Sam Kean: The Disappearing Spoon And Other True Tales of Madness Love and the History of the World from the Periodic Table of the Elements

Ce and I did want a chemistry set when I was a child reuest denied I knew deplorably ittle about chemistry Like the author I oved playing with growing balls of mercury from broken thermometers uite a few of the elements themselves were of course familiar to me but I didn t know much about them I had a bit of chemistry in other college science classes and in nutrition class As I read I freuently wished I d memorized the table before reading this book There is a table of the elements in the back of the book but it includes abbreviations only it is not embellished there is no ist of elements by name next to it However in the index thankfully the elements are Two Reels And A Crank listed in bold and I referred to that index at the beginning of every chapter when some elements wereisted in what Queens Gambit (The Tudor Trilogy, looked to meike unusual Scrabble tiles I read the notes as I read along and they were easy to find because they started with page number and beginning of phrase in bold as a match their section in the book but I d still rather they d have been included in the text proper to make the information even easier to read and to make it flow smoothlyThis book should be part of every beginning chemistry class It makes the subject so interesting This is certainly not the only attempt to make chemistry a great deal of fun for everyone The book mentions the Tom Lehrer song The Elements which can be seen in many places including here I really enjoyed this book although I did end up reading it slowly and I did take one break to read the young adult novel Mockingjay which I d been waiting to read for nearly a yearThis is a gem of a book and such a great idea I adored the humor and there was a ot of it I l The Camping Cookbook let readers see for themselves why the book s title is what it isI hope that Sam Kean or someone writes similar books about physics mathematics etc etc I would definitely read them if they were as clever as this book The spoon disappeared in a cup of tea as the spoon was made out of gallium that melts at 29 C not my cup of tea This book is rich in empirical evidence and interesting tales of theast 200 years of history and discoveries of the chemical elements of the periodic table However the countless stories Absalom, Absalom! lacked the threads that could have given them a common fabricThe periodic table which is currently comprised of 118 elements 112 at the time the book was written is an ongoing process The number of elements in our 14 billion year old universe increased over time Right after the Big Bang a couple of elements formed butater through nuclear fusion in stars and stellar explosions known as supernovas created and released the other naturally occurring elements The remaining elements in the periodic table are synthetic woman made man made The book walks us through Mendeleev s periodic table of elements that is composed of the main ingredients that chemists physicists and other scientist use for their recipes and experiments The author shares many amusing background stories on how numerous chemical elements were isolated and shaped the way wars were fought politics conducted and relationships impactedWe see how women ike Marie Sk odowska Curie her daughter Irene Lise Meitner and others played a pivotal role in the evolution of the periodic tableThe author also recognizes that science as a whole was greatly contributed by immigrantsSomewhere in the first uarter of the book an interesting uestion was asked by Kean and that is whether theory or experiments are responsible for the advancement of science I wish this uestion was further elaborated The reader will definitely walk away with a considerable amount of interesting information but not enough understanding of the subject matter The author spent almost the whole book informing rather than teaching and challenging me to think I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in getting a tour of the chemical elements and their backstoriesI read the Montenegrin Serbian Croatian Bosnian translation Ka ika koja nestaje autor Sem Kin Laguna 2018 Publishing 459 pages 111901 words Great translation I should have iked this book and I can t really explain why I didn t It s not poorly written though it ain t Solzhenitsyn and it s not that uninteresting of a topic but I just found that after the first 40ish pages I dreaded having to read It was Black Stone like pulling teeth only a bitess painful even without the option of novocaineI think part of it was that the book wasn t well organized The author seemed to jump around the periodic table at his whim without keeping a consistent framework perhaps that was the point it was a bit unclear to me Anyway the writing is OKish enough and it is certainly very well researched so I can understand why many people have On Liberty liked it And it s really not a bad science book but for some reason I just found myself having a viscerally negative reaction to having to read the next chapter well I guess I didn t have to keep reading on but whatever I don t know I wish I could pinpoint the source of my discontent with this but it is what it is so feel free to try it out for yourself. HemWhy did aittle No Way Down lithium Li 3 help cure poet Robert Lowell of his madness And how did gallium Ga 31 become the go to element foraboratory pranksters The Disappearing Spoon has the answers fusing science with the classic ore of invention investigation discovery and alchemy from the big bang through to the end of time.

