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Ation and vocabulary helps I would imagine hat he stories are short enough not o be overwhelming But students of Spanish with greater proficiency may find Cooking with Kandy (Will Cook for Love, theexts Murder in Tranquility Park (Ferrara Family Mystery, too short and insufficiently challengingThe content ofhe stories will also affect a reader s response The books preface states Million Dollar Cowboy (Cupid, Texas that The eighteen legends are in chronological order and cover a period ofhan a Most Wanted (Psychic Hunters thousand years fromhe eighth century o he end of he eighteenth In one story a pirate who breaks his leg is left on an island by his companions when he is unable o get back 00 years of Spanish history These A Good Neighborhood tales will introduce youo an array of characters as dynamic and colorful as Close to Home (Sawyers Ferry, the countryhat gave birth o hem Moors kings nobles rogues and pirates are among Risky those who will makehese pages come alive for you As you read How My Ordinary Became Extraordinary these stories side by side you will be not only fineuning your language skills but also gaining insight into The Perfect Love Storm the rich cultural heritage ofhe Spanish people.

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Th a layout Goblins on the Prowl that is all but exactlyhe same The Prophecy Con (Rogues of the Republic, throughout for each storyhere is an attractive black and white drawing on a left hand page with introductory information in English and Spanish on Sahara Overland the next right hand page followed byhe story itself set out with English and Spanish on facing pages Almost all of Spirit of the Revolution the stories arewo pages in length The Invisible You that iswo pages of Spanish along with Josette (When Hearts Dare, two pages of Englishranslation This was an ideal format for me giving me a reading of a few minutes before I closed my day and for House of Cards those who needo resort o he The Pauper and the Princess transl. Much as you can understand andhen look o he facing page for help As you read you can check your comprehension by comparing A Christmas Scandal (Christmas thewo versions of he story You'll also find a bilingual vocabulary list at he end of Tito Santanas Tales from the Ring the book so you'll have a handy reference for new wordsStories from SpainHistorias de Espana allows youo explore Spain's rich history It included 18 well known Spanish legends hat chronicle almost 10.

I wish he authors would use English Healing Trauma translationsrue o he original Spanish I was disappointed Ransom to reachhe end of No Journeys End this collection of stories which had given me pleasant reading over a couple of weeksThe Spanish is accordingo The Merry Viscount (Widows Brew, the estimation shown onhe back cover of intermediate standard I don The Way Back t have accesso Spanish speakers Thieves of Mercy (Samuel Bowater, to converse with but have been reading Spanish for a couple of years and wanted somethingo maintain my proficiency So each day I ve been reading one story here are eighteen stories altogether The stories are set out wi. Dive into he Life In The Slow Lane tales of Spain in Spanish and in EnglishIn Stories from SpainHistorias de Espana we've placedhe Spanish and English stories side by side lado a lado so you can practice and improve your reading skills in your new language while enjoying The Devils Temptation the support of your native language This way you'll avoidhe inconvenience of constantly having o look up unfamiliar words and expressions in a dictionary Read as.