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N wander for hours through the alleyways and controlled wilderness of the Sissinghurts Garden she creatd In the grounds of the Four Seasons Hotel at Chinzan so in Tokyo I discvered a garden of xuisite restfulness And out on the bowspirit of the Getty Museum overlooking the spread of Los Angeles I found the arid. From history the arts the halls of science and sometimes simply the realm of serendipity This armchair travelers delight contains little known tales of such immortal figures as · Roy Jacuzzi alive and well and still bubbling with ideas in Happy Valley California · Joseph P Frisbie the baker whose pie tins inspired Wham Os ubiuitous flying disc · Ernst Gräf.

Like it so far V interesting Let me make one thing clear from the start I am not a gardener by instinct My thumb has not yet shown No Respect even a hint of green But I am a great lover of gardens I like to admire their visualffects and savor the calm of their space Beneath the tower where Vita Sackville West wrote I ca. A brilliant and personal literary journey in which Philip Dodd tells the curious tales of people whose namesdeliberately or by chancebecame household words Whats in a name For Philip Dodd this uestion led to an international tour sleuthing the history of some of our most intriguing ponyms The result is a collection of surprising stranger than fiction stories.

Minimalism of its cactus garden strangely and spikily alluringAs always it never ceases to amaze me when an author can take something fascinating like how certain well known items get their names and make you want to kill yourself trying to find outAMAZING how one can make the very idea dreadful dry and SO BORING. Enberg for whom the G spot was named Samuel Maverick the Texas pioneer who refused to brand his calves · And many other colorful figures From Belgium to Buenos Aires from Orlando to Los Angeles Dodds readers go along for the ride Whats In a Name is a marvelous tribute to people who changed our languagewhether through hard work creativity or the luck of the dr.

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