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Y get yourself a copy It s just one of the best children s books ever written How can it be that unlike in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe the Moomin sagas never caught on in the United States Finnish author Tove Jansson s tales of the white hippo like Moomintroll and his parents Moominmamma and Moominpappa would elight children and parents alike the latter probably enjoying them even as adults can get the sly humor I simply His Substitute Bride (Seavers Brides, don t understand how Moominmania could possibly have bypassed the United States when it swept through Europe Comet in Moominland the second in the series follows Moomintroll his rodent like friend the timid Sniff and yet another pal the clever tramp Snufkin as they investigate the trajectory of a comet bound for Earth Imagine their alarm when after many adventures they arrive at the Lonely Mountains and find out from the astronomers there that the comet will land in just fourays timeThe band race back to Moominvalley to save the Tu Alma ¿La Conoces? day and consult Moominmamma as wise childreno With this gentle story the outcome s never in J.M. Coetzee doubt but Comet in Moominland neverescends to the saccharine far from it I freuently laughed out loud at some of the snarky passages especially involving Sniff s vying for credit and the young Moomintroll s bashful crush on the pretty Snork maidenI m going to try to read the entire series Why should childhood be wasted only on the young Re read 02042020No change in rating15062014Like so many Finnish children of a certain generation I grew up watching the Moomins tv series there are still reruns every once in a while and the magic has never faded and visited Moomin World Now to honor Tove Jansson s centenary I started a project of reading all her Moomin books Maybe the rest of her body of work as well if I have the time or enthusiasmWhen the 1992 animated movie premiered in Finland my mom took me to see it The part where Muskrat sits on the cake was funny but mostly the oppressive mood stayed with me I Feminization and Chastity Training for the Sissy Husband (The League of Dominant Women don t remember the happy ending but Io remember the part where creatures big and small were hurrying away from Moominvalley with all their possessions the frantic search for the kitten and the red sky that reminded of the impending The Club of Angels doomThe book is very similar to the movie with minorifferences the change of the chump Silk Monkey into a kitten worked better in my opinion and has echoes of nuclear explosions and their scorching power to Blue Skies and Gunfire destroy everything Everyone in the valley has their way of surviving in the middle of an increasingread of an uncertain future Moominmamma just keeps going with her chores and bakes a cake but Moomintroll and Sniff travel to the Observatory of the Lonely Mountains to find out about the approaching comet On their journey they meet other familiar characters who join the Moomin familyThe contrast between them all works great Sniff is a selfish whiner the fickle Snork Maiden is vain and loves beautiful things and the practical Snork is obsessed about etails and having meetings about everything There s a little of them in all of us Snufkin is my favorite and here we meet him for the first time He sees beauty even in the starkest of sceneries and proves to be a great asset to the group with his experience in adventures It was a funny little path winding here and there ashing off in 새로 만든 먼나라 이웃나라 12 - 미국 3 differentirections and sometimes even tying a knot in itself from sheer joy You Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, don t get tired of a path like that and I m not sure that itoesn t get you home uicker in the end Note Rating increased from 3 to 4 stars after reading the first moomin book The Moomins and the Great FloodMoomintroll s uiet life is upended when foreboding images of a star with a tail send him journeying to speak with the Professors at the Observatory Meeting new friends along the way and forging through perilous adventures together Moomintroll and his companions arrive at the Observatory where they learn a comet is headed towards earth Worse yet the comet is predicted to land precisely where Moomintroll lives with his Moominpappa and Moominmamma Moomintroll must find a uick way home if he s going to warn his family in time It s not Born Fighting difficult to see why Moominmania exists Jansson s book conveys an innocence rarely found in modern titles An undeniable charm exudes from her fanciful characters the same type of odd yet memorable creatures one anticipates finding in an L Frank Baum novel Moomins hav This review has been revised and can now be found at Expendable Mudge Muses Aloud This here and unfortunately also extremely rare and generally rather massively expensive if indeed even available used online Ravensburger Taschenb cher German language translation of Tove Jansson s Komet im Mumintal which Swedish language original title on the Goodreadsatabase is Kometer kommer although Vivica and Kurt Bandler s 1970 translation actually clai. N the Lonely Mountains to consult the Professors Along the way they have many adventures but the greatest

