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How is this not well known This is the craziest thing I ve ever read So exciting and fun and wild i loved every second A diamond in the rough I challenge anyone to find this in a bookstore not online Crazy book though it s six degrees of Kevin Bacon on crack I liked this book a lotIt reminded me of Magnolia You know how Magnolia had a whole bunch of characters and as the movie unfolded you began to notice the ways they were all connected Some of those connections were retty subtle This book is a lot like that It concerns thirty or so characters and their connection be they obvious or subtle to an Asian woman who dies while stowing away on an international flightThe characters include A stewardess who helps the Asian woman board the Off 13 plane and now feels responsible for her death An environmental terrorist who falls in love with a voice on the radio An actress who commits suicide torotect herself from her father An actor who Amata Means Beloved pines for her suicide note fearing her death might have been his fault A comedian who blows his own brains out whenever an audience doesn t laugh Asychiatrist who needs to learn to speak in a Scottish accent because he s in love with a woman who thinks it s his voice on Gave up on this one I couldn t handle the fragmented structure and wasn t convinced that the ayoff would be worth the effort Shame Certainly entertaining and very original I can get behind the message we are all a mess and we are all connected somehow This is the complex and highly entertaining account of a group of eople connected by a tragic event aboard an aeroplane in the 1970s Some are connected directly to the event others tenuously But all are fascinating in their own way all have their little uirks and in a long book all Cross a road take a train or get on an airplane and you Juice put your life in the hands of a stranger every bit as screwed up every bit as fallible and as human as you are Then theerson turns out not to be a stranger at all and suddenly it's much worseIn America and Britain and the sky in between an apparen.

Ave a chance to shineIt s a sort of take on the six degrees of separation idea and I guess if you drew a diagram with all the characters on it with lines showing the connections between them the result would be the sort of horrendous tangled knot my i od headphones tend to get in when left in my ocket My brain wasn t big enough to hold all the links or to fully understand every single facet of the story but what I did like very much was the attention to detail and the little moments of humour Like where Sam the voice over artiste was in a lift and was astonished to find his own voice telling him what floor he was onThere was a serious side to it too Death is never far from the thoughts of the characters and in Gudrun particular the last words of suicides or accident victims At oneoint Unfunny John a stand up comedian whose entire act consists of him shooting himself in the head suggests that Mob Mistress planes should be fitted with individual blackboxes one for eachassenger just in case they found themselves next to a stranger who meant nothing to them They could record a message to a loved one or to humanity It would be a valuable contribution to the understanding of the human condition His companion Stud in the Stacks points out that it would never happen it would serve to makeassengers nervous but I thought it was an interesting idea all the sameIt s a uirky book eschewing chapters in favour of short snappy sections numbered backwards from 840 to 0 in the manner of a countdown Some sections consist of nothing but an ellipsis most are no than a Choosing to Survive paragraph or so and make the most of the author s economicalunchy writing style For all its uirks it is fundamentally a great read I do hope there will be from this author What a wonderful weird odd book A fun. Tly disparate group of eople is connected whether intimately or by chance to the tragic death of a stowaway on board flight AF266As the action veers across countries and time zones the stowaway's real identity is revealed through stolen black box recordings answering machine messages sitcom outtakes and.

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Sad disturbing read And yes it is ossible to be all three If you like off beat slightly transgressive fiction then check this one out I think I might be the only Felipa person who has read this so you llrobably be able to find it cheap in a remainder bin Which is a shame because it is such a good and imaginative book One that will stay with you long after you read it I have a thing for interconnected storytelling and no story can beat this one With 20 uniue characters with their own story line in connection with the stowaway and with other The Vavasour Macbeth people it can be easy to become confused and frustrated with this read Personally I love it because it is challenging and the ending truly is chilling if you ve connected all the dots I can see that this isn t a book for everyone but as thrillers go I haven t read one as good as this This is such a NC book Short chapters lots of negativity it s almost as if I wrote this except I would have used a lot she crept across the creaky wood floor and she was a mother fucker or the harvest moon lit the damp moor It was a time forublic drunks or The Blueprint (English Edition) people otherwise described as mother fuckers The theme of Blackbox is that the world has no strangers we re all related by some degree of separation That when you get on that flight to Memphis there is a chance that you could somehow know theilot Attention Crisis of the Strauss Divided passengers we ll be flying at 30000 feet before I start fucking with the flightlan and blaming it on turbulence So strap yourselves in because I m your The Master Masons of Chartres pilot Neil Crossan Blackbox jumps from storyline to storyline with enough twists to keep you interested in the short story But by the end you leave the book not really knowing any of the characters and frankly being kind of happy that you don t 510 Urgh. Court transcripts Told in a shifting circular narrative the interwoven lives make up a jolting and layereduzzle that builds to a heart stopping chilling climaxAn intelligent and invigorating novel with a bizarre menu of dysfunctional characters Blackbox is the story of an attempt to erase a life on ta.