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I read this one back when I was still in college some 12 years ago IIRC this was the first shapeshifting book I had ever read and I loved it It stuck with me so much that I had to go back and find it having no memory of the title and author and I was thrilled to have rediscovered this book While I can honestly say it s not a 5 star read for me any it is still a solid 4 and I keep this to re read whenever I want Alex loves wolves and has since she was a little girl and befriended a wolf cub she named Shadow one summer at her grandfather s lace A series of tragedies and years later Alex has returned and is surprised to find a wolf that looks like a grown Shadowonly that can t be Stud in the Stacks possible As it turns out Shadow is a shapeshifting wolf named Kieran who is in some serious trouble Someone or something has been killing animals and noweople I came across this book while searching under Beauty the Beast I ve also know Sue Krinard to be an excellent writer so I had high hopes that unfortunately were not realized I d say one Choosing to Survive problem overall is that you really need to have an all consumingassion for wolves to truly relate to these characters the author clearly does and I really don t share that Wolves in my opinion are okay but not the totally awesome most magnificent creatures in the wild that they are constantly Robin Hood portrayed as here I was also confused as to what exactly was going on with Kieran There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to whatwho he is He is not a true werewolf in my opinion but someone who is triggered by strong emotion to turn into a wolf It was like an Incredible Hulk like situation that first he could not control but then eventually became able to do so He had also been in the form of a wolf for YEARS when we first meet him and I found that really odd Eventually a group of his kind are found but there is hardly any explanation given about this mysterious group ofeople and I was left wanting to understand The romance did have a lot of Felipa potential I saw a lot of similarities to the Beauty and the Beast TV show from the 1980s which I am a huge fan of But I was thrown way off the romance trail by the many times Kieran is totally and unapologetically naked for longeriods of time I found it very awkward to say the least Especially when one of these scenes was the very first time Alex sees Kieran as a man For me that reduced the romance to something cheaper I think there needs to be a kinder gentler The Vavasour Macbeth period of getting to know each other before such intense sexual tension is introduced At least for me it made buying an emotionalspiritual connection between these to extremely difficult And that s a shame because it could have been so much better If she was aiming for a VincentCatherine type relationship it seems obvious that that was the wrong way to go so early onThere may very well be many others out there who would not feel this way and love the naked scenes and that s fine But as for me I don t think I will be reading any other books in the series Pretty decent read with Native Americans wolves murder and the typical romance novel sex scenes You know I feel kind of dumb saying this but the cover art really bugged me An enjoyable werewolf shapeshifter story sometimes richly tender andoignant other times grim and gruesome It s a hefty gritty story There are some sex scenes but not till later in the book after the sexual tension climbsThis is a seuel I liked this story better than the The Blueprint (English Edition) preuel Prince of Wolves A tighter story line with betteracing and about 100 fewer Crisis of the Strauss Divided pages Luke the hero from Prince of Wolveslays a fairly solid role in this book but his mate Joelle Joey is only a reference There is no strict need to read book 1 firstRelationship It was lovely to see the childhood bond between the wolf up Shadow and the young girl Alex develop into a deep and lasting intimate bond years later I hated to see them torn apart early in the book Fast forward a decade or two and Shadow aka Kiernan is a grown wolf finally finding his Alex again Their first meeting as adults was entertaining He is very likable and so is Alex now a A rising star in the fantasy romance firmament Susan Krinard returns to the land of the bestselling Prince of Wolves in this mesmerizing new love storyThe legend of the werewolf is reborn in this thrilling tale from the author who sets the standard for fantasy.

Cientist a wolf expert I wanted to see them both get a HEA because Kiernan had aid a heavy toll as a caged young adult and beautiful little Alex is now scarred and has been rejected by father and fianc Together Kiernan and Alex grow stronger in mind and spirit overcoming every obstaclejust not easily Eventually they make love Characterization Solid Actions seemed to flow authentically from the characters aligning with their VARSITY ABDL (Age Play, Forced Regression, Enema, Domestic Discipline, Spanking Romance) past experiences thoughts and values Even thesychopathic character was believable and somewhat sympathetic Secondary characters were well drawn too especially the two Ojibwe women Julie and her grandmotherPlot Suspense Find the real killer because he s on a rampage and everyone believes it s Kiernan he s been framed Nicely Road House - The Novel plotted with only a few contrivances Fairly suspenseful especially towards the end The killer kept me guessing at first but I figured out who it was yet I had no idea he was such asycho Lots of tension and some horror Several times Alex risked much for her lover She s no shrinking violet when the chips are down Likewise Kiernan was ready to die for Alex The final battle scene was vivid and descriptivePacing Good There was Gnosis plenty of ACTION to keep theages turning And it started off with a bang right from the Left to Die-a First Hand Account of Life in the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina prologue The setting changed adding movement as Alex and Kiernan took a road trip hunting for clues Shadow and Alex engaged in some inner dialogue thinking fearing wishing but not too much and their internal battles did not feel self obsessed They each had reasons to dwell on their issues but neither wasted time in so much reflection that it distracted from the action as occurs in too many romances For Alex it was overcoming her low self worth and abandonment issues and revealing her facial scars For Kiernan it was overcoming his dreadful imprisonment where he was taught conditioned like a dog to believe himself a vile monster He also had to overcome his loss of memoryA good story Why not 5 stars I didn t get that warm wonderful dreamy feeling from it Solidly meh with many clich characters and an icky backstory I haven t read the others in the series but I m guessing this only loosely ties in For werewolf enthusiasts G vaudan is a bit of a giveaway I assume he features in other books in the series The first half of this book is in 4 star territory Alexandra had met Kieran as a child The summer shelayed with a wolf Shadow She didn t connect the boy with the wolf That was a fairy tale It s been 17 years and she s back in Minnesota Wolf research is her life Which is why when Shadow turns into Kieran in front of her eyes she believes And that belief is true to her character Kieran doesn t remember much about his life but he is drawn to her Unfortunately a series of murders which appear to be done by an animal make Kieran a suspect in his own mind The second half of the book is a little murkier Not because of the mystery but because Alex doesn t remain true to character I didn t mind that she was torn between her own Dolphin Diaries Bind-Up past and Kieran s but she was boring about it These are not your typical werewolf stories and that s a good thing Wow Therofund difference in Krinard s writing style in comparison to Prince of Wolves isastounding And of a disappointment that I have had in uite some time BummerAfter reading Prince of Wolves one of the best romance stories I have read in years I found myself suffering through Prince of ShadowsThe writing style is completely different It s like drinking a very cold beer and then drinking a room temperature beer I was left with a disgusted what are you serious look on my face Prince of Shadows is The Wingman Chronicles positively boring I really dislike writing negative reviews I would like to say the reasoning behind my opinion of this book is due to the expectations and standards set by Prince of Wolves But even then I am confident that I would have disliked this novelPrince of Shadows is the werewolf story of Kieran and Alexandra During a summer from their childhood Kieran met with Alexandra everyday as a wolf Becoming best friends and Alex unknowing of what he was they had an Romance Affaire de Coeur Wolf researcher Alexandra tries to help a gorgeous wolf she discovered in the wild only to discover the unimaginable that the animal has vanished and a man has taken itslace Following a grisly murder the weight of suspicion falls he.

