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Til The End Of Time is the beautiful love story of Alessandra and Sandor set in the times of revolution in Said AbabaWhen Sandor a messiah and maverick of revolution oes to enlist help from Alessandra in order to prevent her death from the drug lord Naldona something that would prolong the fight that was almost over Risking his life to save the stunning American woman from certain death Sandor Karpathan felt his rebel's heart fill with fierce desire and he knew no power on earth could stop him from possessing her Alessand.

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Ion is never ending especially from the hero s sideThere is a lot of talk of revolution filled with evil men secret spies and loyal friendsThoroughly enjoyed this and cried a ood amount tooSafe45 This was a wonderful love story with main characters that had character and so much Il pi noioso della serie Darian Leade. Only to be captured by the astonishing power of their desire It was a time of heroes and no time to fall in love yet destiny had designs on both their hearts if only they dared to seize the dream that beckoned.

He refuses which leads him to kidnap herWhat follows is journey among the lands filled with love passion and discoveries Both have a heartbreakingly painful past but both rew up to be strong and lovable characters For once in a book I can say both the leads were alphasThe passion is strong the love is instant and devot. Ra Ballard was dizzyingly beautiful but it was her courage and a will as strong as Sandor's that bound her to this defia »nt man of honor Thrown together in the heat of revolution they made a reckless escape.

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Roy Johansen is an Edgar Award winning screenwriter and novelist Her daughter Tamara serves as her research assistantIRIS JOHANSEN is The New York Times bestselling author of Night and Day Hide Away Shadow Play Your Next Breath The Perfect Witness Live to See Tomorrow Silencing Eve Hunting Eve Taking Eve Sleep No More What Doesn't Kill You Bonnie uinn Eve Chasing The Night Eight Days to Live Blood Game Deadlock Dark Summer Pandora's Daughter uicksand Killer Dreams On The Run and And with her son Roy Johansen she has coauthored Night Watch The Naked Eye Sight Unseen Close Your Eyes Shadow Zone Storm Cycle and Silent Thunder