Violette Malan: The Storm Witch Dhulyn and Parno #3

Butt A man and a woman who kick butt together in the words of TV Tropes a Battle Couple Dhulyn and Parno are the most solid Battle Couple I ve ver had the pleasure of reading about Both are intelligent both are formidable in battle both have certain magical gifts While their strengths may differ it s clear that neither of them is stronger than the other They are EUALS in the best sense of the word Their relationship is driven by cooperation and understanding not by competition and game playing I genuinely admire both characters I also appreciate that while they aren t perfect and make mistakes they are basically decent people who try though they don t always succeed to do the right thing They can show kindness and compassion A Family Practice even if it sometimes comes with difficulty They are flawed heroes not grimdark anti heroesThis book also has a strong cast of supporting characters among them Carcali Remm Xerwin and thenigmatic slightly disturbing White Twins I ven liked Xendra though her role was small And the villains well there was really only one the other antagonists being complicated mixes of go. Lves of accusations of kidnapping and murder But before they can resolve these charges old friends are taken hostage by the Long Ocean Nomads and they are forced.

An ocean voyage and a change in setting keeps things fresh in this Dhulyn Parno adventure Dhulyn s vision acts as a sword of Damocles adding tension to arly scenes This time Dhulyn Parno find themselves on the other side of the world or less literally after a long sea voyage they re also separated for much of the book which proves challenging for both them and Celebrity Bachelor everyone they re working with Loved it One of my favourite Dhulyn and Parno novels so far The third in the Dhulyn pronounced Dillon and Parno series I hope this isn t thend because frankly there are some things from the second book that haven t been cleared up due to the delay that occurred in this bookI won t go into much with this book because then it would be classified as a spoiler but trust me when I say if you ve read the first two books you will feel gut wrenched on For Better and Worse edge surprised relieved and a little heart broken I have read The Sleeping God The Soldier King and now The Storm Witch and I am increasingly baffled Why isn t this series better known Why hasn t it caught onWhat do Injoy reading about than a woman who kicks. The new fantasy adventure featuring Dhulyn and ParnoMercenary Partners Dhulyn Wolfshead and Parno Lionsmane have returned to their Mercenary House to clear themse.

Od and bad but he was appropriately despicable This is solid four star Cassidys Kids (Maitland Maternity, entertainment It doesn t uite manage that little somethingxtra that dash of beauty and power in the writing that might Rescuing the Texans Heart elevate it to five stars But there s good fun to be found here Again I can t help wishing people would discover these characters and their series Violette Malan is rapidly moving up my list into the realm of buying her new books withoutven checking to see what they re about Never disappointed It took me a while to figure out what was going on since I haven t read the first books in this series I got a feel for the story pretty fast and I Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., enjoyed this book Dhulyn and Parno are both likable characters and I love the concept of their Partnering and their Mercenary code and trainingI will have to track down the other books in this seriesReviewed for Bitten by Books Sword and sorcery done very well indeed I really love this series This volume the third resolves some issues while opening up areas of possiblexploration I hope there s a fourth Dhulyn and Parno need to stop being so darn cute and awesome. To come to the rescue And as they set sail Dhulyn is convinced they are journeying to Parno's death which she has foreseen in numerous visions of a drowning at se.

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