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It from getting stale overly predictable That and insanely filthy phone sex is where it s atSometime Soon How to get a girlfriend 101 We adored this I love dirty talk was am awkward with relationships He brought up the time he tried to give me a drawer to put my stuff in took me to Walmart to buy ornaments for the Christmas tree he bought me and then didn t see me for a month Yup that s why we only do this nowDifferent On The Inside Why did this guy have a vest on under his shirt We both agree we hate dinner parties with other couples there is no one in our couple friends I would do all too dull He of course names two women one guy I ask for pictures he sends Facebook links All look doable but I don t know them He doesn t believe any would be into tying up He asked me about my first time he s heard this but wants to hear it again We laugh about his first time me of course he readily admits he could have gotten untied if he had wanted to We like the ending of this would like to have seen where it went He thinks they both are together but become normal boring I tell him he lives a sad sad life I tell him they get new friends stay fun excitingAll Ways We don t talk about this one I tell him I ll call him back that I want to eat since I haven t eaten all day I want to ask if he s different He s deployed three times since we were together he has diagnosed PTSD I don t askof course he s different He has nightmares I know we did a road trip once right after he got back from the second one during his divorce he said it was the PTSD she thought he came back didn t connect This story makes me sadToby Hood Tastes Candy Started this then skipped it Kind of a take on Little Red Riding Hood but with a guy Not our thingThe Things That Make Me Give In Brilliant I feel unsure how to do justice here to how impressed I was by The Things That Make Me Give In That said I would certainly like to do my bestThis short story collection by Charlotte Stein seems to me the epitome of beautiful literary writing that happens to encompass sex and sexua I love Charlotte Stein I ve been stalking her blog this weekend and stayed up laughing at her sense of humour and terminology both of which I can relate to but she s like the ten times better version of me She s written a book here that basically celebrates sex And real sex You have stories about men who are so scruffy they have rice krispies stuck to their clothing and ou read about those who part their hair so tightly it s these things which celebrate masculinity it s not just about rippling muscles and facial hair it goes further than that so this is an honest AND sexy book for women Not that a man wouldn t enjoy this The terms used are non bashful and raw that s what I want to read and she writes so beautifully that it s Erotic Romance it doesn t need to spelled out I can see the romance there My favourites are Yes about the dorky creamy funny hero and Different On The Inside the book is just erotic no grand scenes of male or female domination just those acts I was just waiting for Declaration of Purposes of the Patrons of Husbandry you to be that little differentou know Different on the inside Super hot nasty smut that gets the job done but the stories themselves were only mildly entertaining some than others Oh Charlotte Stein how I love reading anything ou write I don t know exactly how I d classify this one It s a large collection of short stories Do I recommend it to first time Charlotte Stein readers Or maybe just the seasoned ones who want I m not sure On the one hand I don t think it shows the true star power of Charlotte Stein s writing but it does give readers a small taste of all the different kinds of stories that she writes I loved reading it but it was a little different than her other booksEach story was uniue Some were romantic Some were just about sex Some seemed like early drafts of a scene that later turned into it s own book They were all about 20 30 pages I think reading on Kindle it s hard to judge that sort of thingBetween all of these stories there s just about every kind of kinky sex ou can think of It doesn t have as much of Charlotte Stein s uniue turn of phrase that I m used to from some of her other works But most of these stories included. Be seduced by obsessions that go one step too far and dark desires that remove all inhibitions Each story takes ou on a journey into all the things that make a girl give

