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It redundant and a bit boring and didn t like that very child in the family had to tell the same O Testamento event from hisher own point of view Glad they all turned out all right however there are a lot of children who face this type of tragicvent and don t go through the self destructive dysfunctional way of dealing with it I think anyone who typically reads what I call misery memoirs will recognize The Kids Are All Right A Memoir as the same sad story they ve read before just with a different title and authorSorry but I would pass on this one because in many cases your own family history might provide a interesting book I really loved this book At first I was a little bit thrown off by the different points of view but after I got used to it I loved it It was relatable for me I have lost both of my parents one very recently Although I have no siblings and found myself Gangbang Slut envying the authors for havingach other I saw someone call this a misery memoir in one of their reviews and believe that is a simple way to shut out a book that is much than that Some people just can t take the truth I really respect all four of the writers for being really honest about their One Con Glory experience and the writing wasn t perfect but to me that isn t what storytelling is about I found myself wanting to hug the young Diana and tell her that what she wasxperiencing wasn t her faultand I felt that closeness with Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows each different sibling What a great readI would pass this book on to anyone who wants toxperience something tragic with a sense of hope I am glad it s out there And what s up with the movie with the same name Weird right This memoir is a game changer a book that stops telling about the complexities of memory and simply shows pay attention David Shields The Welch s hunch that Everyone has the right to his or her version of the truth and respecting that right can lead to forgiveness is the overarching principle of the book wherein The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) each sibling takes turns writing chapters Entire scenes of traumaticvents filled with detail and description are complicated by another sibling calling basic facts into uestion For Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, example Liz writes that she slept alone the night her mother died Amanda writes no I was sleeping right next to you Liz describes a mix tape on Diana s dresser Diana claims there was no mix tape Instead of trying to rectify these contradictions the Welch siblingsmbrace them Surprisingly unsurprisingly the mixed up truth is fuller and convincing than a cleaned up truth could A Fairly Honourable Defeat ever be The most haunting parts of this are the discrepancies between Diana s horrifying memories of her time with her foster family and the rest of the Welch siblings memories Diana being happy with her new family The truth thatmerges from the incongruity of these memories is that memory itself warps to protect the psyche from truths which are too painful to confront in the immediate present Liz has to believe Diana is ok with her foster family because Liz a teenager herself can do little to help or rectify the situation So she remembers Diana as being happy with her family ven as Diana remembers her foster mother as clearly telegraphing signs of psychosis to the outside world This is one of the best memoirs I ve ver read It uestions the very purpose and structure of the genre breaking generic boundaries in the process Completely immersed in Eighties culture this portrait of a dysfunctional yet loving family is completely amazing and full of the unexpected. Dentity and told to forget her past But Diana’s siblings refused to forget her–or let her goTold in the alternating voices of the four siblings their poignant harrowing story of un­breakable bonds unfolds with ferocious Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue emotion Despite the Welch children’s wrenching loss and subseuent separation they retained the resilience and humor that both their mother and fatherndowed them with–growing up as lost souls taking disastrous turns along the way but ventually coming out right side up The kids are not only all right; they’re back together From the Hardcover dition.

Had this book for awhile Should have read it before now it s a favorite Love the way the kids kept with Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) each other as much as they could Nice book Jackie saysThis is an amazing book in numerous ways First of all the fact that four siblings could join together to write a book is impressive Their stories individually and together are riveting First they lose their father to a uestionable car accident Then they discover that he left their family 1million in debt Then only a month after his funeral their mom is diagnosed with cancer They all are tossed about by changes in addresses and schools and with the needs of their dying mother After her death arrangements for whereach of the kids are going are horrifyingly tangled up the kids range from a college freshman to a 7 year old and the family is torn apart for long years People who were supposed to be helping were not and at times the kids went through actual abusive situations as they tried to find a place to belong at least long nough to survive growing up This is the story of a family that circumstances tried to destroy but love and loyalty saved It is impressive affirming and almost impossible to put down READ THIS BOOKUnchain Yourself Please look for this book at your local independent bookstore There is a store finder at indieboundorg This is my people magazine book of the season an ntertaining and asy to read real life story And it was a good one Once again affirming that you can t make it up truth is definitely stranger than fictionAlthough as the Welch children point out in their introduction the truth of memory is dependent on many things age and time and context forever tainting what gets lodged into your brain synapses And so ach of the four siblings relates their own filtered impressions in alternating self titled chapters They also say they consulted others involved in what happened about what they recalled though it s not clear if that changed what they wrote or how they wrote itTogether the four childrens stories with a 12 year age gap from oldest to youngest fill out into what seems to be a happy nding for all After losing their father in a car accident and their mother a few years later to cancer they are pretty much on their own to improvise their survivalA few things stand out yet again in the behavior of humans in these situations How a few adults stepped up after the Welch parents died but so many failed in so many ways How meaning well can t make up for not doing the right thing How being a white middle to upper middle class kid with a cushion of money protects you from your illegal and destructive adolescent activities things that would start a downward spiral to jail homelessness addiction or ven death for a child already living on the Untitled. edgespecially a minority child How it s always best for siblings particularly the youngest and most vulnerable to stay together to keep family ties strong when parents are unable to do the job Separation should always be the last choiceI m still amazed that anyone can Wiring expose themselves and the people they know in this way To their credit the Welch children give those mentioned in the book a chance toxpand or refute their characterization on the book s website and some have taken advantage of the offer Interestingly only one person seems really offended by how they are portrayed although the woman who comes off worst in the book has not made any comments All the accounts are Against All Odds engaging to read and. “Perfect is boring”Well 1983 certainly wasn’t boring for the Welch family Somehow between their handsome father’s mysterious death their glamorous soap opera star mother’s cancer diagnosis and a phalanx of lawyers intent on bankruptcy proceedings the four Welch siblings managed to handleach new heartbreaking misfortune in the same way they dealt with the unexpected arrival of the forgotten about Chilean xchange student–togetherAll that changed with the death of their mother While nineteen year old Amanda was legally on her own the three younger siblings–Liz si.

