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A mystery genre bookThe main part of the story takes place in 2003 but in a flashback to 20 years earlier we read an account of the interrogation of a murder suspect a 17 year old boy conducted by Detective Francis X Loughlin The interrogation scenes are uite graphic as we witness the gradual breaking of the boy s willpower and resistance The detective s maturity and experience make the terms of the duel uite uneven the scene evokes images of a duel between a hunter armed with a high power rifle and a deer tied to a tree trunk Naturally the boy is convicted of murder and sent to prison Now 20 years later the convicted murderer is released on technicality While he is trying to have the conviction vacated with the help of a streetwise lawyer working pro bono Det Loughlin is trying to put the murderer back behind the bars The battle between the detective and the convict constitutes the main narrative axis of the plot There is another murder and intriguing connections between the two cases emerge Unfortunately as usual in the mystery genre the plot gets less and less plausible as it unfolds One of the best setups that I can remember slowly degenerates to become a disappointing denouement The author uses some tired clich s of the genre for instance the rare disease clich or the sudden appearance of a person from the past The penultimate conversation instead of being powerful and dramatic as the author undoubtedly planned sounds contrived and ridiculousOn the plus side there is a touching thread that involves Zana a Kosovar young woman from Prishtin The reader will find some cool passages for instance Pretty sharp lady he said A lot of things become much obvious in this world when you have a vagina He nodded acknowledging the universal truth of this The author writes well and the novel is very readable Had the author conceived a solution worthy of the outstanding setup it would have been an excellent novel of suspense Even with all the implausibility I am recommending itThree stars The best contemporary writer I know As if Cormac McCarthy had written Les Miserables This is my second read of Blauner and I don t know how to tell you how great this guy is with the written word I can read his paragraphs and return immediately to read them again for pleasure I ask is there anyone as good One example from hundreds As a main character stands at an apartment window musing and staring out into the NYC night Blauner writes A passing bus below sighed sagging with the loneliness of late night riders A wonderfully gripping thrillermysteryvery well written. Orresponde ao da mulher assassinada há duas décadas Agora dois homens de lados opostos da lei são forçados a iniciar um sinuoso duelo pela verdade ue nos conduzirá a um desfecho inesperad.

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Er I hadn t read anything by Peter Blauner before so I decided to give this a try It s an interesting story but it s fairly obvious early on who the real criminal is I was disappointed that it was as easy to figure out as it was Also as Marissa pointed out much of the Spanish street talk sounds unnatural somewhat forced at times It would have been better to have left it out I agree completely with the blurb from Stephen King on the cover One of the best books I ve read in a long long time In 1983 Detective Francis X Loughlin famously obtained a confession from a 17 year old male named Julian Vega for the brutal murder of a gorgeous young well liked young doctor named Allison Wallis Vega was convicted and sentenced to 25 years to life for murderIn 2003 Detective Francis X Loughlin is fairly rapidly going blind from retinitis pigmentosa He is still working homicide and has not told anyone even his wife about losing his eyesight He is trying to hold on to make Detective First before he retires Julian Vega has had his conviction vacated by a udge so he is out on the street The world is utterly different for him than it was when he went into prison He has what might be a hair trigger temper Everything seems set up against him to send him back to prison Vega has a good lawyer on his side Since the conviction was vacated it s up to Homicide to reinvestigate the caseDetective Loughlin looks at Vega as a possible suspect when another young pretty doctor is murdered However the DNA under her fingernails does not match Julian Vega It s a match for the victim Allison from twenty years beforeGreat storytelling aside this book s strength is characterization Every single character is well drawn All are real people the reader both likes and dislikes This is a fast exceptional read with humor action horror thrills and disappointments Highly recommended it s the weirdest case he ever heard of Girl s dead twenty years and her blood shows up on another body last weekThe setup of Peter Blauner s Slipping Into Darkness 2006 is indeed intriguing Is the girl really dead Did the murderer store her blood to leave it on another victim Maybe the lab results are not correct Another difficult review to write because one needs to be very careful not to divulge a spoiler In fact the readers who like the surprise factor in mysterysuspensecrime novels should not read the synopsis on the dust acket the publisher provides enough spoilers there By the way I have always been wondering why people want to know the entire plot except perhaps the very last twist before reading. ?dica Vinte anos depois coincidindo com a libertação de Julian um novo homicídio ocorre com contornos semelhantes ao caso inicial Desta vez porém o ADN encontrado sob as unhas da vítima

The story had the potential to be intriguing but I couldn t get past the smack you upside the head symbolism and cute imagery Also it s a pet peeve of mine when white middle class authors try to write in AAE or Latino English dialect for their characters of color and wind up at best looking ridiculous and clueless and at worst horribly insensitive and offensive Overall good on the whodunit part and not so good on the characterizationdialogue part Man I feel like this book is criminally underrated I absolutely loved it One of the best books I ve read in such a long time and no less than Stephen King said the exact same thing about this book Such a fantastic hook was the wrong guy sent away for a crime that was committed 20 years ago the characters sizzle we follow the guy who d been locked up after he s released from ail and is trying to reacuaint himself with the outside world and follow the main cop of the novel as he slowly loses his sight and becomes blind I loved every page of this one The suspense had me scared xxxxless Set my teeth on edge Could not put it down although I wanted to throw it against the wall a few times Stephen King is right Best crime novel I have read in a long long time How do you find someone who s not supposed to exist That s the detective s conundrumFrancis X Loughlin is losing his sight He s a cop and because of the genetically acuired retinitis pigmentosa his future on the force looks bleak He s always been a loner so this means ever increasing isolationTwo decades before Francis had been instrumental in the incarceration of Julian Vega for the murder of a woman Julian has been released following years of legal appeals he orchestrated and soon thereafter a similar murder is committed Now however the police have access to DNA technology and some very strange links and relationships lead Loughlin to surmise that Julian may have been innocentBlauner does a nice Once Upon a Time (Calluvias Royalty, job of balancing the assorted POVs We see Julian struggling to overcome the hostility ofust about everyone each assum Ah I loved The Intruder So original So far this one is not disappointing If Stephen King says it s the best he s read in a long long time I ll take his wordIt is great I can hardly put it down but I must Blaunder writes so well He s one of those authors who always chooses the right verb the most interesting one and the best description of his characters When I read other books alongside his I m struck with how wordy they are in comparisonOk I m done with it It was good some of the writing is great but it was not as good as The Intrud. Em 1983 o detective Francis X Loughlin resolvia um dos grandes casos da sua carreira conseguindo a condenação de um rapaz de dezassete anos Julian Vega pelo brutal homicídio de uma ovem m?.

Peter Blauner b 1959 has spent nearly his entire life in New York City After graduating from Wesleyan University he took a staff job at New York magazine where he found the inspiration for his first book the Edgar award–winning Slow Motion Riot in the men and women who work in the city's probation department Since then he has written five novels Casino Moon the New York Times bests