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Does this book ualify as a fetish book Or a uilty pleasure Or in fact is this book along the lines of I Mairis Mermaid gotta read it cause I HATE half these people Like Vanity Fair when itets all drooly over European royalty Or uasi royalty Or anyone with a robber baron last name Mellon Vanderbilt Astor Janklow heh They re all in here believe me Principessas Crown Princes the whole lot with their blonde American wives too And it s as infuriating as ever when the editors refer to such beings by their title even when as in the case of Pavlos of Greece such titles have been rendered meaningless by history and by. This one of a kind book of 300 photographs of some of the most celebrated actors artists models First Ladies and social figures draws on stories that have appeared in the pages of Vogue over the past four decades as well as photographs from those stories that have never been published These trendsetters and newsmakers are captured by such famous photographers as Cecil Beaton Jonathan Becker Eric Boman Horst P Horst Edward Steichen Irving Penn Richard Avedon François Halard Helmut Newton Stephen Meisel Snowdon Toni Frissell Bruce Weber Herb Ritts and Annie Leibovitz Not only did these photographers take dazzling portraits in studios or on location that caught these iconic figures in classic playful or dramatic moments.

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Ful are then it is a waste Despite being massive I finished this one in a matter of a couple hours Much of the book is photographs with captions though there are spreads with articles I not so secretly wish I could have been on a show like America s next top model because that world is so fascinating to me On the other hand I realize how shallow and vapid that same world is so I m lad I m a normal person Still Vogue is special to me and this book is a fascinating look at fashion over the years Fun to browse I wish it had been skewed towards older photographs and article reprints I liked those bes. 540 masked partygoers at the Black and White Ball Truman Capote threw for Katharine Graham at the Plaza hotel; the ardens of Valentino’s seventeenth century Château de Wideville outside Paris; the designers the best dressed and the stars at the annual Costume Institute party at the Metropolitan Museum; Mick Jagger and his family in Mustiue; Jacueline Kennedy and Michelle Obama; Kate Moss Madonna Angelina Jolie Cate Blanchett Ali MacGraw Anjelica Huston Nicole Kidman Cher Iman and David Bowie Penélope Cruz Charlotte Rampling and many Richly illustrated in black and white and color The World in Vogue People Parties Places is a stunning look at portraits houses ardens and parties of celebrated figures from many worl.

Acts of overnmentDEEP BREATHOn the other hand the overentitled are so pretty They have cool antiues and rooms with 30 foot ceilings Collections of Meissen Gardens measured in acres Wedding dresses measured in seamstress hours They marry people like Peter Beard one of the best looking people ever born And they The Three Worlds get photographed by Avedon Annie Leibowitz Herb Ritts Mario Testino Helmut NewtonAlso there are models and actresses and at least two instances of Clooney So that helps it s like an insight into another world one that we do not belong a lonely barren book if this i what being rich and beauti. But they also documented their parties weddings houses andardens Writers like Hamish Bowles Paul Rudnick Truman Capote Francis Wyndham Jeffrey Steingarten Joan Juliet Buck William Norwich Gloria Steinem Georgina Howell Vicki Woods Marina Rust Michael Specter and Jonathan Van Meter tell you the stories behind these figures and eventsHere are the lamorous weddings of Plum Sykes in Yorkshire Lauren Davis in Cartagena and Minnie Cushing in Newport; Truman Capote writing about cruising the Yugoslavian coast with Lee Radziwill Luciana Pignatelli and the Agnellis; ardens from East Hampton to Corfu designed by landscape architect Miranda Brooks; Inès de La Fressange’s apartment in Paris; Gloria Steinem reporting on the.

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Hamish Bowles is European editor at large for Vogue and editor in chief of Vogue Living He was curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2001 Costume Institute exhibition “Jacueline Kennedy The White House Years” He lives in New York London and Paris