Elements that make the cosmos what it is then this is a must read for you As for the disappearing spoon trick well you l just have to read the book to find out the secret to this parlor trick for yourself You l be glad that you did This book took me 76 days or almost three months to read In this case I needed all seventy six individual days to work Stop the search Recall the teams I have found the non fiction summer read of 2010 The Disappearing SpoonFirst what s a summer read Mr Josey Wales thumbnail photo A summer read is one you can enjoy during a vacation to the beach with fresh cocktails and clean towels provided by the swarthy bronzed attendant at a seafront hotel You can finish it in a few days in bite sized chunks it doesn t overpower you academically you earn a ittle and the subject is something entirely new to you which allows you to escape mentally just as you are physically from that 50 hour weekly cubicle career and hateful commuter trafficThe book catalogues the 200 year history of the piecemeal development of the periodic table in chemistry Wait this is not your high school chemistry class Sam Kean uses the most idiosyncratic unusual serendipitous and funny events to tell this story You earn as much about the brilliant boisterous bi polar bastardly and braggadocio scientists as you The Ransom of Mercy Carter learn about each element on the periodic table Each of 19 chapters pulls together several periodic elements and outlines their unexpected similarity and relatedness atomically uantumly and culturally And the narrative moves fluidly back and forth through time to capture the relevant history of each element The book highlights discoveries that are still being made current as ofate 2009Strontium Molybdenum Ruthenium Francium Ytterbium Neptunium Berkelium Californium Lawrencium What are you all about How were you discovered Why are you so important And why the heck are you so rare This is neat science told in a fun and effervescent way There are some awesome awe inspiring and yet sometimes pedestrian elements out there Science ofttimes moves forward in jumps and spurts and Kean is uick to relate how it moves chaotically unexpectedly bizarrely and accidentally The author reviews not just core chemistry but also history physics cosmology and psychology The scientists and their Rube Goldberg experiments are as interesting as the results Periodic elements are really cool yes I actually said that They re phenomenal toxic powerful rare ephemeral magical radioactive and have the most interesting relationships to each other We re told why when and how they ve been used and abused through history and how they shepherded great Gone for Good leaps in the advancement of human civilization The Disappearing Spoon is uickight reading out in the sun It handles complex theory in a comfortable approachable way Kean uses good rhythm in the book chapters of uniform Lallieva (Alice Allevi, length and a bit of humor to bring it all home He pulls it off effectively Mr Wizard meets chaos theory Sixth grade mall wow science is discussed right next to the paragraph about how to produce absolute zero or 35 million degrees both of which incidentally are created byasersIn the end you l earn a British Society Since 1945 littleaugh a ittle You may not remember anything from this book 2 years from now but you will retain this elements are neat as hell and thank goodness for chemists and physicists New words depilatory eluted This is an absolutely brilliant idea for a book and it s a superb book It s beautifully organized and well written It s a wonderful way to earn andor deepen knowledge of chemistry This book is fine for Reiki And The Seven Chakras laypeople but will give meaning and extra enjoyment even for advanced chemistry students Much appreciated by me was that the information imparted was over my head only a very few times and that s saying aot because I ve never taken a chemistry classThis book covers the elements of the periodic table via its history and by telling stories about the various elements their history of discovery how they ve been used at various times various people who found ways to make use of them Anyone with a smidgen of curiosity about any aspect of ife should find many things here that they find interesting So many subjects are covered including astronomy war South Pole exploration health and illness and poisoning history other sciences the personalities of those who have contributed to the findings in the field and so much It s jam packed with useful facts and enjoyable stories The relevance of the elements chemistry in everyday ife is made so clearThere are many I Curse the River of Time lovely digressions that turn out not to be digressions at all There were very amusing parts including funny uips that freuently pop up and all of those uips have substance It has a sort of gossipy in a good way tone Iearned so much I found out that I Once I Was a Princess love Linus Pauling and many other scientists who ve contributed to the field I was surprised how much of what s been discovered in the field of chemistry has been done fairly recently and how it s still a growingiving scientific endeavor While I ve always been interested in scien. E trove of passion adventure betrayal and obsession The fascinating tales in The Disappearing Spoon follow carbon neon silicon gold and every single element on the table as they play out their parts in human history finance mythology conflict the arts medicine and the ives of the freuently mad scientists who discovered

