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Manipulative tactic Manipulative people don t blurt out all of their opinions There was no way Dalton would think Huh maybe my mother was overreacting My siblings aren t too bad I felt the way Evie acted around her siblings was also a little unrealistic although it was nice to see that she didn t feel as confident as she actedPhoebe was a good character and the heartbreaking plot twist that affected her plotline was done very well But very heartbreaking I also liked her relationship with her mother and kind of how she hated living in Sitka at first Although we didn t actually see much of her hating Sitka we only heard her talk about itThe plot of this story definitely had a lot of potential and the plot was good I just felt that there wasn t nough character development and structure to actually convey the plot 45 starsI really Big Little Man enjoyed reading Morning s Refrain however I just feel like there was something missing There was very little action and any conflict was resolved veryasily view spoiler I really thought Dalton would wrestle with his family and their influence I also thought his older brothers would cause problems for Dalton and Evie since they weren t in prison and were making threats against them That whole situation seemed to resolve very uickly Which isn t necessarily a bad thing but made the book a little slower hide spoiler Loved itOnce again an The Man from Beijing easy read from Tracie Peterson The time period and setting are fascinating to me Not particularly fond of the abruptnding She definitely leaves you wanting to know about the lives and happenings of her characters This was a really good historical suspenseful romance I really loved the character building and the plot It deals with several hard issues very well This book makes so much sense after reading Dawn s Prelude Chapter 1 of Morning s Refrain fills in all the necessary details from Dawn s Prelude Setting is Sitka Alaska My first Tracie Peterson book to readlisten to No cursing nothing objectionable Christian Main character will not kiss his bride until the wedding Broaches homosexuality briefly with no detail and drinking A love story with a little of Alaska thrown in It s not as syrupy sweet and romantic as some other Christian novels I have read I would put it in a different category although this type of book is not my favorite Christian romance It is tastefully done Takes place in 1870s to 1890s Sitka Alaska. Hoebe finds herself in a precarious position Did she misread Dalton's interest How will her decision between the two men affect their friendship And what of the long buried secret in her own family's past In the challenges ahead Phoebe will learn of conseuence and forgivenessand the power of love.

I Creating Lasting Value enjoyed catching up again with Lydia and Evie from and seeing Dolton all grown up Injoyed book 1 a bit I think mainly because there was a bit suspense included in that oneEven though Dolton had uestions about his past you could clearly see the influence Lydia and Kjell had on him and contributing to the good man he was Even though his courtship with Phoeboe were brief I Understanding Markets and Strategy enjoyed how they didn t play games and knew what they wantedAgain the characters had a few spiritual lessons to learn in their journey and Ispecially liked how Zelda was angry with the missionaries who tried to control the local people and get them to conform to the white peoples way i This one was ven better than the first book The characters seemed much real in this one and while there were conflicts between characters it was believable since Dalton s brothers played a very minor role in the story I loved seeing how Dalton dealt with their truly vil characters and it made his faith stronger Can t wait until the next book comes out Morning s Refrain is an xcellent continuation of the Song of Alaska series I m so glad we got to read Dalton s story Dalton is just turning 18 and learning the truth about his past Phoebe is moving to Sitka with her family and discovering all this new place has to offer including the handsome Dalton I m not sure I am 100% on board with how most of the love stories in this series revolve around love at first sight It makes the falling in love seem very uick I can see it being a theme of the series but part of me wants them to get to know ach other before I am convinced they are actually in love My favorite aspect of this book was that it was not predictable or did not follow the common path With the way Dalton acted in the beginning I fully Modern South Asia expected him to go to Kansas City trust his Gray relatives get into trouble because of their underhanded dealings learn his lesson make things right and return to Alaska having grown and with a better appreciation for what he already had However this common route was not the one taken and I was so happy for it Instead he learns about his past goes to Kansas City and proves himself to already be a strong and intelligent man able to stand his ground against his crafty siblings I alsonjoyed how Phoebe and Dalton were able to put their differences aside uickly and we didn t have to spend half of the book listening to them argue I think the. Phoebe Robbins uickly realizes that her life in Sitka Alaska will be a far cry from what she knew in the East The weather seems to be constantly rainy goods are often scarce and there's little ntertainment save the small orchestra she joins There are also plenty of men actively seeking a wife bu.

First book was dramatic and action packed but this one was still very fast paced with its own generous share of pic moments Altogether if you Ancestral Voices enjoyed Dawn s Prelude you will be than happy with Morning s Refrain RereadI just didn t care for the characters as much this time around They were a little whiny Loved this book What a sweet bookromance action mending friendships I love that Tracie continues the stories of the sub characters as well Off to the next book in the series This wasn t really a bad book and the storylines were pretty interesting but I always tend to prefer a character driven novel and the characters in this book largely rubbed me the wrong wayFirst Yuri s good character never was portrayed So all I got of him was an annoying prideful I want my way kind of guy I didn t know why Phoebe liked him at allven as a friend and I specially don t know why Dalton liked him I would have appreciated if their childhood friendship had been stablished If the plot developed that and focused on their competition it would have been intriguing Also the way Yuri just opened up about his weaknesses at the nd was just unrealistic No man is like thatWhat bugged me about Dalton was that he seemed very weak He needed help pursuing Phoebe He couldn t understand his mother s reason for hiding the traumatic past and he didn t know how to handle his familial Gray pedigree Also I didn t get a strong grasp of his personality When interacting with Phoebe he was this joking teasing fun loving guy But with Evie he was a bland no personality but caring brother I honestly can t tell you one personality trait that he consistently had throughout the book I generally liked Lydia in the first book but she seemed ntirely overbearing in this one The amount she worried about Dalton meeting his brothers and she repeated the same worry over and over got Bones, Clones, and Biomes extremely tiring by the third time she mentioned it That plot point could have added something to the story but it didn t develop into anything Plus she mentioned that she didn t think the Grays could be redeemed but that glaring unbiblical belief was never really addressed It did make me wonder if one of the Gray siblings had changed but speaking of that For all of Lydia s warnings that Marston and Mitchell were manipulative well they were completely unnecessary From the first meeting they insultedveryone Dalton and Evie cared about That s not T it is Dalton Linduist with his swarthy good looks who is the most intriguing part of this isolated Bringing the Empire Home existence Despite their unusual firstncounter Phoebe dares to hope that the spark she feels between them is returned in ual measure When Yuri Belikov Dalton's best friend begins to pursue her

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