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BODIES as though this was an pgradeWILL OTHER PEOPLE PLEASE READ THIS BOOK AND HELP ME MAKE SENSE OF MY FEELINGS please and thank you Okay I m not going to finish this book but it isn t because I don t think it s a perfectly acceptable book It is The writing is actually very good and the author presents a lot of interesting estions about what it means to be humanThis author has a compelling voice and the novel reads a lot like a Scott Westerfeld novel Even the paperback size and cover look like an Uglies novel However Westerfeld draws the reader in much faster with rising action and character developmentI m just not on board with this book So far I dislike the main character an awful lot I m 100 pages in and nothing much has happened except a lot of whining about her circumstance I can see where the story is going I portend much disappoint from the Zoie and Walker front and frankly all I can think is meh Reviewed by Sarah Bean the Green Bean Teen een for TeensReadToocomLia Kahn was perfect She had a perfect life perfect friends and a perfect boyfriend She was popular and beautiful and everyone wanted to be with her and know her ntil the accident changed everything When Lia is in a fatal car accident she finds herself awake in the hospital She should be dead but she knows she s alive She can t feel her body but she knows it s there Lia has become the latest patient in the download process a way to download your memories and brain functions into a computer based body that is made to look and act human Lia is angry about the downloa Meh A poor man s Cinder Just okay I m going to present this review in a series of half explained gifsIn the beginning I was just casually reading through itAnd then I started getting into itI was enjoying the story and beginning to get irritated with everyone s constant blatant disregard of Lia and the fact that she was still humaninsideThen the story moved onto Zo or Zoie the Hoie as I like to refer to her and of course I hated herBut it wasn t just your regular hate This was deep burning hate that even the fiery pits of hell couldn t compete with And then there was the scene with Walker Cough Douche bag Cough and Zo at the back of the school practically dry humping each otherLafayette speak for meOnce we got past that Auden s heart felt love confession another bitch out from Zo and finally reached the part with her dadOh myYes I cried And though I ll claim I hate it I kind of like it when authors make me cry It proves to me that their actually pretty good at what they doThen of course there was the part with Auden right after the waterfall incident My word Such profanity I know I shouldn tI ll try not toI ll try to resistbut IIPoor LiaFew Wipes brow Nearly had a brain aneurismI know the kid s laying in bed with multiply injuries that he ll be stuck with for the rest of his oh so human life But some of the things he said were pretty nastyI was a little disappointed to realize I disliked him from then on From this day forwa. Never age and she can't ever truly die But she is also rejected by her friends betrayed by her boyfriend and alienated from her old life Forced to the fringes of society Lia joins others lik.

Lia shouldn t have been in the car in the first place By doing a favor for her sister she has changed her life forever A one in a million chance The navigation system in her car malfunctioned and she crashed head on with another car Her body broken her skin burning Lia waited for help Unfortunately her body didn t survive the trauma of the accident However her brain remained in tact Lia wakes p several weeks later to find that she is alive She has been downloaded into a new body A body that isn t flesh and blood but circuits and wires covered by synthetic skin Lia doesn t want to be a skinner a mech head a freak She d rath This was a The Ascent of Man uite gripping piece of science fiction right in the line of Scott Westerfeld s Uglies series Mary E Pearson s The Adoration of Jenna Fox and Circuit of Heaven by Dennis Danvers All of these titles tackle theestion of what is really needed to make The Grand Sophy us human what should be scrappedp and remolded when large parts of our body or our mind are gone if we can that is of if there should be a physical limit to holding p our excitence here on earth of if we are allowed to tamper with an organism that has officially already ceased to be and to try our hands at creating artificial intelligence that mimicks or copies the ones of actual persons and finally of if the new person physical or digital will be me when is has auired my memories and my personalityRobin Wasserman s approach to point out not answer these dilemmas is a very thrilling and emotional one It resonated within me for a while this morning Certainly it helped that the post war post radioactive crises setting with a strict split of the world s population into bonus points stuffed haves in spacious digitallytechnically enhanced country based buildings and company bound no rights no medical favours have nots in contaminated city ruins had a pretty realistic feeling Although the book ends on a cliffhanger I do not need to rush out to get the seuel which doesn t mean I would mind to read it eventually I recommend Skinned But maybe I would recommend The Adoration of Jenna Fox and Circuit of Heaven WHOA WHOA i have no idea how i feel about this book okay that s only kind of true i have SO MANY feelings about this book first of all is this book EXTREMELY ableist or extremely radical in its discussion of disability I CAN T TELL i think that the future of auden s character will elucidate this okay i can t write in paragraphs any here are some feelings related bullet points1 lia s whole body is a prosthetic whoa and the way that people relate to her about it is such a well crafted commentary on disability in dominant culture2 this book offers a really complex conversation about issuesideas of ality of life and capacity3 lia has so much internalized ableism that is discussed in really interesting ways her personal growth over the course of the novel is also powerful and complicated4 people who were already O viziune a sentimentelor using prosthetics and other adaptive technology were given prosthetic WHOLE. Lia Kahn was perfect rich beautiful popularntil the accident that nearly killed her Now she has been downloaded into a new body that only looks human Lia will never feel pain again she will.

