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Ts and grandparents can find no mantle too high for the author s imprisoned father On the other hand the Irish in laws north in Philadelphia cast a far jaundiced eye on Hector Cornillot seeing him as a man who fathered four children and then easily abandoned them for the glamorous life of a reckless renegade A man whose main motivation in committing criminal acts had to do with avoiding his fatherly duties than being a patriotic fighter The Irish clan does not hold Hector p high on the mantle but rather suffers his abandonment in poverty foster care and the associated ills produced as the author s single mother Joan tries desperately to function in a bygone world of harsh sexism without man or money The author takes these two diametrically opposed narratives and weaves them together in a The Firefighters Christmas Reunion unified myth through the eyes of an imaginative and precocious little girl No contribution despite the widely varying mythology is right wrong true or deceitful One cannot help but laugh in glee as this precocious child attempts to reconcile two absurdly different stories each emanating from different culturalniverses It is as if the child is given the illogical mythological ingredients of imprisoned son revolutionary louse father deadbeat hero absent husband and patriot and forced to create a meaningful and The Life of Corgnelius and Stumphrey understandable sum total a father she can love I began reading Family Sentence thinking I was simply going to get a historical perspective on a wacky journey with two clans one Irish one Cuban as they cope with the loss of their imprisoned family member Yet the book is it is a wonderful meditation on why we encircle the billions year old bonfire and listen to and create a collective clan lore Cornillot s debut is a gem She deftly weaves the dichotomy of being raised by three women her mother aunt and grandmother with growingp fatherless with three brothers The pain of having a parent in prison especially a parent that s not all that happy to see you when you visit is astonishing and infinite Cornillot also weaves together two worlds a world The Amish Midwife (Lancaster Courtships, up north with her mother on the tough streets of Philadelphia with the confusing world of little Havana in Florida the state in which her father serves out his sentence It is down south that Cornillot because she speaks no Spanish is forced to rely on her cousin not the most reliable of translators for guidance Highly recommended The author writes this story in the voice of a child whose father was sentenced to 30 years in prison for bombings She guidess through a fatherless world including two household one Cuban and one Irish American two family histories and two diverse neighborhoods outskirts of Philadelphia and Little Havana in search of a father Her childhood fantasies set against the Family Sentence by Jeanine Cornillot was a personal narrative written in the first person point of view The book illustrates the life of Cornillot with the struggles she faced and the lessons she learned Having a family with her mother in Philadelpia and another Spanish speaking family with her father in Miami proved to be difficult to overcome With her father in and out of jail and an The Greeks Acquisition unusual neighborhood to growp in Jeanine learned a lot and chose to share it This book stood out to me to read because it was different than the other books it told a new kind of story I am extremely pleased with my choice to read this book and would recommend it for anyone to read Author Jeanine Cornillot wrote this book in a different style than most other authors would have Instead of describing what the other characters were like she would tell stories about them to give the reader an idea of who they were She made great se of dialogue and sensory images to tell the stories Cornillot also sed figurative language to show the truth in a situation For instance she described her two families by saying In Philadelphia I was mute in Little Havana I was deaf When it came to my father he was a silent film 33 Cornillot All of these elements of her writing kept me as the reader engaged in the story The writing style helped to keep the book flowing as if someone was talking to you directly This would be best for people who like fun and excited writing but not for those who enjoy classic writing styles Reading this book I could not relate to most of the experiences Cornillot described because I have never been through them like being in foster care or having Cuban grandparents However the way the stories were told makes me feel as though I was there Each character was fully developed I liked some of the characters but disliked others Since each story was told through the author s point of view she described each character as she saw them which did not always give the reader the freedom to make The Healer (Borderland Brides, up their own mind about them To introduce each. Put Jeanine on a plane to Little Havana where she lived with her Spanish speaking grandparents and bilingual cousin a sometimesnreliable translator It was there in Florida that she met her father face to face in the prison yards   As Cornillot travels between these two worlds a wryly funny and nsentimental narrator emerges Whether meeting her father for the first time at age six and hoping she looks Cuban enough imagining herself a girl re.

