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It was a good look the US advisory effort in Vietnam the battalion level Good book about Vietnam warI served in Vietnam right before the time An inside account of the South Vietnamese elites who strove to carry on the war against the Communists during the US Army's withdrawal The book is a personal memoir of the author's service as a US Army advisor during the end stages of America's involvement in Vietnam During the period 1970 71 the US was beginning to draw down its combat forces and the new watchword was Vietnamization It was the period when the will of the US to prosecute the war ad slipped and transferring responsibility to the South Vietnamese was the only remaining New Exploration hope for victory The author served as a US Army advisor to South Vietnamese Ranger and Airborne units during this critical period The units that the author advised spearheaded several campaigns in South Vietnam Cambodia and Laos as the US combat units withdrew Often outnumbered and outgunned the elite ranger and airborne units fought Viet Cong and North Vietnamese units in some of the most difficult terrain in Southeast Asia ranging from the legendary U Minh forest and Mo So mountains in the Mekong Delta to the ruggedills of southern Laos The role of the small US advisory teams is fully explained in the narrative With li.

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He author writes about It brings back memories and I could relate to many of the places described in the book I know the Vietnam war was unpopula. Ttle support from The Shaping of Western Civilization highereaduarters these teams accompanied the Vietnamese units on ighly dangerous combat operations over which they ad no command or control authority When US advisors were restricted from accompanying South Vietnamese forces on cross border operations in Cambodia and especially Laos the South Vietnamese forces were badly mauled raising concerns about their readiness and training and their ability to operate without their US advisors As a result a major effort was placed on training these forces while the clock continued to run on the US withdrawal Having served with a US infantry battalion during the peak years of the US involvement in Vietnam Robert Tonsetic the acclaimed author of Days of Valor is able to view the war through two different prisms and offer criticisms and an awareness of why the South Vietnamese armed forces were ultimately defeatedREVIEWSunveils an aspect of the war long overlooked in American accountsMOAA 122009an insider's account of ow South Vietnam's elite fighting forces struggled to carry on the war against the Communists during the US withdrawal Ranger Register Winter 2009an exciting account of Robert Ton.

R but I don t think you can blame the author for doing what is country asked Medicine and Religion him to do He was there toelp the Vietnamese when they needed The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, help. Setic's combat tours during the final stages of our long involvement in the Vietnam War Soldiers and Marines training for advisory duty in Ira or Afghanistan would do well to read this excellent workProceedings 122009takes an unflinching look at both the adventure and trauma of war while aiming to fill the gaps in the record for Vietnam documenting the contributions of Americans who risked their lives serving in advisory roles by staying behind to train South Vietnamese soldiers and even joining them in combat Metro College Magazine Boston U 082010illuminates a largely ignored chapter of American involvement in Southeast Asiaaighly readable and insightful volumeMiniature Wargamesnot only a first rate I was there account of a front line combat officer's experiences with two of the most elite Vietnamese units it is a valuable contribution to the little known aspect of the final years of the Vietnam War MILTARY 092010Of special interest is the way in which e recounts the dynamics of personalities and their effect on the indigenous commanders and units A must read for any soldiers likely to conduct partnering activities in the futureSoldier Magazine 0820.

Robert Tonsetic PhD was born in Pennsylvania After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh he entered the Army as an infantry lieutenant During the Vietnam War he served as a light infantry company commander and as an advisor to Vietnamese Ranger and Airborne units He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and Silver Star for extraordinary heroism during the 1968 Tet and May offen