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Max have been friends for ears and over the past few months that friendship has turned into much But Hunter fights the fact that he could be gay and even after he accepts it within himself and realizes he loves Max he s scared to admit it to the world The thing is Max is gay and he wants them to eventually be in a committed relationship Max realizes Hunter s afraid to come out and in an effort to take their relationship to the next step he suggests the two go on a week long vacation to Florida to get away Just the 2 of them The book is about Hunter facing his fears and coming out with Max as his side as his boyfriend The book is told in 1st person POV and I usually don t like 1st person and shy away from such books But the blurb really grabbed me as did the excerpt so I gave it a chance and loved it The 1st person POV really worked in this book And it was written in such a way that I fell in love with not only Hunter but Max as well He was such a great guy so patient and sweet and sexy and hot as hell He understood Hunter understood his fears While not explicitly stated in the book I got the impression Max was so patient because he understood what Hunter was going through because he d been through it himself at one point He s not a complete saint though Hunter does test his patience Max loves Hunter and truly wants to be in a committed relationship with him so it was sometimes hard for him when Hunter pulled back I think what I loved best about the book was the feel It was sweet hot and vulnerable The sexual tension was scorching and I felt Hunter s fear his ingrained internal resistance to become an openly gay man He feared how others would react and I was immensely happy when he realized other people s opinions didn t matter because he loved Max It s not as explicit as the usual mm erotic romance It s about the emotions the depth of love between the 2 men than the details Rest assured the bedroom door is open it just doesn t have a ton of explicit details The book is on the short side for a novella It opens on the day before their last day of their vacation But even though the book is short the author was able to convey a lot of information about Hunter and Max s relationship and how they got to this point Hunter thinks about the first time he laid eyes on Max their first date their first kiss etc You get to experience the progression of their relationship feel Hunter s internal fight as he tries to cling to his heterosexuality while falling in love with Max The only thing that stood out as kind of odd was that Max was a virgin He had never had sex with a man or a woman He dated a couple guys and dated girls in the past but no sex He s been in love with Hunter for a while and wants Hunter to be his first It worked in the book since Hunter knows that he can t in good conscious take Max s virginity unless he commits himself to their relationship It can t be just a summer fling Butin the real world I do wonder how realistic it could be to have a guy remain a virgin for so long I m guessing Max is in his late twenties he s a successful stock trader has made some nice money and he s been friends with Hunter for 4 ยอดบุรุษพลิกคดี เล่ม 1 years I don t recall if the author mentioned their ages so I m guessing here Max had tried dating girls before he realized he was gay but he s this really attractive nice outgoing successful guy And he remained a virgin for that long Umm Anyway it did work in the book so it didn t pull me out of the story I definitely recommend this book ifou are in the mood for a sweet romantic love story Short story read gasm fun Cooper Davis knows two things extremely well How to write a mind melting MM sex scene and how to bring MM romance to vivid life on the page After re reading Bound By Nature I went looking for by Ms Davis and was sadden to see she only has 3 books total to her name But this one was fantastic and it has a seuel Taking Hummer you Home so I ve very grateful for thatIfou like mind melting romantic emotional sex between beautiful men in love I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND this short I read A King Undone last ear hated it and unfortunately it took me far too long to venture back to Cooper Davis This book is simple and sweet Narrated by Hunter it s just a day or two in his life and his relationship with Maxwell Beautifully told. Max deserves the best I’m just not sure when it comes right down to it that I won’t break his heartDid I mention I’m scared as hell Product Warnings This title features summer lovin’ between two hot men a secret romance between best friends one of whom doesn’t think he’s actually gay and enough heat to set any beach vacation on fire Be sure to keep the extinguisher han.

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Story follows Hunter and Maxwell during the beginning months of their shifting relationship from friends to lovers This was a relatively angst free read but one that poignantly captured some of the fears experienced when people fall in love with someone they never expected to fall for ie someone of their own sex Hunter has always identified as straight but for the past few ears since he met and became friends with Max he s begun to feel like maybe he s not so straight after all Maxwell has recently accepted his own sexual identity and is in the process of thinking about coming out on a larger scale when he and Hunter s relationship begins to shift from friends to They spend the summer secretly exploring the possibilities of what they could have together culminating in a short getaway to Florida at summer s end where they can finally be together without having to completely hide how they feel from their close knit group of friends During their getaway Maxwell and Hunter must decide whether what they have is worth risking the possible fall outs in their personal lives Maxwell is ready to dive head first into an out and proud relationship with Hunter but Hunter is dealing with some serious coming out anxieties that he must overcome in order to be at peace with himself and his new relationship Fears aside Hunter knows he s fallen deep for Maxwell and wishes for nothing than to be brave enough to be what Maxwell needs him to be When I started this story I figured it would result in a 3 stars rating at best You see it s written in first person narrative from one characters perspective Hunter s and when the story begins the boys are already engaging in their hidden relationship potentially limiting my enjoyment because I m most definitely one of those romance readers who craves witnessing the step by step experiences of her characters when they re falling in love Luckily things turned around fast Although the story seemingly begins mid relationship my fears were swiftly put to rest when I realised we would get flashbacks of sorts to the important relationship moments between Hunter and Maxwell the kind of moments I most want to witness when following a book couples blossoming romance eg first kiss first date first fight etc By the end I was completely won over by Hunter and Max and the heart melting love they shared together I no longer cared that the story was told in the non seuential manner if anything I reveled in it And although I m not the biggest fan of first person narratives I ll admit it ultimately worked for me hereIf I had to compare this to something it would be a work by Mary Calmes This is a compliment because even though I m the first to admit that Calmes often writes over the top romantic arcs I truly believe she is one of the best at creating that all consuming passion and need between her main characters that passion and need that forces her readers to fall in love with her characters or else That s what I felt here Davis created such a palpable chemistry between Hunter and Maxwell that I couldn t help but be consumed by their love for one anotherSome will find this romance sappy and the writing perhaps a bit too flowery for their liking but I personally enjoyed the hell out of this one and can definitely see myself turning to this story in times of need for a comfort read in the future I absolutely adored this story and I can t wait to read the seuel Taking ou HomeHighly Recommended 3 35 StarsThis was definitely a heartfelt story full of UST and plenty of sexy as Hunter comes to terms with his attraction and finally his love for Maxwell The only thing is Hunter s always thought of himself as straight and though he s completely enad with Maxwell his acceptance of that is very hard to come byHunter realizes that despite the fact that he s all in that there s no way he can move forward without Maxwell the very real fears about coming out paralyze and terrify and for the majority of this book he goes back and forth back and forth and back and forth Though understandable the redundancy ruined my enjoyment a bitHowever when these two are together the emotions the smexy the sweet factor all were really enjoyable I don t think many have or will find fault with this short story at all I really enjoyed this book Hunter and. Ands of miles away from prying eyes I’m finally ready to admit to myself that Max and I have something special Max has been ready for a long time and he’s been waiting for me Really waiting As inhe’s still a virginThere’s nothing I want than to be Max’s first lover But I know when Max gives away that part of himself it won’t be just a summer fling It’ll be for keeps.

