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Christa has a nack for characters These two are some of my favorites from her books There s a vulnerability and something utterly believable about both of them They became as real as fictional characters are allowed to in your imagination I completely fell in love with this book Being married to a firefighter myself I wanted to read about a similar situation I was not disappointed at. Katherine lost one hero in the line of duty can she risk loving another Katherine Pelham's fiance was a police officer shot and illed during a robbery Left with a house

Oor wide open action but Christa wove an engaging story here Loved the ending POV Very nice touch Highly recommend I enjoyed this book it uickly grabbed my attention and ept me turning the pages The characters are wll deawn out and I fell in love the Archer the dog It s a very nice story I would recommend I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Han just the apartment Fireman Jack Connelly is in a bind he's rescued a dog and his lease doesn't allow pets The new apartment would be great The new landlady even better.

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All The 35 out of 5 starsMerged review35 out of 5 I have a soft spot for hero stories and this was a nice one Christa has a Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, knack for writing the awkward stilted dialogue of a young woman who doesn tnow how to have a conversation with a male I thought it was brilliant I wanted to smack Katherine a few times for taking so long to come around but her motivations were clear I prefer He can't afford she must rent out the first floor to solve her money woes Before she can finishing putting up the For Rent sign along comes a man who seems interested in

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Christa Maurice and her books have been re published under that name Born in a small town in Ohio not actually in the town in a hospital near the town but I grew up in the town I moved west a little bit to a smallish town in Ohio for college Then I moved a little further west to a small city still in OhioThen things got hairyI moved to an Asian Megacity then to a small South American city and now have appeared to settle for a while in a medium sized Middle Eastern city Recently upon seeing my passport some friends remarked You don't have any space leftAll along since I was about 12 I have been writing When not writing I am devoted to my other love teaching kindergarten here in the Middle East I write about what I know so my romances are generally well traveled or not and seen through snarky rose colored glasses