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A Kindle freebie and although it was interesting I felt a bit cheated because the stories idn t always have endings This may be a factor of the nature of the work of ICU nurses but as a reader I want to know what happened to the patient and their family The best essays were the ones where I found that out This is a collection of stories from nurses who work in ICUs in both Canada and the United States The stories vary from general to specific and uplifting to heart wrenching The ICU nurses work in technologically advanced intellectually emanding work and Accounting for Taste due to the often one on one nurse to patient ratio can get involved emotionally with their patients These stories bring those experiences to life and the reader can feel the fast pace and intensity of the work that is reuiredThis book opens a window into experiences that weon t often get to see luckily and put real people and personalities into those situations True stories of what goes on in the ICU A graphic look at what these nurses Anarchist Modernism deal with Fitting title because what goes on is truly Lives in the Balance Admittedly Iecided to read this book when I saw that it was offered for free on the Kindle I was nursing a sleepy baby and wanted something new to read while she ozed offAlthough this book was clearly not penned by prof. A collection that provides a compelling and insightful look into the world of ICU nursesThis is a compelling collection of stories by twenty five nurses working in the ICU a fast paced highly technological environment where patients’ lives are at stake From cardiac medical surgical

To ICU nurses 4 or 5 page stories from a number of ifferent individuals It was free on Kindle otherwise I never would have picked it up to read I m a nurse and read this on Kindle as a freebie The nursing stories are real to the point and some I could relate with A Dogs Head deeply I m not sure it is for everyone but as a nurse I m always interested in what others think and feel in the profession I have to say sometimes I cried and often was amazed to see someone felt the same way I have Insecure in ability sometimes guilt over missing something that I should have seen and always impacted by the patients and their families Sometimes even than anything I may haveone for them I rarely give up on books This was even a free Kindle book and I still uit reading it about halfway through It read like a bunch of high school essays on What I learned as an ICU nurse Poor writingediting made it insanely The History of Cartography, Volume 3 dull A collection of stories from ICU nurses many of them Canadian giving little vignettes that highlight the struggles and blessings of being a nurse They are all heroes to me Recommended for anyone interested in nursing This is a collection of storiesessays from nurses who have or continue to work in the ICU Very enlightening These stories gave me a whole new perspective on nurses and their professio. Joys andilemmas they face in the ICU The intense emotional and psychological issues that patients families and the nurses themselves undergo are also explored This fascinating collection allows us to peer over the shoulders of nurses while they provide life saving care to patien.

Essional authors it is still uite good I enjoyed it and I appreciated the glimpse into the lives of nurses in the ICU It was far less gory than I expected and instead focused almost exclusively on the emotional and relational aspects of the job I m really glad that I gave it a try I m a senior nursing student and at this point in my life i m at a fork in the road or actually in the middle of many His Virgin Secretary different roadsiverging in front of me I have no idea where I want to work when people ask me where I want to work i always reply Wherever i m hired The job market for new nursing grads is not too great now so beggars can t be choosers Experience is experience I know that once i Bachelors and Bunnies do have some years of experience behind me I can choose too a speciality that I am passionate about and will spend much of my life perfecting and learning That s why I ve Both Hands Tied decided to read books about every speciality and gain a general understanding of what each nurseoes in a typical ay This book had my heart racing and my head spinning at the craziness of the ICU In a moment the patient could be fine vitals stable and resting comfortably yet in the next moment the patient s heart can stop beating or their lungs could stop perfusing The ICU nurse is the first one Interesting stories about what happens real life. Nd trauma units these nurses share their experiences of caring for critically ill patients after major surgery illnesses accidents traumas and even multiple organ failure These skilled professionals impart their knowledge and insights along with accounts of the many challenges stresses.