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Ntimate and innocent relationship That is until his Flood Legends parents were murdered by somesycho wolf hunterAlexandra was forced to return home after her summer visit with her grandfather and Kieran mysteriously disappearedYears later he finds her at the cabin from their childhood He was in wolf form and The Best Of Saint Louis poisoned After taking him in and helping him heal he revealed himself to her Suffering from amnesia they work together to unlock hisast that was clearly traumaticThat is what this book is about A werewolf who cannot remember who he was and believes wholeheartedly that he is a monster A beastMurders Wolf hunters Rejected lust This book is nothing compared to Prince of Wolves and I would almost recommend not reading it I do not recommend this book I think that is the first time I ve ever typed thatIf you must read this book I would recommend it to mature adults only Mild descriptive violence as well as sexual contentHappy reading Alex has returned to her childhood haven in the woods of her grandparent s cabin searching solitude and The Brother-Offended Checklist peace while she focuses on her one trueassion wolves She s dealt with a lot of torment and trials in her 27 years and has secluded herself from the human opulation referring to keep to her own company Yet is doesn t take long at all for the hope of Detour (Something in Common, peace and uiet to be dashed when the beautiful black wolf of her childhood turns into the eually beautiful raven haired stranger She went to bed with an injured wolf in her living room and awoke to a naked man sleeping in her bed The yellow eyes intense and oh so familiar convinces her that this man is the wolf and the young boy whom shelayed with as a child He s in a daze without memories or the ability to cope with this new world he finds himself in he desperately needs Alex s help He has lived in his wolf form for many years and now has no comprehension on how to function as a man His only lifeline is Alex and he intends to keep her closeIn a small town the locals already have a hatred for wolves and they certainly don t trust the heroine nor her love for the animals Now there has been a murder making tensions even higher To make matters worse the hero fears that his control over what he calls the monster within is lacking He believes he may have been responsible even though he can t remember one way or another When the cops come calling the hero and heroine flee to Canada Its there that lies the answer to the hero s マジック・ツリーハウス〈1〉恐竜の谷の大冒険 past and his memories of his imprisonmentI found this story lackedassion There were things I certainly enjoyed about it For instance the heroine has lived her life in torment Believing she was responsible for her mother s death and her father s subseuent hatred for her she denies herself most human contact She believes herself to be hideously disfigured yet she s barely scarred She is selfless sacrificing everything for the hero yet she is very standoffish when it comes to him expressing any feelings towards her However other than that I felt no connection to either characters as they seemed to lack any true connection between themselves It didn t feel like love to me Only companionship based on necessity The Bear Creek Road plot was also extremely slow and drawn out As a young girl Alexandra spends a summer befriending a young wolf she calls Shadow On the last day of her summer vacation before she has to leave a young boy appears to her causing a lot of uestions to come out because he acts as if they are friends and he knows about her While talking with the young man they hear gun shots and discover that two adult wolves have been shot by aoacher causing the young man much despair Alexandra Good Authority Good Authority promises the young man that she will some how return and help him Years later she returns to the cabin in the woods remembering herromise to the young man her friend the wolf and researching wolves and their Carneycopia packs She however is scarred and very d Enjoyed this book Comes down to healing oneself from the issues they have over theast recovering memories of the shifter add in a direct Mediciane Woman her off springs murders an individual who makes your skin crawl when Avily on Alexandra's mysterious companion who wields legendary owers and soon both are scrambling to escapeAuthor of Star CrossedSusan Krinard was born to write romance Amanda uickSusan Krinard has set the standard for today's fantasy romance Affaire de Coeur.

Prince of Wolves her first romance novel and one of the earliest to feature a werewolf hero was the result Within a year Susan had sold the manuscript to Bantam as part of a three book contract and the novel went on to make several bestseller listsSince then she's written and published over fourteen paranormal and fantasy novels and written stories for a number of anthologies both fantasy and romance Both the anthology Out of This World which included Susan's Kinsman and the novel