Ms the original title to have been Kometjakten was one of my favourite childhood reads a book that I received in a large stack of about twenty Ravensburger Taschenb cher as a birthday present in 1975 a book that I took with me when we immigrated to Canada in 1976 and that I even carried along in my trunk when I went to university in New Brunswick in 1985 where it unfortunately ended up somehow Dr. Simon Forman disappearinguring one of those silly residence panty raids Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside during frosh week and oh boy was I ever both sad and seriously lastingly peeved at that And honestly to and for me personally Vivica and Kurt Bandler s translation and I finallyid locate a reasonably intact and not too shabby copy online a couple of years ago it still and absolutely feels as THE German language version of Komet im Mumintal I love the most as the recent translation by Birgitta Kicherer at least in my opinion leaves much to be A Wartime Nurse desired and in particular that it fails to present far too many importantetails such as for example patently ignoring the little silk monkey who though strangely and incomprehensibly is still featured in Tove Jannsson s accompanying illustrations but textually seemingly forgotten by Kicherer although according to readers who have read the original Swedish version Kicherer supposedly Split does include parts that were left out by the Bandlers but I for one simply cannot handle the removal of the silk monkey And sorry but with Elizabeth Portch s English language translation with Comet in Moominland which Iid try and originally had uite high hopes for her writing style her narrational renderings expression and cadence wise they just When Stories Clash do not at least for me in any way capture the magic of the story as they tend to make me feel aloof above and beyond and not really rooting for and exploring with Moomin Sniff Snuffkin and the rest of the group but justispassionately observing However while I Sword of Honour Second To None do personally and always will prefer the Bandlers 1970 German language translation their Komet im Mumintal I would still if recommending this second Moomin novel mostefinitely suggest Elizabeth Porch s English language translation I would absolutely recommend Comet in Moominland before I would in any way even consider recommending Birgitta Kicherer s recent German language translation as the latter just really and frustratingly bothers me to on end with its additions and especially its subtractions and abridgements and sorry but even if it is indeed true that the recent German translation contains parts that appear in the Swedish original and The Extra Cadaver Murder do not appear in the 1970 translation the little silk monkey has always been a favourite and I was seeing red so to speak when I could not find her textually in the Birgitta Kicherer translation But if youo speak and read German and are indeed able to find Vivica and Kurt Bandler s 1970 Ravensburger Taschenb cher translation used yes consider reading their Komet im Mumintal with its reddish and orange hued book cover of Moomin Sniff Snuffkin et al crossing the evaporated ocean on their stilts as it truly is a lovely evocative and fun as well as occasionally eye opening romp a fantastical experience for young and oldNow with regard to content what I love the most lastingly about Komet im Mumintal and actually this pertains to all of the Moomin books I have read so far are the elightfully anecdotal episodes which although generally complete in themselves also never feel as though they are hanging in space so to speak as though there is not a thread of continuity from beginning to end with the chapters seamlessly moving from the first inklings that a comet could perhaps be arriving to the fateful ay it oes and how close the earth comes to isaster But for me even importantly and probably the main reason why I have always so much adored the Moomin novels both as a child and now as an adult I have so much appreciated how very much humanely and with personal understanding and supportiveness Jansson Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society describes and presents heriverse and often rather intriguing characters and yes that even those individuals who show potentially problematic or negative behaviour patterns such as Sniff the Hemulens and even the silent creepy Hattifatteners are shown not only as negative but also with positiveness and much authorial understanding and considering that the Hemulens for example with their OCD like obsessions and neuro atypical ways and means could easily be considered as being on the autism spectrum the Moomin books are in my humble opinion also interesting and important Um Fogo Eterno discussion vehicles especially considering that these novels were for the most part penned at a time when autism and other such syndromes were not as yet really part of public awareness and the public conscience Justelightful I never read these as a child but I believe this is the beginning of a new obsessio. Dventure of all awaits them when they learn that the comet is headed straight for their beloved Moominvalle.

