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Least not for the reader and as such are pure entertainment and escapismOne Last Weekend by Linda Lael Miller tells the story of a couple whose marriage has drifted apart and decide to get divorced simply because it seems the right thing to do However they are convinced by their mutual friend and divorce attorney to spend one last weekend at the cottage they have on an island in WashingtonIt s there they come to realise that they actually still love one another immensely and re discover how to communicate with each otherThis a very short but sweet love story about two people who discover how sex can break down all sorts of barriers Fun and hotYou Give Love a Good Name by Jennifer Apodaca is the story of a wedding planner and a bounty hunter After things go wrong at a wedding in which a staple gun gets used to staple something other than paper Lexie goes on vacation However because of her forgetful lawyer she ends up missing a court date and so it s up to Nick to bring her backWhilst there is an interesting suspenseful element with Lexie insisting she s being stalked and everyone else with the exception of Nick not believing her the romance seemed a little forced Nick s too aggressive even with Lexie Whilst he may champion her cause apparently she can t except a job at the resort she s staying because he says so Never mind that that s not his decision to makeMy Kind of Town The Long Island Coven 1 by Shelly Laurenston is the whole reason I bought this anthology Emma is a powerful witch and is sent by her coven to the town of Smithville North Carolina to investigate supernatural goings on When arriving in town however her car is totalled by a huge dog and she is rescued by Kyle one of the town s deputies Who happens to be a black leopard shifterI can t determine what it was but this didn t engage me as much as the Magnus Pack or Pride books Perhaps it was because I d read both of those amazing series first and I might have enjoyed this had I read this first and then moved onBecause the characters are all brand new even the town is different Smithville North Carolina and not Smithtown Tennessee newcomers to the series will find it serves as a perfect introduction to the shifter world created by Shelly Laurenston It contains all the elements to be found in her books snarky dialogue between all the characters hilarious scenes I found the drunk Emma scene so funny as well as another scene where she eeps poking his chest and steamy sexOn the whole Sun Sand Sex was a nice anthology a uick and light read with good if not outstanding stories My Kind of Town by Shelly LaurenstonAbsolutely love this series I have read it so many times Never gets old Emma is a witch that ends up in a strange town after one of her covens spells go wrong Kyle is a panther shifter deputy of said strange town This town is majority shifters and they live very openlybringing in and hunting their prey Kyle and his family are so funny togetherit s pricelessThese books are always so entertaining she portrays the characters exactly how you would picture them to be and act if they were to truly shift into an animal Always so well written and full of great humor This was a safe read with a good ol boy shifting panther and a sweet but naughty coven witch with an epilogue If you are a shifter fanthis is a MUST READ series And yes you will probably actually thank meso you are welcome. Woman every which way imaginable SHELLY LAURENSTONMy Kind of TownDeputy Kyle Treharne of seaside Smithville North Carolina hates Yankees even exotically beautiful ones like Emma Lucchesi The sexy New Yorker's got trouble written all over her and she nows than she's telling about the increasingly strange goings on in his town But if the lady's got a few tricks up her sleeve so does the lawman And it's high time for every wicked thing to be deliciously reveal.

