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MEHI idn t enjoy this one much at all Its the same universe as PackPride but it has none of the pizazz and very little to none of the humor Anthology1 The Wolf The Witch and Her Lack of Wardrobe by Shelly Laurenston This takes place in Smithville after the coven has been in place for about 10 months Jamie is working on getting power and Tully is trying to figure out what she s oing His father comes to town to make trouble and they both work to stop him Very sweet funny story I really love Shelly Laurenston s booksstories 4 stars2 In the Dark by Cynthia Eden Sadie runs into her ex lover Liam who is supposed to be and he is he undead Cue scary music He thought she reject him when she found and and she Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society did tried to stake him She alsoidn t mention that she s a leopard shifter Through finding a killer they find they still care for each other Lovely story 4 stars3 City of the Dead by Sherrill uinn 1st time reading this author and this story was pretty good Dori is trying to find her brother again and goes to Jake a New Orleans cop for help They had a romance that she broke off because she was afraid of being hurt Well this time he s not letting her get away and she Um Fogo Eterno doesn t want to leave Cute romantic 35 stars So overall this was an above average anthology with every one of the stories better than good Would recommend it I only have one complaint it wasn t long enough needed This has me laughing Steamy scenes and an perfect storyline Truly loved this book and her writing style 1 The Wolf the Witch Her Lack of Wardrobe The story was slow boring at first and the countrified talent made me want to burn it they were usingouble negatives incorrect verb usage Don t matter nothing to me Aaaaaahhhhh The main characters just plod along Lawn Boy Returns do nothing interesting first half of the book Then you learn what troubles each has Jamie the witch starts kicking ass I like her hardcore sassy bitch witch attitude Tully the wolf is a snooze fest so boring in all ways Liked it for the powerful witch her coven 2 Cynthia Eden s Belong to the Night it was good just super short soidn t leave a very lasting impression Basics lady shifter cop sees her Yolandas Genius dead lover in a bar only he s notead he s undead vampire They work a case together again the end 3 Dori a witch is back in New Orleans looking for her missing witch brother She gets Jake a cop she is super loins on fire in lust with to help her I m unclear whether they ve hooked up before when she came own looking for her brother or not Anyway there s barely a story going on it s just Jake Dori trying to have nonstop sex in every location they stop in for than 5 minutes I haven t finished the story ye. The Wolf The Witch and Her Lack of Wardrobe by Shelly Laurenston The Long Island Coven #2 Jamie Meacham has enough trouble controlling her supernatural abilities There's no time for lust or for Tully Smith even with his smoldering amber eyes But Tully's grappling with his own animal instincts as a powerful shifter wolf trying to protect all his territory including.

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D the first thing on waking Aye lad you cared about her so much you let her think you were ead for two years and literally fucked every lassie in sight The Light Beyond the Forest during that time This wasisgusting And she just let him right back into her bed and heart She was a complete The First Mistake doormat and he was a complete and utter bawbag He honestly kept trying to say how it was so hard to stay away from her but he was scared she would think he was a monster Boo fucking hoo Aye you seemed miserable whilst you were shagging like there was no tomorrow I want to eternal sunshine this from my memory Tully and Jamie are hilarious His kin her coven laughter galore Multiauthor anthology one outstanding one good and one OK read The Wolf The Witch and Her Lack of Wardrobe by Shelly Laurenston This isirectly connected to her The Long Island Coven series Sun Sand Sex Anthology My Kind of Town and indirectly to her Pack and Pride books It is hysterically funny and the hero brings ambling to the level of art Somehow you never think of Pack Alphas as amblers Rating 5In the Dark by Cynthia Eden shifter and vampire FBI agents go after a shifter serial killer Heroine walks into a bar and sees her Jewelry Making For Beginners dead lover making time with a redhead and tries to kill him He bites her and figures out she s a shifter and therefore capable ofealing with what he has unwillingly become Rating 4City of the Dead by Sherrill uinn an OK read but not much rather predictable and frankly IMO lots of steamy sex but not much plot Rating 3 I only read the Cynthia Eden and Shelly Laurenston contributions to this anthology so the review will be only for those novellas Overall I have to say that I wasn t that impressed with the stories though The Wolf The Witch and Her Lack of Clothing by Shelly Laurenston was about Coven Witch Jaime and the wolf Mayor of Smithville Tully I can t really put my finger on this one something just idn t click for me Jaime was very closed off and Tully was too laid back They had good chemistry together but the relationship was kind of chopping in the telling The story itself was uite slow and though the couple o make it to bed it just The Penguin Book of English Verse didn to much for me Shelly has many great stories this is just one that I Seven Secrets of Happiness didn t much care for In the Dark by Cynthia Eden I am just starting her stuff and can say so far she has a great writing voice Her stories seem to suck me in immediately and keep me guessing This story however I was unable to forgive Liam the way Sadie apparentlyid I felt there was never really any explanation or apology and I just had a hard time believing they would just fall into bed again The case was was well paced and plotted but the romance left me flat. Just her heart City of the Dead by Sherrill uinn Dori Falcon is a witch with a plan get to New Orleans locate her missing brother and recover the Eye of Bastet a mysterious and powerful amulet Her plan never included falling for sexy Cajun copy Jake Boudreau; but without his help she may never find the emon who has her brother and the key to her family's survival.

