Arthur Slade: Villainology Fabulous Lives of the Big the Bad and the Wicked

Me there are profiles of 15 villains areThe Wicked Witch of The WestAtilla the HunThe WolfBilly the KidThe Headless HorsemanMorhan le Fayin HuiShakespearian CilliansThe Invisible MonsterEmperor NeroThe ueen from Little Snow WhiteScarface CaponeScroogeThe Phantom of the Opera Not the WebbrowserMephistophelesArthur Slade in a very cheeky fashion presents a short biography of ach of these characters He tells their story with a mix of the story they come from myth. R high school memories and an amazing array of cool facts along with up close and personal “interviews” Readers will not only come away amused they will come away with an nlarged store of general knowledge Among the fourteen notable villains included are The Wicked Witch of the.

This book and its companion volume Monsterology Fabulous Lives of the Creepy the Revolting and the Undead go side by side like a two pieces of toast They are wonderful to read After reading them through the first time I pick them up and randomly flip through and read different profiles Wonderfully illustrated with portraits of ach villain and small mbellishments through the book by Derek Mah this book is fun and frivolous and just plain fantasticIn this volu. Villainology is a veritable who’s who of characters from the underworld Be they fictitious or all too genuine baddies they are bound together by their infamous deeds Author Arthur Slade takes a lighthearted view nonetheless and provides personal stats their likes and dislikes thei.

Legends and his own twisted take on their life and times Each profile is an attempt to licit a response and will probably cause many young readers to pursue some of the classics that they are drawn from This book is very well done and was a great pleasure to read and I am sure I will reread it again and again BravoRead the review on my blog Book Reviews and More and reviews of other books by arthur Slade As well as an author profile and interview with Arthur. West Attila the Hun The Wolf Billy the Kid The Headless Horseman Morgan le Fay uin Hui The Invisible Man Scarface Capone and a lineup of Shakespeare’s most memorable villains Never before seen portraits of ach by artist Derek Mah make for a deliciously delectable rogue’s galle.

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