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Y recommend this series Do you want to become a Catholic without going to mass or to confession or reading the Bible Then ust read the Balti Catechism which uickly lays out in language any third grader can understand how to know everything you ever wanted to know about Catholicism and didn t want to ask Although millions have had to memorize this book I don t think two people will agree on it If you want to save time ust memorize the Apostle s Creed Everything beyond that is church doctrine You can t go wrong with Balti I was one of those kids who was reuired to memorize the whole book before making my Confirmation At the time it seemed like a huge task but 55 years later I appreciate the simplicity and wisdom Great tool for teaching CCD classes Grade school kids in the 1950s used to know this by heart Thus proving that yesterday s school kid knew about Catholicism than today s adult Catholic. Ts to pray to the Lord our God for meMay the Almighty God have mercy on me and forgive me my sins and bring me to everlasting life AmenMay the Almighty and merciful Lord grant me pardon absolution and remission of all my sins Am.

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All Catholics read it to know their faith and be able to defend it well This Balti Catechism is the catechism of the Holy Roman Catholic Church written for Catholic school children in the United States This volume begins with the traditional prayers Apostles Creed the Our Father the Hail Mary Glory Be Acts of Contrition Love et cetera The chapters are broken down in discussing The Ten Commandments the Sacraments sins Laws of the Church and the like At the back of this volume are traditional hymnsThis volume is easy to understand with uestions and answers that relate to the particular subject matter in each chapter This is the catechism to read to learn or remind oneself of the true tenants of the Church not the New Church of Vatican IIThis volume is written for the younger Roman Catholic student each successive volume through number 4 is in depth and appropriate to the student s grade levelI highl. Word and deed through my fault through my fault through my most grievous fault Therefore I beseech blessed Mary ever Virgin blessed Michael the Archangel blessed John the Baptist the holy Apostles Peter and Paul and all the Sain.

I love the simplicity of this book I use it in part to teach my catechism class Some parts I cannot use because the Church has nuanced their thinking about some of these ideas The illustrations are priceless Little red devils with horns and tails they get the point across I prefer this to the updated version Review of my FaithThe 22nd Balti Catechism has been a great review of my Catholic faith It beings back many fond memories of my Catholic education Even though it was meant for school age children once you factor in the entropy of our educational system this book is eminently readable for modern adults Despite going to Catholic school for 13 years of school age education in the 90s we never touched on these basics It was both great and disappointing to only learn about the core truths of the Catholic Church from its catechism another 18 years later as an adult in my 30s Would highly recommend. THE CONFITEORI confess to Almighty God to blessed Mary ever Virgin to blessed Michael the Archangel to blessed John the Baptist to the holy Apostles Peter and Paul and to all the Saints that I have sinned exceedingly in thought.

The Plenary Councils of Balti were three national meetings of Catholic bishops in the United States in 1852 1866 and 1884 in Balti MarylandDuring the early history of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States all of the dioceses were part of one ecclesiastical province under the Archbishop of Balti This being the case governance of the American church was carried out by provi