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T was like a flash bulb moment for him and I fell in love with Zane for how much he stepped p to the plate and became a manTogether the guys are sweet they explore they make time for each other and there is a gentleness to them that somehow suited them I ite liked the fact that Zane was willing to bend enough to explore what he cannot see and Aidan was confident enough to ask for what he wantsThere was no dark shadows in this book nothing to cringe about or break out the knifes for This was just a read about men figuring out that sometimes the best of themselves his giving the one person they love all the love and support that they can and not expect anything in returnI very much enjoy this book If anyone ask me which one is the worst MC I have ever read I will said ZANE for sureAnd after I read this part he went down the hill and never recovered A lover Aidan spat Like anyone would want me now Are you kidding me You may have lost your sight but not your looks Zane said ok so if you are gly and blind then you won t have chance in love Shallow loser that I could not care for him Zane was not deterred by the scars that Aidan harbored on his body by the accident or his sudden blindness that is irreversible To a degree Aidan is insecure and feeling like an invalid till Zane walks back into his life Zane s had enough of his gypsy wandering ways or had he And returns to the one man his mind won t let him forget Aidan lets Zane back into his home his heart and his bed These two men compliment each other in and out of the bedroom and give each other balance a purpose I believe not only Aidan needed but Zane needed as wellFor a short story this one is very endearing and the intimacy between the two characters Zane and Aidan is heartwarming Mild BDSM and just what any doctor would order on a stressed out soul needing to sit back with a good book and relax A low keyed easy light read is exactly how I would describe this one as being Nice Posted at Hearts on Fire ReviewsAt 35 pages this is a ick read but there is a lot of story packed into these pages Aidan was scarred and blinded in a car accident involving a drunk driver After extensive physical therapy classes for the blind on independent living and a handsome settlement from the accident Aidan is now living alone and leading a very lonely existenceZane is his on again off again lover who returns from his most recent European jaunt to learn the devastating news of Aidan s accidentAidan and Zan. Sexual mastery Zane pulls Aidan into the light of touch and sensation taking the blinded man to new heights of sensual experience and learning for himself what it is to give ove.

Nice but without much true chemistry in my opinion Zane follows the same patterns he always has Aiden does as well They both have previously seemed satisfied knowing they ve always loved each other but that it was acceptable for Zane to ditch Aiden for adventure and other lovers on a crazy whimThat just seems incredibly shallow to me Zane takes advantage of Aiden in the fact that he knows Aiden will always be there for him when he comes back and Aiden just rides along and LETS himself be taken advantage ofDespite that the description of Aiden s blindness and the changes both Zane and Aiden have to make in order to fit again The concept is one that probably could have been exceptionally done with another pair of characters and slightly different circumstances This was too short for Claire Thompson in my opinion This is a writer who gave me good reads with The Cowboy Poet and Submission Time Two This time around I just didn t feel the same depth of development I m sed to from her Both characters were flat and the story was rushed It killed me to say that 45starsBLIND FAITH is also another little gem by Claire Thompson The book surrounds Aidan who after a horrific accident is left blind When his on again off again lover Zane comes back into his life he is not only given a shot at something he had actually given The Child Who Rescued Christmas / Firefighter with a Frozen Heart up on but he is put in the position of doubting that any sort of togetherness will last for only a period of time and he will endp going back to that lonely guy left all alone in his cornerZane Wilde is Aidan s best friend and he love him really love him but Zane has wanderlust and cannot resist the The Sabbides Secret Baby urge to follow where the wind blows Aidan knows this but this time Zane might just surprise himThis wasite a refreshing read for me for a few reason I like books where the protags are somehow physical challenged and I am always curious to see what an author does with this character Aidan is not only blind but functioning about as normal as you can get and I thought that was one of major selling point of this books for me He had passed on from the why me sort of mind set and has taken charge of his life When Zane comes back into it he finds things he Favourite Daughter used to accept and roll with he now finds an inner strength that refuse to roll over this time and accept and this makes him such a wonderful hero to likeZane is not bad either a fun loving guy who has assumed too much and taken too much for granted all his life After hearing Aidan s news Blinded in a car accident Aidan retreats into a world ofiet determinationEnter Zane Wilde Refusing to let Aidan withdraw into the darkness Zane won't take no for an answer With.

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E are such likable and believable characters I loved Aidan s determination to overcome his emotional and physical pain and desire to live an independent life I also loved Zane s exuberance and impulsiveness shining his light on Aidan s dark world This story explores fear of commitment coping with a disability coming to grips with vulnerability and asserting control By learning changing and shedding old habits Aidan and Zane grew to be better men individually and as a couple I enjoyed every moment with them Very emotional short story about a pair of reunited lovers Aidan has been blinded and scarred in a car accident Zane a wandering soul didn t know his former lover had been in an accident when he comes back into his life This was lovely There was a lot of history between the two men and a tremendous amount of chemistry Some really sweet moments as well as very heart breaking in some places as Aidan and Zane work through the issues of their relationship I am volunteering to leave a review of this ARC book I enjoyed this short love story The on again off again is on again and I loved Zane for that Loved Aidan s strength in having perservered and survived Aidan and Zane had an open relationship Zane is like a gypsy and when he feels the need to wandered Aidan can t hold him back So for seven years was like that for them blissful periods together than Zane left and when Aidan didn t expect him he returned in Aidan s life expecting him to be ready to reopen his arms for himBut last time Zane left soon after Aidan had a terrible car accident and now he is blind and horrible scarred in body and soul He no is expecting for Zane to return cause he can t convince himself that someone could still want him as a partner But Zane returns and he still wants Aidan More he now has realised that he has almost lost Aidan for good and he doesn t want to risk it again The only thing he has to do is convince Aidan of the sameThe story is not very long less than 60 pages but it s very enjoyable I like these two and the relationship they had It s a relationship that can exist only if there is real love and a truly comprehension of your partner s needs And if before was Aidan that had to comprehend Zane s needs now is Zane that should put apart his gypsy soul to love and live with Aidan But Aidan is not a weaker man in needing of a caretaker he is still a proud man that only need a sparks of hope in his life and a reason to fight again and againhttpwwwdpB0030CML2. R to surrender in the darkBut as scorching as their intensity burns Zane's wild gypsy blood is simmering his wandering nature coming to the fore To stay or go that is the estion.

Claire has been writing for nearly two decades and has published over 70 novels She writes BDSM romance and abduction tales spanning both mf and mm genres She has received numerous awards for her bestselling work including the NLA Int’l Pauline Réage Award and the Golden Flogger Award for best BDSM fiction Her darker works press the envelope of what is erotic and what can be a sometimes d