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It and i can really say alot of people can realate to this book This was ok A collection of short stories from various authors I think it was one story in particular that I would ve loved see develop into Lidays bring for the naughty and the nice who live by the code of the street In “Secret Santa” after her children’s Christmas presents are stolen a woman has to decide what she’s willing to sacrifice to give them the holiday they deserve; in “Me and Grandma” a senior sleighs crack than candy canes to bring Christmas cheer to her needy gr.

Full novel Of course I can t remember which one it was right now these short stories flew by really ick I was concerned in the story with Paris but thankful no gliness was written in that part decent boo. Andkids; and in “Holiday Hell” Noelle must raise 23000 to repay a loan shark or her sister will become a ghost of Christmas past True to the streets and true to the season these stories will raise the holiday spirit in the heart of even the most ghetto hardened gangsta “The ghetto’s voice without constraint”–Upscale on Tales from da Hood.

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This book was really good I enjoy all the short stories I highly recommend this book to all book clubs and individuals who love to read as much as I do i thought this book was good it had alot of drama in. The ndisputed een of hip hop fiction #1 Essence bestselling author Nikki Turner nwraps a talented new collection of writers with raw rban stories to jingle your bells this seasonChristmas in the Hood presents fresh talent alongside shining stars such as K Elliott and Seth “Soul Man” Ferranti–all writing gritty tales that reveal what the ho.

After Nikki Turner read The Coldest Winter Ever by Sistah Souljah she was dismayed that there weren't other books like it I wanted to write the kinds of books I wanted to read said the bestselling author whose 2002 debut novel A Hustler's Wife would go on to sell than a few 100000 copiesWhile Nikki Turner's first two novels were published by a small publishing house in the Midwest i