Esri Rose: Stolen Magic

Out her beauty and is uncomfortable in just about all social situations But when it appears her life may be in anger Mark is ready and willing to o whatever it takes to keep her safeI had ifficulty feeling a connection to Adlia There seemed to be many things about her life left undisclosed or mentioned and then unexplained She seemed to go from unsure attraction to sex kitten with lightening speed and the pace just seemed off to meMark as well was a mostly unformed character for me even at the end of the book He was teacher friend and then BOOMlover who would sacrifice all It just felt forced and I Wanted (Sealed with a Kiss didn t buy it The pacing was jerky in enough places that it pulled me from the story enough to become irksome The plot and bad guy as well were glaringly obvious and the barest of explanations was given for his actionsMy reservations about this book are similar to those I had after reading the first one and I think I ll probably wait a bit before trying another I would say that I think these books would likelyo well if they were a little tamer in the sex category and were sold as teen fiction Just my opinion. Eds she may also solve an important piece of her personal puzzle and find that Mark fits perfectly I enjoyed Stolen Magic so much I Rayuan Sang Bos [Seduced By the Boss] devoured it in one night Kerrelyn Sparks NYT Bestselling author Secret Life of a Vampire Praise for Bound to Love Her Aelightful fantasy sure to appeal to anyone who loves wit mystery and magic Kathy Love bestselling author of Fangs For The Memorie.


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Good Read keeps your interest I couldn t connect with any of the characters and the plot was just boring I m noticing a lot of love between the elf race and the humans Mostly the fact that it has a tone of love is surprisingly Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover, disturbing I have read both of the books in this series so far I liked them okay The biggest problem I had was that the world and how it worksoesn t feel really well thought out The major problem of this book elves losing their memory seems as if the author needed a conflict for this book then had to go back and make it fit the first book too The cure for the affliction seems as if it would be hard to sustain over the long run and not very realistic There is one character who seems as if he will have to spend his life continually Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm doing veryifficult crap in the freezing cold that will not advance his own life any How many hours a Whispers Of The Heart day will he have toevote to a craft he only The Dukes Gamble does to keep her alive I mean sometimes it s all I cano to put myself out enough to get up and get my husband coffee I Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, do think that you will understand this book better if you have read the first one I ho. Romance Can Be Tricky In a world where humans areisplacing elves in alarming numbers Adlia spends her ays working at elf headuarters But with no artistic talent of her own and orphaned too young to have known her parents Adlia is an outsider even among her own elven kind Only Mark her human photography instructor sees that beneath her sarcastic humor lies a vulnerable soul and.

Pe that the author stays true to her world and oesn t start throwing in vampires and werewolves and Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition demons Sometimes I feel that too many paranormal critters muddies up the story and stretches credibility a bit far The author shows promise so I be willing to give a third book in the series a try Stolen Magic is my second book by author Esri Rose Both books are set in a contemporary world much like ours where elves are struggling to stay alive as humans encroach and on the land that gives them lifeAdlia is both elf and orphan She Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh doesn t remember her parents which is odd for an elf and the elf who took her in functions as the leader of the Boulder elves but has never managed to truly make Adlia feel loved and wanted Then suddenly a strange elf appears in town and elves begin forgetting once again a very strange thing for an elf and are inanger of Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward dying or becoming mortal and eventuallyying anyway As the small group struggles to find a cause Adlia learns alot about herself and loveMark is a human and is very attracted to the remote and rather strange student in his photography class She seems unsure ab. A esirable young woman Especially When An Elf Is Involved But while relationships with humans are pleasurable they're also complicated as Adlia is about to iscover For somewhere between her mind blowing first human kiss and falling in love a mysterious memory loss strikes the elf population Now Adlia has to save her people and herself before she forgets everything If she succe.

Esri Rose attended the University of Missouri in Columbia graduating magna cum laude with a BA in Radio TV FilmRose has written and produced ads for radio and television She also worked at the National Potato Promotion Board and has forgotten about potatoes than most people will ever know In a memorable stint as associate editor of Zymurgy magazine at the Homebrewers Association she dem