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New character Cornillot would describe their appearance but tell a story about them in order to show their personality For instance she described her cousin Lola s appearance but to show her role in the family she said Lola was the gatekeeper of all words that flowed between them and the world outside Little Havana 51 Cornillot This showed the importance of Lola and showed Lola s patience for her important job The book was organized in chronological order starting when Cornillot was six all the way through to when she was twenty eight This was the only way it could have been written since her experiences build pon each other as she gets older For the most part the book kept me hooked the whole time She only chose the important and interesting stories to tell which is why it was never dull There was always something new being thrown in to keep you on your toes She would pull out stories like When Birdie was eleven she was preparing to be a motherNicky had gone to prison for banking crimes 119 Cornillot Another interesting story was the the whole story about her father s imprisonment for bombings to protest what was happening in Cuba at the time Reading this book taught me a lot about what was going on at the time and what is was like to live The Journal Of A Vicars Wife under circumstances like hers When she was a baby relations were strained with Cuba which is what got her father in jail which led toncommon circumstances for the rest of her life I liked reading about it and being able to see life from someone else s shoes Overall this book was a great read and was always interesting I got to learn many life lessons and was able to experience how someone else lived her life I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read The only people who might not enjoy the book would be those looking for a classic old story Everyone else would thoroughly enjoy this book and will learn from it Cornillot s father enters prison when she is just two years old She lives with her single mother maternal grandmother aunt and three older brothers in the Philadelphia area Each of the children in the family are shuttled infreuently to Florida where their paternal grandparents live and where their father is imprisoned She shares her experiences of her trips to Florida seeing her paternal grandparents and her visits to see her father in prison I would have enjoyed this memoir far had the women and brothers characters been fully developed I never really got a sense of who they truly were The only real maturation of character finally came in the last chapter of the book during her visit with her father when they are able to have a private one on one discussion We trudge through too many menial childhood events lacking honest emotion and real substance and in most cases Cornillot cites faltering memory to some of the significant eventsI can t really recommend this book due to its lack of focus and shallow content Closer to 2 12 stars Jeanine Cornillot was just a girl when her father sent her a letter from prison comparing her to a half wild half friendly cat Here in the prison live many cats They grow Their Mistletoe Matchmakers up by themselves We only feed them occasionally and never take them to our livingarters I wonder if she already The Stephanides Pregnancy understood his words were a harbinger Her father Hector a Cuban Revolutionary was serving 30 years for political bombings and he would go on to feed her only occasionally buying her a coke in a prison yard and never had the chance to show her where he slept She was left to imagine his life in prison and for the most part who he really was Cornillot s portrait of her father was built from small moments spent together at Glades Correctional Facility Raiford Penitentiary or through letters he sent from inside those walls Prison recollections are interwoven with the safer warmer stories of life in Suburban Philadelphia with her mother In Philadelphia Cornillot s family tried to go on with their lives without a father attempting to make sense of his absence and likely believing that he d rather be home with them too A belief that would later lead to a surprising discovery Meanwhile Cornillot s home in Philadelphia was led by women who cared about gentle things and was sonlike the prisons she visited The book is a journey through time filled with incredible insight and humor as Cornillot reflects on life searching for her father I was struck by the pure honesty and nakedness of the book Cornillot retells every visit to prison in intimate detail even the time when she got her first period during a visit to prison It s fascinating when in the end her father sees each one of her visits so very differently Every moment she holds so dear seems to pale in comparison with her father s recollection of his The Tycoons Reluctant Cinderella uest to live the life of a revolutionary It s a fascinating beautiful read. Volutionary leading protest marches dreamily planning her father’s homecoming after his prison break or writing to demand an end to his forty four day hunger strike after he’s recaptured young Jeanine maintains a hopeful pragmatism that belies her age   Eventually a child’s mythology is replaced with an adult’s reality in a final reckoning with her father remarkable for thensparing honesty on both sides From the Trade Paperback editi.

