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Ight she s supposed to be making to take clients hunting but he figures his remaining uestions for her can wait until the next day When her flight plan is checked he discovers she was bound for the site the plane went down and was planning to be gone a week He and his pilo This is a good adventuremurder mystery book set in Alaska The first Sue Henry book I have read I found it uite njoyable Alex Jensen and the wife of a missing pilot search the Alaskan wilderness trying to find out what happened to him Great locations good writing and good plot twists make this recommendable. E Dangerous to Touch else dies The splendors of Alaska's wilderness provide the backdrop for an investigation thatnds up being as dangerous as a cornered grizzly On a glacial plateau beyond the mountain ridges of Alaska's famous Sleeping Lady Jensen and Rochelle pursue the solution in situations where one mistake can mean your li.

Is plane is found in an Alaskan lake off the path of his flight plan but his body is missing The body of a woman identified as an undercover fish and wildlife agent is found in the passenger seat The plane had been shot down but the autopsy finds she was beaten likely dying from that before the gunshot wound occurred What happened to the pilot His wife Rochelle flies to the location to try to locate her husband Trooper Alex Jensen talks Rochelle into going home while they continue to gather vidence She discovers a break in at their home Alex gets an uneasy feeling about the fl. Body in the plane is strapped in the passenger's seat an unidentified woman apparently killed by the same bullets that punctured the fuselage Who shot down the plane Where is Norm But most important will Alex and Norm's wife Rochelle who feels she too must look for Norm be able to solve the mystery before someon.

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A great mystery that takes place in the Alaskian out backSuspense thrills mystery what could you ask for I had forgotten how good Sue Henry could be as a story teller This book reminded me Total surprise nding in this book 3 of the Jessie Arnold series by Sue HenryI went through the whole book truly immersed and did not suspect the real killer I loved this book its a great dition to an already fantastic series SuspensefulEasy uick read that is suspenseful Good cast of characters and plot with a believable number of twists and turns Norm Lewis disappeared in the fall Now When the ice breaks up on a nameless Alaskan lake one mystery is solved and another arises Six months after Norm Lewis disappeared while flying out of Anchorage his fractured Cessna is discovered half submerged in the frigid waters of this isolated lake hundreds of miles from his intended destination But the only.

Sue Henry is the author of six novels in her award winning Alaska mystery series Murder on the Iditarod Trail Termination Dust Sleeping Lady Death Takes Passage Deadfall and Murder on the Yukon uest She has lived in Alaska for almost auarter of a century and brings history Alaskan lore and the majestic beauty of the vast landscape to her mysteries Based in Anchorage where she teaches