Noob gay dude is utterly terrified to come out but in love with the man of his fairly recent dreamsNoob gay finally comes out does an immediate 180 ending with a view spoiler marriage proposal hide spoiler Short Hot and sweet This incredibly loving story is told in first person POV by Hunter a man who has fallen in love with his friend Maxwell Hunter is afraid to come out having panic attacks sometimes hiding Max wanting him et being afraid to have him publicly Max who really hasn t come out either for his family for example is incredible He is in love and he will do what it takes to make Hunter feel and be safe and comfortable They go away on vacation and Hunter takes his first steps into being with this amazing man in front of people It isn t all easy for them but these men are in LOVE It s what made the story so wonderful for me Max wants to be patient for Hunter Hunter wants to be perfect for Max They want to be the best boyfriend cooking or carrying luggage for each other It s adorable warm and sweet They seem a little The Alcohol Experiment younger in actions than it would appear they are but this wasn t a problem for me Just loved them GrammarI must say that this woman knows how to write a sex or in this case making lovescene damn well and make it hot The plot was simple and the book really short and I m not a fan of 1st POVso I can t rate it much but sure as hell I will read books from this author She can make the reader feel the emotions in the scenes in what is happeningand she is able to make her chars realSometimes Hunter annoyed me since he was scared all the time of coming out and everytime he decided something the next second he was regretting it and was insecure But in the end I tried to understand his feelings and how he could be scared of coming out as a gay man to his family and friends This is all new for him before meeting Max he had always thought he was straight but then 4ears ago his at the time girlfriend and now friend had introduced him to Max and from that day on nothing had been the same until one day Max had found the courage to kiss himHunter that night had understood one thing he had never felt this complete and happy with anyone else beforeMax was a damn saint Idk how was possible for an handsome guy like him to still be a virgin also because he meets Hunter when he is already in his twenties and he has gone out with a girlnow his best friend and 2 boys The only explanation I could find was in the fact that Max like Hunter explains to us in his thoughts didn t want to give himself that way to a person that didn t commit to him He wanted someone who would stay with him not a fling Hunter knows it and understands that he must be sure before taking his next step and is for this reason that their first time happens 3 months after they have started dating and not the same night they become boyfriendsIn this books we have a lot of sex scenes and I liked all of them They were kind of pure not just a dirty fuk You could feel the love these guys have for each other and I loved the fact that they were versatileThe end of this book is the start of the second one in the series Hunter almost joking asked Max to marry him and Max said Menggairahkan Perjalanan Halaqah yes Hunter wants to let all know that this incredible man who is also hos best friend and waitedears for him is only his and also if he doesn t know if they can really get married he couldn t stop his words while staring at the man he loves smiling at him and giving him his apartment keysNext Off the bat I have to say I loved the cover of this book Looked very sexy And now after reading the actual book I think it was good as well This is a sweet sexy summer love story between two best friends Hunter Maxwell Maxwell seems like he s the steady one Knows who is he already and is comfortable and accepts himself in his own skin with his sexuality And then there s Hunter who seems like the complete opposite being a bit on the fence and hasn t fully accepted himself and doesn t seem comfortable about himself until the very end He s hesitant majority of the time about coming out to their friendsfamily But slowly but surely he gets there in the end in his own timeAll in all this was a uick sweet short story that I wouldn t mind reading a continue seuel of 4 stars 45 StarsThis sweet sort of gay for ou. I thought I knew what love wasMy name is Hunter Willis and I’ve found love The problem I’m not sure I’m ready for the rest of the world to know I’ve fallen for my best friend Everyone knows Max is gay Me They think I’m straight as an arrow So did I until Max and I shared a kiss three months ago that blew that theory right out of the waterNow by the ocean in Florida thous.

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Cooper Davis first discovered the allure of mm storytelling when she pulse aflutter watched My Beautiful Laundrette with a college roommate Later her passion for stories about men falling in love and finding their HEA together was stoked by online slash fiction After years as an avid fan of mm and slash Cooper finally decided to try her hand at penning her own stories about same gender rom