Moomin and Sniff explore a path which leads to the beach they play look at nature and find a cave but they feel uneasy as they start to notice patterns carved into trees and objects even seagulls arranged into the shape of a star with a tail Moomin and Sniff set off on a journey to the observatory to find out what is happeningWe really enjoyed the Lawn Boy Returns details in this story and the ideas Before reading this for the first time as a child I had never thought what the ocean floor would look like if the seaisappeared or what you would Yolandas Genius do if a comet was coming towards the place where you live or what belongings you would take if you had to suddenly leaveAs with all the Tove Jansson books we have read we loved the relationships the philosophy the little creatures the kindness and the reassuring safety of the moonin house that is there to come back to when your adventure is over A beautiful ironic parody of the Armageddon style killer meteorite movie written before any of them existed There are so many brilliant littleetails I particularly loved the out of touch astronomers at the observatory who have calculated exactly when the comet will strike possibly four seconds later they add scrupulously but seem completely uninterested by the fact that it will wipe out everyone in Moomin Valley In case you re worried though the Moomin family is than a match for one little rogue comet and Moominpappa s wonderfully absurd solution saves the The Fairytale Hairdresser and Sleeping Beauty day The writing in the original Swedish is impeccable Jansson s uniue blend of humor melancholy and acute observation all comes together perfectly I think this is her best book and have read it several times Suitable for anyone from eight to eighty eight Just revisited this book for the first time in a long while by reading it aloud to my 6 year old Two main thoughts1 I love Tove Jansson She always writes with a slightly off beat charm one of my favorite bits in this book is the title of the butterfly collecting Hemulin s book Moths of the Eastern Hemisphere their Behavior and Misbehavior and her stories tend to swing uneasily between the surreal Hattifatteners anyone and the comforting coffee and cake a style which I found somewhat confusing as a child but came to adore when I reread the books in college However this is one of her earliest books and it shows After Moomintroll and his friends learn that a comet is threatening the earth they travel to an observatory to learn about it Much of the story consists of them encountering one peril after another on their long journey It gets a little repetitive and that contributes to a general flatness and lack of emotionalepth to this book Also there s some rather tedious gender stereotyping in the relationship between Moomintroll and the Snork Maiden even as a child I thought the Snork Maiden was overdoing the The Light Beyond the Forest damsel inistress act But I can forgive Jansson all this for the wonderful chapter about crossing the The First Mistake dried up sea on stilts2 This perhaps was not the best choice of book to read aloud to a child who is already prone to fanatsizing and worring about calamatous events such as the sun blowing up But I told him it had a happy ending that s not a spoiler right I mean we know they re not wiped out by the comet because of all the seuels and he enjoyed it a lot and I loved reading it aloud We are ready to start Finn Family MoomintrollETA Days after finishing this I veecided to change my review to four stars because Jewelry Making For Beginners despite its flaws the book has stuck with me and the writing was so lovely and the penultimate chapter so exciting As I ve said many times on this site Iislike translations on principle but I am trying to o something about my miserable German and when I saw this book at Foyles last week it immediately seemed like a good idea I know the Swedish original well and I figured that it should be easy to read and would improve my sketchy vocabulary That worked out even better than I had hoped and I already feel measurably confident What surprised me though was that for once I experienced the translation as utterly convincing Not has been casting scorn on my claims here and asking the obvious uestions given that my German is terrible how can I know this is brilliant But I just know Even though I m no good at the language I have heard it spoken a great eal and I understand how it s pronounced I can hear it in my head when I m reading and it sounds exactly like the Swedish original Everything is there The rhythm of the narrative with its ironic alternation of comedy and tragedy the charming The Penguin Book of English Verse dialogues between the unforgettable characters even the made up names It s a little miracle The English translation is uiteifferent I can understand every word rather than having to guess a uarter of them but the soul of the book has isappeared It isn t Tove Jansson any If you know German and haven t read it alread. When Moomintroll learns that a comet will be passing by he and his friend Sniff travel to the Observatory

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The Moomins and the Great Flood 1945 during World War II She said later that the war had depressed her and she had wanted to write something naive and innocent Besides the Moomin novels and short stories Tove Jansson also wrote and illustrated four original and highly popular picture booksJansson's Moomin books have been translated into 33 languages