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Rd from page 339 to the last in the series the image of Auden will forever be tainted in my eyesSighs Oh well5 stars 45 at the least Till next time Awesomesauce It was really good It started off a little confusing but it had a very cool and sort of risky concept to it By risky I mean that it could have failed epically I see a lot of authors take on this kind of plot and then just sorta let it die but Skinned pulled it off Not only was it addicting and exciting but it got me thinking too There was depth in it than I expected it had a thought provoking theme about identity and what makes someone who they are and not only that but what makes someone a human beingA couple of little things bothered me though First of all there were times when the main character kinda got on my nerves I started liking her towards the end but for a majority of the book she was a little whiney I know she was in a pretty crappy situation but still Well at least she matured somewhat in the end and I started feeling pretty bad for herThe other thing was that at times I could tell this book desperately wished it was Uglies Even the cover art and the way the book was formatted seemed very similar The world in which it took place was very Westerfeld esue the Skinners are sorta like Pretties or Specials it s a similar futuristicpost apocalyptic setting the society is very technology obsessed and they even have some similar lingoBut despite those few instances of similarity it had a lot of originality too Over all I thoroughly enjoyed it May contain spoilers cursing and rantingWhen something bad happens to you like an accident as what happened in this book to our main It doesn t always mean death If your brain is still working you can be downloaded into a new body Some people if they have enough credit can have one specialty made if there is enough time for it But the thing is you are no longer human You can t bleed eat breath You can feel pain to a degree only with extreme actions Hot and cold mean nothing You can feel slightly but it s not the same You don t need to bathe brush your teeth or Harveys Revised English Grammar use the bathroom You re a machine that looks human and mentally you still are the same person but it s never the sameIt was going so strong so good What in the world isp with Young Adult literature The F word was all throughout this book and premarital sex was openly accepted embraced and expected I would never recommend this book to a young adult or an adult for that matter not that I didn t enjoy the book or love the story but simply because of the language and sex in the bookThe story reminds me of the UgliesPretties books It s an interesting story full of interesting subject matter I actually really enjoyed the story but I just wish Robin Wasserman would have cleaned it Como agua para chocolate up so it was a appropriate read that I could recommend without a huge disclaimerI m struggling what to rate this book It would be 4 stars if it weren t for the language and other things I don t like I guess I ll go with 3 star. E her But they are looked at as freaks They are hatedand feared They are everything but human and according to most people this is theltimate crime for which they must pay the ltimate pric.

Robin Wasserman is the author of the novels MOTHER DAUGHTER WIDOW WIFE June 2020 and GIRLS ON FIRE Her writing has appeared in The New York Times Tin House The Los Angeles Review of Books and several short story anthologies A recent MacDowell Colony fellow she is also the New York Times bestselling author of than ten novels for young adults and teaches in the low residency MFA program