Complement the Welch family memoriesIn fact the whole website is a nice xpansion of the book with photos and updates as well as soap opera segments starring their mother Read the book visit the website it all works well together okay but I am biased I wrote this But WITH my sister Diana so I feel like I can brag on her She really is the most poetic writer there is a line about the moment Diana then 8 learns our mother has died She says I don t remember if I cried I do remember that I felt like cotton floating apart fr This is a compulsively readable bookit is like The DOS eating a bag of potato chipsI couldn t stop reading just one chapter over the last twenty four hours The format of brief vignetteschapters byach of the four sibling writers is so readable and also really ups the humor level But this story of four Cinderella sibs whose parents die and who are farmed out one to an Against All Odds especially scary family can be sad and at times tragic There s a glut of poor me childhood memoirs right now since the success of Glass Castle and others but this one has thatxtra something that really made me glad I picked it up This collaborative memoir written from four different points of view chronicles the ups and downs of the four Welch siblings three of whom were teens when both their parents died dad from a car accident mom from cancer and they were forced to make their own way in the world On their own they negotiated places to live jobs and their schooling Even though they were constantly split up they defined the word home to be whenever two or of them were together one place My Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism emotions were all over the place as I sympathized with Amanda s punk rock fueled rebellions Liz s ruthless pursuit of popularity so no one would think her a poor little orphan Dan sxperimentation with drugs to keep the demons at bay and Diana s loss of self as the youngest Welch with the fewest memories of her lost parents In tone it reminded me of the The Virgin Suicides or a less dense A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius in terms of Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils exploring the bewildering sense of life continuing to go onven though this Payment Due extraordinary and unprecedented thing has happened to your family Thoughach voice is separate together they form a united we of loss and longing that is immediate and will make readers feel like they are intimately connected to the rambunctious adolescent Welch clan There is supplementary material at the book s website 20 out of 5 stars Just another misery memoir December 20 2009 This review is from The Kids Are All Right A Memoir HardcoverCustomer review from the Vine Program What s thisI read all the positive reviews of this memoir co authored by the four Welch children whose father died suddenly when they were very young Unfortunately after selecting and muddling through the book I came away with a very different opinion about it Mostly who cares Yes it was sad that the children lost their father And yes sad also that he wasn t really rich after all and that the circumstances surrounding his death were uestionable Even sadder was when their mother was diagnosed with cancer But ultimately there was nothing unusual or Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, earth shattering here that made this story or this family any interesting than any other family thatxperiences tragedy and inexplicable deathThe truth is I m sorry for them but really this isn t a story that was so uniue that it HAD to be told and I wonder why it was published I had a struggle to get through it found. Xteen; Dan fourteen; and Diana Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, eight–wereach dispatched to a different set of family friends uick witted and sharp tongued Amanda headed for college in New York City and immersed herself in an ’80s world of alternative music and drugs Liz living with the couple for whom she babysat followed in Amanda’s footsteps until high school graduation when she took a job in Norway as a nanny Mischievous rebellious Dan bounced from guardian to boarding school and back again getting deeper into trouble and drugs And Diana the red haired baby of the family was given a new life and

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I wrote a book with my siblings called The Kids are All Right which has nothing to do with lesbians or sperm banks Starring Ann Williams Famous Soap Star and a bunch of unknown actors Oh wait This isn't IMDB