Jeanine Cornillot grew The True King of Dahaar (A Dynasty of Sand and Scandal up outside of Philadelphia with her mother grandmother aunt and three brothers As the youngest of the four children she doesn t remember ever living with her father Her mother told her these five things about her father 1 He is a Cuban revolutionary 2 He was sentenced to thirty years in prison for anti Castro bombings 3 We don t know if he is guilty or innocent 4 You are forbidden to talk about his life in prison outside our house 5 Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head is his favorite songJeanine s home life was happy enough even though her family barely managed to keep their head above water She spent time in Miami with her father s side of the family every summer even though she doesn t speak Spanish and most of them don t speak English They didn t talk about her father much either but they did take Jeanine to visit him in prison a few timesAs a child Jeanine imagined all kinds of things about her father but sadly most of them weren t true and as an adult she is forced to face the reality of who is and decide what role she wants him to have in her lifeFamily Sentence The Search for My Cuban Revolutionary Prison Yard Mythic Hero Deadbeat Dad by Jeanine Cornillot sounded like a book I would just love but it endedp being just okay for me I never really felt connected to the author as a child although I did when she was an adult At times it seemed like the book focused too much on mundane daily things that weren t relevant to the story I did find myself greatly admiring the author s mother she never said a bad word about her children s father always stayed More George W. Bushisms upbeat and made sure her children visited their father s family on a regular basis The book left me wanting to know about Jeanine s feelings as a child There s a part near the end of Family Sentence in which author Jeanine Cornillot records a conversation with her father who s spent almost all of her life and most of his life in prison He s describing his attitude toward the corrections staff in jail and his thinking overall as a revolutionary I m right and you re wrong The moment perfectly encapsulates everything great and terrible about stubbornness and pride and the trade offs and sacrifices people make and the damage they do to preserve that pride Family Sentence follows Ms Cornillot and her saga tonderstand her estranged father a second generation revolutionary obsessed with emancipating the island of Cuba from Fidel and the cadillo s grip on the heart of the people that yearns to beat free The book goes from her childhood in Philadelphia where she s raised by her Irish American mom through the time she spends with her father s family in Miami s Cuban enclave of Little Havana The author does a good job of examining the thoughts and feelings she experienced as a child and adolescent while filtering these ruminations through the sensibility and skills she s developed as a well educated and mature adult There s tension throughout the book between her Anglo and Cuban roots between her love for her father and resentment for him and between the mythic image she and the rest of his Cuban family have fashioned of the man and the actual man himself It s a bittersweet memoir filled with frustrating and funny incidents stories and reminiscences that are likely to strike a chord with readers regardless of whether or not their own life story resembles Ms Cornillot s One minor complaint and it is a The Making Of Henri Higgins uibble is the absence of photos I hate to sound like an analphabetic philistine furrowing his brow and demanding purty pictures but so much of the book s narrative centers around poring over old photographs and photos being taken in various prisons multipurpose rooms that it feels like an oversight on someone s part That said it s still worth the read Recommended Thank you to Beacon Press and LibraryThing for the opportunity to read and review thencorrected proof of Family Sentence The Search for My Cuban Revolutionary Prison Yard Mythic Hero Deadbeat Dad by Jeanine Cornillot This is exactly the type of book I sually enjoy as I tend toward non fiction and biographies in my personal reading tastes In addition I know a little something about the loss of a father with my own father disappearing during the Kore My take on this was pretty different than othersI thinkFor me Family Sentence is David Sedaris meets Arthur Miller s Death of a Salesman It is an exploration into why and how clans create collectiveindividual mythological narratives The book tracks a family s history all centered around the author s imprisoned father Like Willie Loman the father Hector Cornillot is a hero to some and a grave failure to others Hector s extended Cuban clan in Miami casts the imprisoned father as a patriot who has sacrificed all to battle the evils of Castro The author s Cuban cousins aun. Jeanine Cornillot was just two years old when her father a former Cuban revolutionary turned anti Castro militant was sentenced to thirty years in a Florida prison for political bombings His absence left a single mother to raise four children who kept his incarceration a secret and conjured a mythic father hero out of his occasional letters   Jeanine’s Irish American mother struggled to support the family in suburban Philadelphia Summers she.

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