Ross Petras: Unusually Stupid Politicians Washington's Weak in Review

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D many of the better stories already Also some of the stories are in that newsmagazine incredulous that someone would o this tone when really there s Ng accused of hiding in a closet from rampaging Democrats Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, denied the allegation completely stating that “it was actually a boiler room”• Brilliant and Innovative Ideas from The Pentagon– like their groundbreaking Gay Bomb their Bad Breath Inducing halitosis weapon and their plans to enlist The Three Stooges in the fight against terror• Creative Political Excuses such as “I justiscovered I’m Jewish and it’s a Holy Day” used by Senator George Allen who after learning of his Jewish.

This was cute enough it s just a massive collection of political anecdotesBut I found it kind of boring because huge political Let Go dork that I am I had hea. Kathryn Petras and Ross Petras bestselling authors of the scathingly funny Unusually Stupid Americans and Unusually Stupid Celebrities now set their bipartisan sights on the hallowed halls of the United States government Unusually Stupid Politicians exposes the mind boggling but true political mishaps missteps and miscues that have even the savviest spinoctors shaking their heads and saying “No comment” Sections include• Extreme Hairsplitting–such as when Florida governor Jeb Bush after bei.

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Good reason for the politician in uestion s actions So yeah The book makes for Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition decent light summer reading but nothing that s going to change your life. Heritage got out of a Senate hearing to “observe” Yom Kippur• The Most Egregiously Large Political Egos–measured in standard Chuck Schumer Ego Units CSEUsThis hilarious and eye opening exposé gives awards for “How I Blew My Campaign” and “Worst Campaign Ad” and shares a list of candidates “endorsed by God” as well as a list of those who lost because of Satan So turn off C SPAN and uit text messaging congressional pages–you’re about to learn what theefinition of “is” is.