it could be used to demonstrate and practice predictions foreshadowing and major connections text self text world text text All of these major reading skills are necessary to get everything that this text has to offer and they are all skills that are heavily focused on in th. A story of the American Revolution from two time Newbery Honor–winning author Patricia Reilly Giff While staying with her aunt Elizabeth finds something remarkable a drawing It hangs on the wall a portrait of her ancestor Eliza known as Zee She ooks Daddy Wanted like ElizabethThe girls’ives intertwine as Elizabeth’s present day

E comprehension driven 3 5 classrooms across the country The book is an easy read as far as the Forbidden Stranger language is concerned but the jumps between the 18th and the 20th century can be difficult to follow but nonetheless asong as the teacherparent can scaffold the events and setup appropriately then this book can be accessible and enjoyed by grades 3 5 Wonderful book read this almost every other wekk in Elementary school Highly recommend this adventurous and interesting book Loved it read it in one day 25 stars This just didn t work for me All of Zee s chapters set during the Revolutionary War are in italics and that makes me think that her story isn t worth reading that it s not the main plot Except when I actually concentrated on reading and not skimming those parts I realized that it was far interesting than Elizabeth s story now But everyone felt very flat and there was Snowy River Man little emotional connection shown which made the characters changing feelsack depth or Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze logic It did make me interested inearning about the Revolutionary War though I know most of the Civil War battles but not these This is also a good story to introduce the idea of genealogy and personal history to kids I just wish it was better written This was uite engaging This is a subject I really don t know much about The beginning of the Revolutionary War I never really thought much about how a town could be divided so easily There are some tough chapters dealing with death It also had tidy nice endings that are to be expected with a middle grade book If you Les brumes d'avalon : roman love historical fiction then youl ike this It is told alternating between past and present Genre Children s historical fiction coming of age Synopsis Elizabeth forgetful and clumsy ives alone with her father in the twenty first century until he sends her to The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone live with her Aunt Libby while he goes off to Australia on business While adjusting to a newife a new school and a relative she barely knows she comes across a drawing of a distant relative named Eliza but called Zee who Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, lived in the eighteenth century during the American Revolution During her visit Elizabethearns Zee s story how the war tore her small village apart pitting friend against friend and how she The Family Plan lost everything and made the journey to find her family fighting one of the bloodiest battles of the war Sheearns of Zee s incredible courage and about the importance of telling stories Review This is a rather. Tory alternates with Zee’s which takes place during the American Revolution Zee is dreamy and hopeful for the future until the Revolution tears apart her family and her community in upstate New York Left on her own she struggles to survive and to follow her father and brother into battle Zee’s story has been waiting to be.

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Mediocre attempt at historical fiction The idea is nice and the message is a strong one but it just doesn t seem well executed The book alternates between Elizabeth s story in the twenty first century and Zee s in the eighteenth Zee s story is done fairly well and might actually work pretty well as a standalone story The dialogue is rather uninspired and it doesn t have that atmosphere that you have in good historical fiction but you feel drawn to the character of Zee and what she s going through and it was these passages I felt the most investment in and that made me want to keep reading The same cannot sadly be said for the twenty first century story of Elizabeth I understand what the author is trying to do use Elizabeth s story as a vehicle for the historical one to show the parallels of history and how important it is to pass those stories along But the twenty first century story just isn t very well planned out I didn t feel invested in the character of Elizabeth or any of the other characters for that matter the pacing was way off the motivations were often never explained and the dialogue was still uninspired The transitions between the two stories were usually done well with some aspect of one story nicely paralleling some aspect of the other But the story itself just didn t work It was kind of A Family Practice like an episode of Wishbone with the realife events inspiring scenes from the story And don t get me wrong I A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity love Wishbone but what works for a half hour episode of a kids show does not necessarily work for a novel For all that though I did enjoy the historical sections of the book It was actually pretty gritty at times not shying away from the darker aspects of war I alsoike the focus that was placed on how friends and neighbors could be on different sides of the conflict with some of Zee s best friends being Loyalists even after those Loyalists destroyed her home And even though it s told from the side of the Patriots it at Celebrity Bachelor least attempts to be sympathetic to the Loyalist side as well And of course the message of the importance of keeping the stories in history is one I can definitely get behind For a children s historical fiction novel it would probably work pretty well But it doesn t work nearly as well for adults and even for kids I think the story would be pretty forgettable next to other better novels of this genre It s worth a read but probably not than one Worth rating Worth borrowin. Rediscovered by the right person As Elizabethearns about Zee and walks where Zee once walked and battles raged the past becomes as vivid and real as the present In this beautifully crafted affecting novel from beloved author Patricia Reilly Giff the ives of two girls reflect one another as each finds her own inner strengt.

PATRICIA REILLY GIFF is the author of many beloved books for children including the Kids of the Polk Street School books the Friends and Amigos books and the Polka Dot Private Eye books Several of her novels for older readers have been chosen as ALA ALSC Notable Books and ALA YALSA Best Books for Young Adults They include The Gift of the Pirate ueen; All the Way Home; Water Street; Nory Ryan