Gertrude Jekyll: The Beauties of a Cottage Garden English Journeys

S and esigns you ll find in the average country garden no matter how modest its size She speaks of gardening as a lifelong learning process humbly acknowledging that she s no expert I hold that the best purpose of a garden is to give elight and to give refreshment of mind to soothe to refine and to lift up the heart in a spirit of praise and thankfulness a garden is a grand teacher It teaches patience and careful watchfulness it teaches industry and thrift above all it teaches entire trust A must have stocking stuffer for fans of Penelope Lively s Life in the Garden. Ape the English countryside but it has profoundly shaped us too It has provoked a huge variety of responses from artists writers musicians and people who live and work on the land as well as those who are travelling through itEnglish Journeys celeates this long traditio.

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This is a little book which fits into your pocket and is ideal for reading at odd moments eg when waiting at bus stops It s a selection from Wood and garden enough to whet your appetite if you want to read the actual book The most interesting chapters for me were the one on colour and the social background to some of the comments about gardeners and the way in which large houses were inhabited for only part of the year and gardens had to be planned accordingly A uick and pleasurable read this is actually excerpted from the book Wood and Garden Had I realized I would. This is a celebration of the beauties and Possibilities of Heliotrope and Honeysuckle Auricula Snapdragon Spanish Iris and Corydalis and all the other plants that Enliven and Exalt the Gardens of England Gertrude Jekyll gives good advice on how to make a garden a place.

Not have ordered this but simply gotten Wood and Garden This is from Penguin s English ourneys series Penguin seems to be on a kick of publishing little books excerpted from larger works See also their Great Food series Why not ust publish the full works to begin with I read this in an evening but it was a pleasant evening with Gertrude and left me wanting to read of her books This mini volume from Penguin s English Journeys series feels like a bit of a cheat because it s actually extracted from Wood and Garden 1899 Oh well Jekyll praises the variety of colors smell. Of repose and pleasure Writing with enthusiasm on the colours and scents of flowers on the frustrations and Bread of Dreams delights of weeding and on theebasing influence of flower shows she is practical wise and entertaining in eual measure Generations of inhabitants have helped sh.

Gertrude Jekyll was an influential British garden designer writer and artist She created over 400 gardens in the UK Europe and the USA and contributed over 1000 articles to Country Life The Garden and other magazines