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Ok so I cheated and read ahead to finish this book one month ahead of schedule 31 Subjects for subject for each possible day of the month covering the various sciences arts history religion literature by time periods different 20th century genres memoirbiography and of course one day for on writing My interest was piued beyond expectation when reading the excerpts from disciplines I would normally not have an interest in Of the 366 books introduced I have read 19 books and I found another 23 that I would Let Great Reading Fuel Your WritingGreat writers read–voraciously and across many topics and genres They read to learn to research to study the style of others and to improve their own work They read because they love the written word But becoming well read takes time dedication and patience The thought

Sen from The Daily Reader is comprehensive and encompassing in its delectable selection of prose and poetry This book will expand the mind of the writer by reading from renowned literary works and then help him or her exercise critical thinking on the way to stretching the writer s creative limbs with the suggested writing exercises In one year and one day by lapping up Fred White s 366 page buffet of literary servings a once troubled or blocked writer will surely come out all fired up again and scribbling. Each thoughtfully chosen excerpt is followed by a brief reflection and a prompt that allows you to integrate elements from each piece into your own writingThe Daily Reader makes broad reading accessible invigorates your thirst for the written word and euips you to put the power of the pros behind your writi.

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Ike to read opening doors never sought afterThank you honey for this Christmas gift I read this in tandem with The Daily Writertogether these books created a really enjoyable reading experience Saving it for later no time now This was a fantastic selection of readings one per day to last the year It includes a wide variety of genres topics and writers and varies between both fiction and non fiction Some selections were less interesting that others and some inspired me to look into the books they were cho. An be daunting–especially when you're eager to get to your own writingFred White author of The Daily Writer helps you sort through the plethora of reading material available by providing you with 366 engaging excerpts from ancient poetry to modern science on topics from allegory to food to writer's block.