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D dear Snow White In this short story written by the critically acclaimed author Neil Gaiman she s pure and Swan Song innocent no Better watch out the mask she wears might fool you too The closer you get the dangeroust becomes Princess She said nothing Her eyes were black as coal black as her hair her lips were redder than blood She looked up at me and smiled Her teeth seemed sharp even then Learn Better in the lamplight What are you doing away from your room I m hungry she said like any child Except shesn t any child And the ueen knows Harbor Me it She feels somethingsn t right about that little girl But strangely she doesn t mention El Señor del Carnaval (Jan Fabel, it to her husband Snow White s father That was very odd I woul Find all of my reviews at HOLY SHITBALLSThis retelling of Snow White was perfection No other description Gaiman at a whole nother levelGrowing up I wondered who the f% would want to be this bitch When they could be THISnstead I always wanted to hear the story from the Evil ueen s perspective You know the old saying there are three sides to every story her side her side and the truth I knew the Evil ueen couldn t be completely at fault and 100% bad I mean doesn t a little part of all of us want to kill Kristen Stewart Snow White Now that I m a grown up I realize there are others who believe the same fist pound to my girl Shelby Thank you Neil Gaiman for giving us the true story EVERY DAMN STAREDIT TO ADD LINKY LINKSRead y version Read MeListen y version Hear Me Once again Neil Gaiman enraptured me Processing Pain in Play in his dark little world of princesses You may as well forget the Disney versions because Gaiman s princesses are never the damseln dis A short review of a short story I ve not read Neil Gaiman before this and I read this online without Master Math illustrations which I assume accompany this story This was a very brilliant take on Snow White uitemaginative and different but with the kind of creepy sexual overtness that I would The Dukan Diet: 2 Steps to Lose the Weight, 2 Steps to Keep It Off Forever imagine could work very welln comic formnot for childre. 2008 and on the BPAL website with all proceeds going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fu.

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Holy crap on a cracker This short story by Neil Gaiman was creepyThe story Patton on Leadership is told by Snow White s stepmother Shes afraid of Snow after she uh bit and sucked her finger She took the dried apple from me and began to chew La Impostura Perversa it with her sharp yellow teeth Ist good She nodded I had always been scared of the litt 5 wonderfully creepy starsThings are never as they seemTake one very creepy and ruthless Snow White add vampirism and necrophilia and you re sure to get your fix this HalloweenNeil Gaiman continues to surprise me every time I read something of his Snow Glass Apples tells Snow White s tale from the ueen s point of view And let me tell you that Zones of Instability it s no fairy tale but a horror one The Princesss some kind of emotionless vampire who cannot be killed At the same time the ueen The Riven Shield (The Sun Sword, is but a victimn this story I found myself rooting for her praying that against what I know from fairy tales she d survive and kill the monsterClearly I would not recommend this for children It Once More With Feeling is too dark and twisted Butf you re older you would not want to miss Snow Glass Apples It s simply amazing It s Neil GaimanPS You can read the story for free here How I could not know that Neil Gaiman wrote an alternate version of Snow White s fairy tale I will never know As soon as I did find out I had Orange World and Other Stories it on my TBR of course and what better time of year to read this creepy little whatf story than October and especially this close to Halloween DI will not say much about the story since What Matters Most it s so short and my review would then spoil the fun but I will say this you will never look atnnocent little Snow White the same way again and you will certainly not compare her to an nnocent little lamb any BwahahahahahahaNeil Gaiman s writing style s again marvellous I really think that his love for fairy tales of any kind makes his renditions so wonderful and this little gem was no exception The true story of this little shit who everyone thinks s such a sweet little princess. A retelling of the Snow White fairy tale from the point of view of the wicked stepmother.

Ummm yeahThat pale skin always made me wonder Look how she grew up I loved this I think this s one of the best re telling s I ve seen Many thanks to my buddy Kelly for giving me a heads up on this one Snow White s stepmother tells her side of the story Envy (Empty Coffin, in this Neil Gaiman short fantasy piece and she has a very different viewpoint about what happened Holy smokes this ever dark and creepy and twisted If you never wondered why Snow White has skin as white as snow and lips as red as blood you should Free online here and Neil Gaiman Carnal Captive (Carnal Incorporated is a gifted writer but seriously read this onlyf you re good with R rated perverse and extremely dark fairy tales And you re not alone at night I actually read this shortie two weeks ago but today I was looking at my shelves and I was suprised to see Bad Boys On Board (Watson Brothers, it had no review since I was 999% sure I had reviewedt Plus t deserves one so here I am trying to write a decent review Snow Glass Apples s a retelling of Snow White but Tied Up it s not your typical retelling It s told from the perspective of the dear witch whof I m honest with you was always my favourite character C mon how could I not like herI think Picture This (Marsden it worked for me because ofts dark atmosphere and because of the way the plot took Have you ever wondered why Snow White s skin s so pale and her lips so red No Well I did I was a cynic kid and I always thought about those things Did you ever want to punch this face Gosh I m clenching my teeth with just looking at that gifWell I always did and n this story too but for very different reasonsThis was my first read by Neil Gaiman and The Unsuitable Secretary (Ladies Unlaced, it s not going to be my last I like his writing style and how he does not shy away the darkness I decided to start with this one becauset was short and I was warned his books are not for everyone but just with Snow Glass Apples I figured I like himRead the story for free here 35 starsOh my Snow Glass Apples s some twisted dark and creepy fairytale retelling of Snow White lovely an. This version was a chapbook compiled by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and sold at Comic Con.

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