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T but the brother will probably ie before they finish humping each other to The Force of Destiny death remember they have a missing person to find This may be a DNF I finished this mainly to get it off my currently reading shelf The Wolf The Witch and her Lack of Wardrobe by Shelly Laurenston 3 stars I m not sure about this one I think the plot was great but I had a hard time liking the heroine and the hero could have been interchanged with any other hero out there there really wasn t much to him which is unusual for Laurenston Iidn t see her trademark sense of humor in here as much either The plot saved me from the charactersIn the Dark by Cynthia Eden 4 stars I really loved this one and I The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters (Chapter 9 Provocateur) didn t expect that twist at the end Sadie is a shifter who works for the FBI in this novella which feels like part of Eden s Night Watch series She s on a case and walks into a vampire bar when she sees someone she thoughtied 2 years ago Her former lover Worse than thinking he was How I Became a Nun dead is seeing him getting cozy with a skanky looking girl at a bar Now she s pissed and hurt Liam wasn t killed on that last mission not in the stayingead sense of the word He was turned into a vampire accidentally He wouldn t go near Sadie for fear she The Rose Tattoo and Other Plays d see him as a monster So 2 years later his joy at seeing her is killed when sherives a stake into his chestCan they get over the past to enjoy the futureCity of the Dead by Sherrill uinn I The Undoing Project didn t read this one but I ll come back to it later The Wolf The Witch and Her Lack of Wardrobe by Shelly Laurenston 5 starsJaime is the head of her witch covenand is seriously a badasslike on so many levels Tully is the Mayor of Smithville and Kyle s brother These two were just fun to read and they are soifferent but it works They have to work together to stop Tully s psychotic First Flight (Dragon School dad and appease the gods Love all the characters in this book and series One of my favoriteseverIn The Dark by Cynthia Eden 3Sadie is a shifter for the FBI and Liam is her ex vampire boyfriend I am a huge Cynthia Eden fan but I am not a Liam fan Hiseath was faked over 2 years ago when he became a vampire So instead of coming back for Sadie he s been alive and apparently uite busy with the ladieswhile she mourns his The Lone Man death She literally walks in and finds him with another woman at the bar she s at Hurt and confusedrightfully so I think what actually irritated me about him the most is how he goes on that she s hisuh nopretty sure he lost that bragging right when he was with all those others Cynthia Edens book onlyI can t bring myself to read the last two chapters What a load of bollocks honestly Every night You were the last thing I thought of before sleepin an. A certain sassy witch from vicious rivals In the Dark by Cynthia Eden FBI agent and leopard shifter Sadie James' undead ex Liam still arouses hereepest esires istracting her from tracking the brutal rogue shifter who is terrorizing Miami By teaming up with Liam Sadie has a better chance of solving the case but as passion consumes them she stands to lose than.

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