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T stories but she is really good at capturing a lot in a little space I m giving this book four and half stars HAVE MERCY If ou love Stein ยอดบุรุษพลิกคดี เล่ม 1 you ll love this anthologyAt first i thought it was a re hash of her kinks included in her other novellas But it wasn t A few stories were along the same linesI love the British ness of these eroticas They are realistic have dry humour and told in a way that makesou feel if Hummer you re in the heroines mind I also like the fact that they don t act like a porno are not cheesy and somehow this author can write sooo many different uniue sex scenesMy fave stories in this one was Dirty Discusting You and Just Be Good Drafting this up as we read becausewell who knows how long until we finish To explain I have a friend who reads to me Sometimes we have the time to go through an entire book but mostly we don t Which is why I typically pick books with shorts Because I Made You So nice start As we all know I love dirty talk and the use of cunt cockwell his voice thickens Surprisingly neither of us ever crushed on a teacher Spying not surprisingly we both adored this I d read something longer similar by Stein If I hadn t I d have been wanting for them to finally be together Where it ended he said he wished after the almost her left she should have just went over there Lessons Didn t work for us for a variety of reasons Was she a tutor or a teacher We weren t sure of the ages Dumb jocks don t do it for me Yes Not bad but not my favorite I wish we d had the perspective of the male in this one since she was pushing his limits I also don t particularly go for strangerrape fantasies so the start wasn t my thing I do like the concept though switching back forth between who is taking charge determining what will be done Also pushing limits His thoughts this reminds me ofou Dirty Disgusting You Nope not for me Not everyone s the same Some people are monogamous while others are not If With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) you re not the type I thinkou should be honest find someone who is accepting People will surprise ou sometimes all ou have to do is ask All this anguish she has about being caught turned me off Her Father Disapproves We get to mons he goes who the fuck says mons have The Alcohol Experiment you ever said it no not ever maybe it s a British people thing I liked this I love how Stein builds it up I liked the we shouldn t be doing this tension in this one I also liked how the girl was the aggressor Great ending For You This one toyed with me When it ended I was like wait what I m not sure if I liked it or notJust Be Good I started out not really into this but in the end liked it a lot It sour older guy fetish he says Probably thinking about it he s probably right At her age I was pushing someone much older than myself to do horrible things to me I do tend to try and corrupt people they do tend to try keep me safe make me better Phoned In Oh we LOVED this one For various reasons first we too live probably about 30 miles apart we never see each other in person we used to but know it s now a bad idea we also only talk by phone He switches Olive to my nameI caught it but don t say anything His voice when he reads the line Pix do Menggairahkan Perjalanan Halaqah you like my voice so good I could almost comeI laugh later when I realize it s actually from the book he didn t just really askI ve never read to him he s never askedI always pick the books he reads always smut This one though after reading it to me he asked me to read it to him It was almost too muchoh reading this one was the best We took baths after separately of course Better than pornYes At first we were unsure of the lag between this and the initial story Yes We initially thought we d go back and read them one right after the other but after thinking about how for them a week had passed we thought it best to have the delay I adored this Todd was masterful in getting exactly what he wanted He liked to be directed but based on the rules he was supposed to be taking charge If he told her he wouldn t have been getting what he wanted exactly The Hubs and I actually do this so I could imagine it When there is a wait it is excruciating When it s notour turn it s nice to have a wait so Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian you can imagine how it will be All couples should do this keeps. Cheating lovers Charlotte Stein takesou on a journey through all the facets of female desire in this contemporary collection of explicit and ever intriguing short stories.

Envy It s one of the hazards of reviewing work in one s own genre Every so often ou encounter a book so wonderful that ou can t help wishing Demonica you d written itourself If This was a crazy hot collection of erotic short stories I m impressed with both the uality of writing as well as the actual smut Seriously good stuff going on here Because I Made You So Oh my god this story was so hot Like the premise sounded interesting from the get go A male professor teaching a class on the romance novel Uh okay And then he s staid so there s that extra layer This story was really hot and that ending really had me wanting I wonder if her upcoming novel The Professor is based on this story because if so sign me up Spying A little birdy told me not to put all my business on social media so I won t But the premise of this story was fairly interesting to this girl Again very hot but the ending though I wasn t really feel it Buckley and Wilberta you know I wanted them to meet up I m a romantic okay Lessons 12The beginning of this story creeped me out I wasn t uite sure what was going on It wasn t until the end that I realized it was roleplay That said despite the beginning the story was really hot But the beginning kinda made me feel weird but it kinda didn tou know Yes 12 Now it was clear in this story that it was roleplay and I was much comfortable And omg that end So dirty And I love that the next story title has dirty in it Dirty Disgusting You 12 It s surprising I have no ualms about adultery stories since I was cheated on but alas So I enjoyed this story I also liked that the heroine was uptight I love uptight heroines The end was sweet as well I didn t rate this five stars because while I liked it I didn t LOVE itHer Father Disapproves For the ending GloriousFor You This story was nice It was kind of sultry but not really hot All I can say is that is was nice Nice is usually good but I don t look for nice when I m reading erotica Just Be Good 12 I said it before Ms Stein s writing has a way of making me reconsider my fetishes I ve never really had a thing for cops but reading this story makes me want to see out cop erotica Is there such a thing Yes there is such a thing I saw two separate cop erotica anthologies on Must get Phoned In Thinking back this one kind of reminded me of Spying Both of the lovers are separated I think I rated this one higher because of the endings respectively The only thing I would have liked better about this story if it was about cyber sex instead of phone sex Phone sex seems a little old school Yes 12 This was the companion story to Yes I had been looking forward to reading it to see what happened I think what I like best about this story is the message it sends It s okay to open ourself up to someone emotionally as well as physically Sometime Soon Rednecks aren t so bad Not all of them are bigots I know a couple Remember I live in the Deep South and generally they re good people But with that in mind I don t usually lust after them But see this is Stein writing this story and ou know what I ve said about her ability in this area I really liked the ending of this story and I would love it if she came up with a full book based on this story Different on the Inside 12 I love repressed heroines in all genres but especially in erotica All Ways I think what I liked about this story is that it took something very realistic like a veteran coming home from war and made it work in erotica I think this story could have went wrong but I really enjoyed it Toby Hood Tastes Candy 12 I loved this one because Ms Stein took her regular theme of a repressed heroine and made it the hero I love that You know I don t see the hero repressed as much in either general romance or erotica so it was a real pleasure to see And this story made me think of Little Red Riding Hood The Things That Make Me Given In 12 I loved the ending lines of this story but it was kind of confusing But again I love the message of it So I ve review all of the stories in this collection I have to get it to Ms Stein she knows how to write short fiction I ve read a full novel two novella and this book of short stories by her and I don t really see a difference Sometimes I feel cheated with shor. Erotica collection from smoking hot new writerGirls who go after what they want no matter what the cost boys who like to flash their dark sides voyeurism for beginners and.

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