Gary Shove: Untitled

BOOK Untitled By Gary Shove –

Pretty cool book but once I looked through everything I didn t feel the need to look again Don t bother buying it just look through at the store However it makes a nice coffee table book or a uniue gift this is a good book But the texts in between the images annoyed me a lot They are just not on the same level as the imagerySo 2 stars for the text 4 stars for the rest Be smart buy the book and only watch the images A beauty You just can t get enough Author s selection reflects great taste So th. Not to be filed under history hotography design or non fiction as it contains outright lies and outrageous subjective opinion this book is definitely about street art It is also about now Fungus grows on your collected wild style Gaddafis Harem pioneers Vileassions rage between old schools and new Stuff flies out from under the hammer at auction houses and Puff property developers fund street art shows to liberalress fanfare Oh and Banksy hits the West Bank Is anyon.

E kid comes home with his first Laid to Ruin (Lancelots Fall, pay cheue from a guerrilla street art auction at Christie s and his dad sits him down you know for the talk He starts in with Son I mroud of you but you got to Leyendas Negras promise me this Whatever you do with this talent even if you find yourself starving in a suat in Leytonstone don t take a job in advertising I m begging you Hugely into street art and the counter culture so this is a feast for the eyes book I wish I d bought and not just borrowed from the library Renewal tim. E taking this thing seriously Should it be taken seriously Is it all just an immense daisy chain ofoker faces irony and mind games Brilliant images of graffiti collected from all over the world and reserved here before the legions employed to destroy them and chip them off the walls This is art driven by existential hunger art that attacks you only if you are lame art that inspires mystery and creativity 11 Spring St NY was a much loved site that


E Anyway it s heavy suare and ointy and hardly worth carrying around unless you ve got a rucksack but I did anyway because I enjoyed browsing through it so much It gave me a buzz knowing I could dip in and see something cool I kept opening it up and trying to get the miserable office set on the train who looked like they needed a good dose of spray can art to look over and spot the rebellion You never know might spark a mini revolutionFull the words were just as important as the imagery depicted. Ecame a graffiti landmark Before it was redeveloped it inspired acts of love and Bad, Bad Bluebloods (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep passion Lou Reed made it the subject of aoem and Untitled reserves it in all of its glory Includes works by Banksy Faile Dface Swoon Bast Blu Blek Le Rat Obey Dolk Eine Gaia Elbowtoe Hush Copyright Mir Dan Witz Space Invader Armsrock Doze Green Know Hope Skullphone WKInteract Skewville Borf Ame72 Sam3 Eelus Miss Bugs Rene Gagnon The London Police Michael De Feo and man.