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This gets filed on my romance and paranormal bookshelves because of these three stories two are romance and the last Laurenston s is paranormal I imagine this will be a bit off putting to those not into shapeshifters and witchesso those of you just looking for romance may want to skip the last storyThat being said the last story was my favorite I would give it 4 stars The first two stories were fairly unforgettable in the way that they are like hundreds of other romance storiesnice while you read them but forgettable The last story had the hot scorching sex and men to die for memorable to me There was a witch element which I don t usually read but still very enjoyable I also like the secondary characters and look forward to reading Belong to the Night since it features the story of some of these secondary characters Luckily I already have it from the library yay Read for Shelly Laurenston s storyskipped other 2 One Last Weekend by Linda Lael MillerTeague Joanna Darby are in the process of getting a divorce when their attorney suggests they take a weekend together to discuss things Mainly because they can t agree on who will get custody of the dog They get stranded at their cabin due to a storm boy do they make good use of their time alone No sand or sun in this story but plenty of sex And the pair decides they do still love each other they want to work on eeping their marriage intactYou Give Love a Good Name byJennifer ApodacaLexie meets Nick while she s working his sister s wedding Nick tries to take her home for one night but she s not a one night stand Design Patterns by Tutorials: Learning design patterns in Swift 4 kinda woman he s not a relationshipinda man So the pair go their separate ways but each one can t get the other of hisher mindFour months later Lexie is in hiding after stapling a groom s pants to his waist when he hit on her at his own wedding said groom files assault charges She has a stalker but no one believes her so she hires a PI hides out hoping the PI will find the stalker before she has to go to court for her trialNick is a bondsman sent to bring her home so she won t miss her court date again When she tells him about the stalker he s the one person who does believe her he decides to eep her safe But he can t be with her like he wants to because he never mixes work with pleasure view spoilersince he was caught with his pants down with his first love she was murdered by her psycho ex while Nick was helpless to protect her hide spoiler I m teetering on the edge of a book slump Decided to see if any of the other stories in this were any goodOMG I enjoyed them a lot D Upgraded to 4 stars Read this for the Shelly Laurenston My Kind of Town Seems to be related to her PridePack universe but these are set in Smithville NC Technically I ve only read the Shelly Laurenston story Sun Sand Sex by Linda Lael Miller Shelly Laurenston and Jennifer ApodacaGrade B And how would I call you Nick Look you up under one night stands in the phone book Sun Sand Sex is a collection of three novellashort stories by three amazing authors I enjoyed the book as a whole but I would have bought it just to read My Kind of Town by Shelly Laurenston All three stories are very fun and this is a great book for lying around by the pool or beach this summer One Last Weekend by Linda Lael Miller is the shortest story and revolves around a couple Teague and Joanna who are finalizing their divorce Their lawyer who. What's better than a long lazy day at the shore Think beach—blanket bingo with a sizzling hottie or three So sit back relax and don't worry about tan lines because in this scorching collection swimsuits are definitely optionalLINDA LAEL MILLEROne Last WeekendCollege sweethearts Teague and Joanna Darby once passionately in love are on the brink of divorce When a ferry strike leaves them stranded together at their beloved beach cottage it could be the most aw.

Happens to be a long time friend insists they spend one last weekend together at their cottage before signing the divorce papers I wish One Last Weekend had been a little longer but I still really enjoyed it I found both of the characters to be adorable and I was so happy with everything that happened for them Overall grade BYou give Love a Bad Name by Jennifer Apodaca takes place with wedding planner Lexie Rollins hiding away at a couples resort in San Diego Lexie was charged with assault by a former groom and has skipped town because she nows someone is stalking her Nick Vardolous is the bounty hunter charged with bringing her back but these two have a past and Nick will do everything he can to save the woman he cares for This started out great and I loved the chemistry and banter between Lexie and Nick but the ending ruined the whole thing and I found myself really disappointed with how things turned out Overall Grade CMy Kind of Town by Shelly Laurenston was the whole reason I had to read Sun Sand Sex I am a huge fan of her Pride series and while this book doesn t involve any of the characters we The Culture Code know and love it does take place in Smithville and is filled with all types of crazy shifters Kye Treharne is a deputy and in charge of taking care of the cute human Emma Lucchesi who has stumbled into the wrong town Little does Kylenow theres much to Emma and he soon can t get enough of her I devoured this story and am now wanting I love the spin off that might take place her with Emma and her friends and all i can say is PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN I loved Emma and Kyle plus all the new characters that are introduced and I really want to go back to Smithville and see what crazy things happen next Overall Grade ASun Sand Sex is a good book even with the ups and downs of the three different stories I think any romance or paranormal romance fan will find what they are looking for in this book and like I said before if you are a fan of Shelly Laurenston her novella is worth buying the whole book LINDA LAEL MILLEROne Last WeekendCollege sweethearts Teague and Joanna Darby once passionately in love are on the brink of divorce When a ferry strike leaves them stranded together at their beloved beach cottage it could be the most awkward weekend ever Or the perfect chance to fall for each other all over again one steamy encounter at a timeTeague and Joanna are about to call it uits on their marriage Their friend and attorney tells them to go spend a last weekend together at their beach cottage and actually talk to each other It s obvious from the start that they still care about each other they have just lost the ability to truly communicate When bad weather strands them at the cottage their passion for each other comes back to the surface opening up their hearts also Teague had put so much effort into his business that in the last few years it I just got this for the Shelly Laurenston story and that s the only one I read This was disappointing I didn t think this had the humor I m used to I didn t like Kyle he was too Alpha asshole possessive etc In case it s not obvious Sun Sand Sex is an anthology of three stories each with the theme ofersun sand and sex I like it when books are titled like that It Banish Clutter Forever keeps things nice and simpleThe three stories are fairly straightforward in that the plots are simply basic romances There are no twists or surprises at. Kward weekend ever Or the perfect chance to fall for each other all over again one steamy encounter at a time JENNIFER APODACAYou Give Love a Good NameLexie Rollins is a wedding planner on the lam All she did was defend herself with a staple gun against a sleazy groom whonew the Assault and Battery charges would stick Now Lexie's vacation at an exclusive resort has put her at the top of gorgeous bounty hunter Nick Vardolous's list And Nick always gets his.

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