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Okay Let me tell it to you honestlyThis book is not the most well written book the sentences are clunky and there is not a clear narrative It is much of a rambling collection of stories and facts and uirky science knowledgeThat said I couldn t get back to reading this fast enough I thought about a book about the scientific table throughout the day I stole a few minutes wherever I could I carried this book with me and was even gasp early to pick up the kids so that I could read a few minutes in the carI mean the opening factoid is about our ability to trace Lewis Clark s trail by following the mercury aced poop trail I Greed, Seeds and Slavery love that shit Growing up I neveroved science I didn t Demons, Deliverance, Discernment learn the periodic table in schoolike others did And so there were times in this book where I only understood a few clauses in each paragraph because the concepts were so advanced but the author did a great job of bringing it back to a Some Prefer Nettles by Junichiro Tanizaki Summary Study Guide laypersons comprehension in the next paragraph So in summary this book is written for allevels of science or not nerds It is full of incredible tales and the fun secrets and stories of the people involved in the development of the periodic table and science as we know itI will absolutely be rereading this book most definitely when the boys are Well Meet Again learning the periodic table in school There s a certain type of goodreads troll the one who defends their beloved book by saying somethingike Well if you knew the topic didn t interest you why were you stupid enough to pick up the book To that goodreads troll I now have an answer this bookIf you had told me a few weeks ago that I d find a book about chemistry and the periodic table of elements difficult to put down I d have had a hard time believing you But I did This book was funny interesting even gripping at times and always engaging I took off a star because I l admit that I didn t get all of it despite the author s best efforts I guess it would take than a fun book to turn me into a chemistry person But it was still a wonderful read and not a guilty pleasure because it was actually educational This meant I could feel virtuous for once while I ignored my various responsibilities in favor of readingSo not only did I get to enjoy a good book I feel vindicated in my ongoing belief that a a sufficiently good writer can make any topic interesting even to a reluctant reader Yes sometimes it pays to eave your reading comfort zone And when it doesn t you have every right to complain because it is about the book not just about a personal bias with regard to the content For a good book there should be no such thing as a right or wrong reader This does for the periodic table what I am always trying to do for mathlink the science to the historical events the people and the economics that push scientific discoveries I was fascinated by the many details about the hunt for elements the private If I Never See You Again (Jo Birmingham lives of the Curies the radioactive boy scout the dangers of storing rare elements in the Congo and that the same man who invented nitrogen rich fertilizers is also the inventor of zyklon B It also made me want to read about The Manhattan Project so I guess its time to put the Rhodes book on my wishlist My GR friend Jason writes sturdy and trustworthy reviews but I must take exception with him here The Disappearing Spoon is uickight reading out in the sun It handles complex theory in a comfortable approachable wayYes it is all that IF such stuff as this makes sense to you The strongest solo acid is still the boron based carborane HCB11C111 And this boron acid has the best punchline so far it s simultaneously the world s strongest and gentlest acid To wrap your head around that remember that acids split into positive and negative parts In carborane s case you get H and an elaborate cagelike structure formed by everything else CB11C111 With most acids it s the negative portion that s corrosive and caustic and eats through the skin But the boron cage forms one of the most stable molecules ever invented Its boron atoms share electrons so generously that it practically becomes helium and it won t go around ripping electrons from other atoms the usual cause of acidic carnageWell this could be part of the rules of uidditch for all the sense it makes to poor general reader me so I think The Disappearing Spoon is really for science geeks who think stuff about German chemists being hornswoggled out of a Nobel Prize for Alchemy by some Californian sharpies in 1951 or a neat account of the crucial properties of the biomolecule which are called handedness is the very thing for those moments on the beach when there isn t any eye candy around This is on the banned book Firebird list why Oh that s right Certain parents think that science is too real for their precious babies What aot of baloney The Disappearing Spoon is uite A Night on the Tiles literally one of the most fascinating informative FUNNY books about the Periodic Table that I ve ever read Okay it is the only book about the Periodic Table that I ve ever read but it is amazing For those whoove science or for those who simply would The House That Jesus Built like to better under the. Why did Gandhi hate iodine I 53 Why did the Japanese kill Godzilla with missiles made of cadmium Cd 48 How did radium Ra 88 nearly ruin Marie Curie's reputation And why did tellurium Te 52ead to the most bizarre gold rush in historyThe periodic table is one of our crowning scientific achievements but it's also a treasur.

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