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Houlder Reporters asked im why Dali answered I liked my wife and I liked chops and I saw no reason why I should not paint them together Einstein was a late talker One night at supper The Shaping of Western Civilization he saidis first words The soup is too ot His parents were relieved but curious They asked im why e adn t talked before His answer Because up to now everything was in order Elvis Presley s died at 42 years old and is last meal was 6 chocolate chip cookies and 4 scoops of ice cream 2 scoops of peach and the other 2 scoops an unknown flavor Some interesting and amusing anecdotes about food I m sure this book is fun and full of facts but the short anecdote structure does not make for enjoyable readin. Son America’s original foodie introduced eggplant to the United States and wrote down the nation’s first recipe for ice cream   From Emperor Nero to Bette Davis Babe Ruth to Barack Obama the bite size tidbits in What the Great Ate will whet your appetite for tantalizing trivi.

In time period and theme randomly It felt a little ADD especially when one person would be mentioned multiple times at multiple points in one chapter Overall though there were some very interesting facts If you ave to take a dump or you really really need to keep yourself occupied for about 10 15 minutes by all means be my guest Otherwise skip it This isn t a book to just sit down and read it s the type of book you read when you only The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, have 5 15 minutes of reading time It s a trivia book of answers of what famous people ate andow is an interesting book Here are a few things I learned Hitler was a vegetarian Salvador Dali painted a picture of Valentino his wife Gala with a lamb chop on each I used the phrase “we’re making spaghetti” to informis wife if e’d be illegally dueling later that day • As superstition Baseball star Wade Boggs credited is on field success to eating chicken before nearly every game • In service to country President Thomas Jeffer.

The Great are the usual mostly White Western people The Food tidbits are food related but not actually about what they actually ate Disappointing Written sloppily It read like Readers Digest excerpts Slightly schizophrenic feeling to read because the same people are mentioned various times per chapter Plenty of interesting tidbits and gossipy stories A fun and lighthearted read A collection of vignettes and anecdotes about celebrities Shunned historical figures and others and their relationship to foodI found this a fun book to read in short doses but I really couldn t commit to reading than one chapter at a time The chapters consist of short little anecdotes and facts that bounce around. What was eating them And vice versa   In What the Great Ate Matthew and Mark Jacobave cooked up a bountiful sampling of the peculiar culinary likes dislikes Craving (Willow Creek, habits and attitudes of famous and often notorious figures throughoutistory Here is food   • As code Benito Mussolin.