Carla Jablonski: Calling All Creeps! (Goosebumps Presents TV Book, #17)

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Ally reluctant reader But this book was really short So I just sped through it I would recommend this book to anyone who loves short and simple books Also I loved how in the nd he got his revenge on Evolution As Entropy everyone who wasver mean to him The nd. M creatures who say they are Creeps gross scary lizard creaturesAnd now they want to turn me into a real Creep too Ricky Beame.

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I Kind of liked this book I liked the beginning the best Because it was all about his normal life kind of depressing He got bullied so much though that it got old after a while and I got sad Then in the nd all of the creep things came and. Ricky the Rat Nerd Creep Tasha McClain loves to call me namesThat's why I put an ad in the school paper An ad that read 'If yo.

Called him there commander After that it got a little weird and out of hand not really scary But it was suspenseful I loved how it sucked you in to the story It was hard to put it down ven though it didn t have the best story line I am a re. U're a real Creep call Tasha McClain'Only something went wrong Way wrong Because now I'm the one getting phone calls Calls fro.

Carla Jablonski is the author and editor of dozens of best selling books for teenage and middle grade readers She grew up in New York City where she attended public schools and the Bronx High School of Science She has a BA in anthropology from Vassar College and an MA from NYU's Gallatin School an interdisciplinary program for which she combined playwriting the history of gender issues in 19t