Bob Ortega: In Sam We Trust The Untold Story of Sam Walton and Wal Mart the World's Most Powerful Retailer

G of a complete nderstanding of the retail industry in general If you can t live without Wal Mart this is a must read If you despise abhor and loathe Wal Mart this is a must read Regardless on how you now feel about the store you will be appalled at how they treat their employees and vendors Sam Walton was not a good man This is the BEST book I have ever readSimply Inspirational A truly informative novel coming across with facts and truths that can marvel the mind An enlightening book which shows the truth without pushing you to believe one thing or another and lets you decide for yourself what you think instead of pushing the author s thoughts on you as if it were the only way to think I really loved this book A biography of WalMart but in many ways also of corporate America It shows some truly despicalbe practices that WalMart employs in order to bring s the cheapest product but we re still buying aren t we Cautionary tale exposing Wallmart s evils and the compartmentalized christianity of Sam Walton Very well researched and written Great history of US retai. Thlessly efficient strategy that enabled Wal Mart to surpass Sears outsmart Kmart and crush small town mom and pop stores Bob Ortega a veteran reporter who covered Wal Mart extensively for The Wall Street Journal has written an illuminating and authoritative account of the world's most powerful store and of how Sam Walton's way of thinking is transforming America's and the world's business practices workplaces and communitie.

Tly drive down costs and embrace innovations wherever possible paid off in the long runToday Wal Mart is the biggest employer in the US and the world leader in revenue sitting at number one on the Fortune 500 list This book makes an interesting case study Is Wal Mart good for America Even with all their success does society benefit Their employees are often paid poverty level wages Overseas suppliers have freuently employed sweatshop and child labor Communities can see as much as 75 percent of existing retail business wither and die once Wal Mart rolls into town At the same time Wal Mart often hoodwinks those same communities into giving them tax abatements and TIF deals that erode the tax base Is the price of a cheap package of socks really worth the cost that Wal Mart imposes on our society I would encourage you to read this book and develop an informed opinion yourself An in depth and detailed look at the worlds biggest retail company Ortega does into amazing detail about the history of many people s lives as well as other related companies and organizations givin. Omers But all is not well in the many areas where people have been Wal Martized and have faced Wal Mart's controversial business practicesIn Sam We Trust is the true nvarnished story of the Wal Mart colossus at work and of how its remarkable success illustrates the glory as well as the nderbelly of American capitalism A flinty workaholic obsessed with his stores at the expense of his personal life Walton established the ru.

I just finished reading Nickel and Dimed and it reminded me about this book Ortega s narrative especially his explanation of how Walmart pretty much forced US manufacturers to go oversees by pressuring them to lower their costs has left an imprint on me He also explores the Sam Walton deity ifcation and the myth Walmart once created about only selling American made goods A book that makes you angry as you read it and will change your shopping habits but at the same time you ll leave In Sam We Trust feeling a small amount of admiration for Sam Walton A serious thorough warts and all look at Wal Mart and its founder Sam Walton The early part of the book feels like a crash course in retail I really enjoyed reading about early pioneers like James Cash Penney and Montgomery Ward It was also amusing to learn how the seeds of failure were planted decades ago by K Mart and SearsWal Mart is a leviathan today because Sam Walton made the right choices back in the 1950s and 1960s when his company was very small It wasn t that he was a genius necessarily but his need to constan. If bigger is better Wal Mart has rightfully won its leading position in the pantheon of international institutions With than 100 million customers a week Wal Mart is by far the world's largest retailer It is the biggest private sector employer in North America and one of the most dominant and influential corporations anywhere Sam Walton's company prides itself on being a paragon of service integrity and frugality to its cust.

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