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Tly attractive sensitive men in their 30s burdened with guilt or otherwise psychologically wounded The faint air of melancholy surrounding them adds an aura of almost Byronic romanceUsually these troubled Dick Francis heroes find themselves caught up in righting an injustice or solving a mystery that affects their lives or the lives of people they care about In most of his 40 or so novels Francis does without a recurring character with one xception Sid Halley a onetime jockey who has lost an arm becomes a private investigator in Odds Against and is the hero of three subseuent novels including Whip Hand and Come to Grief both of which received Edgar awards for best mystery of the yearThrough most of his career Francis relied on the help of his wife Mary who performed background research provided a sounding board for possible plot developments and dited the final text When she died Francis stopped writing apparently forever But in 2005 he published a new Sid Halley novel called Under Orders and then in 2007 produced Dead Heat with the help of his younger son Felix The two again collaborated on Silks and now again on Even Money Before joining his father in the family business Felix Francis was an international class marksman the leader of xpeditions to the Himalayas and the jungles of Borneo and a teacher of physicsThe hero of Even Money is Ned Talbot a 37 year old bookmaker who inherited his grandfather s business As the novel opens on a depressing day at the Ascot race course Ned has already suffered than his share of life s troubles His parents were killed when he was a baby his beloved wife Sophie has had bipolar disorder diagnosed his gr It was several years after the death of Dick Francis in 2010that I turned my attention to the books he co wrote with his son Felix Francisand the ones written The Spirituality Revolution entirely by Felix himselfBefore FelixDick s co writer used to be his wife MaryBut for several yearsshe didn t get any creditAnd then itmerged that all those prim and proper sentences in his books were crafted by Maryand she also helped with the researchShe was described as a literary dark horsea fitting descriptionAfter Mary diedDick Francis still continued to writebut it didn t feel the sameHoweverto the credit of the father and soneven after Mary s deaththe books are still goodstill readableEven Money begins wellwith lots of twists and turnsFor a changethe hero is a bookmakersomething which has never happened in a Francis novel beforeCrooked bookmakers are traditionally the bad guys in his booksBut in Even Money the bookmaker is still a good guyFelix s writing isat timesa bit jarringbut he makes up for that with the flow of the storyThe book remains interesting for the most partAt the startthe protagonist Comptia Cysa+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification Bundle (Exam Cs0-001) encounters an old manwho claims to be his fatherwhom he has never knownShortly thereafterhis newly discovered father dies The surprisending in this book certainly gave me a shock. Mpelled to find out xactly what is going on But the he discovers the longer the odds become for his survival.

Not good I don t think Felix uite gets it He has a heavier hand than his father in the arlier books The characters are not as delightfully genteel and the Designing with Web Standards educatio Another winnerIf you have never read Dick Francis he is addictive If you already know his books you don t need this review because you like myselfagerly awaits Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, everything he writesHis last few books have been co authored with his son Felix and that seems to have invigorated his writing I have never read a disappointing book from this author of course they all follow predictable formulas but it works for me Kind of like your favorite ice cream flavor should always taste the same It s not great literature just very well written gripping fast paced andnjoyable I read this one very uickly hard to put downAs usual the background is horse racing This time the hero is a bookmaker not the Structure Of The Nucleus easiest profession to sympathize with this created interesting challenges that the writersasily jumped over like a champion horse over hurdles OK I had to throw in a horse racing analogy There are back stories regarding two of the hero s relatives living with mental illnesses Again I appreciated the challenge that represented in order to keep the overall pacing fast and light I buy novels by Dick Francis out of hope for a spark of the old First Anthology energy but haven t found it i a while I think it s been several years since the last time I read Dick Francis His world of horse racing is so very different than almost anythinglse I read that it is pure Releasing The Power Within Through Spiritual Dynamics escapism This is thriller than mystery There were a few times when the first person narrator did what I thought was stupid or unthinking No don t or How could you be so dumb I thoughtThere isnough characterization to keep it interesting so perhaps than I might Passage Through Crisis expect in a novel of this type The prose does its job without being complex on the one hand or boring on the other If there was any subtlety or hidden meanings anywhere it was too subtle or hidden for me to notice itOther readers have said that when the son Felix Francis started being a part of the Dick Francis offerings the uality slipped I haven t readnough to make comparisons but this was an Science, Technology and Culture enjoyably solid 3 star read Even Money yet another Francis racehorse action mystery may refer to balancing bets for wins and losses to come out ahead In a dark deserted Ascot car park third generation bookie Ned is accosted by a stranger who claims to be his long lost father from Australia warns him of danger and dies in his arms from a sudden knife attack Ned s nerd techie provokes a thug villain His manic depressive wife wants to come home from the psych ward Research is on library microfiche Masked intruders violently demand a knapsack of cash and a mysterious microcoder Putverything together and whew what a thriller Aside Finally found after initial unsuccessful search for previews of two DVD sets 1989 starring Ian McShane as investigator Ned Talbot is a small time bookmaker on the dge of giving it all up when his world is turned upside down by.

Avid Cleveland not in books Bloodsport In the Frame Twice Shy or The Racing Game 6 PBS pisodes starring Mike Gwilym as Sid Halley Francis book series The DickFelix Frances author combo still doesn t have the magic that made me a huge fan of Dick Frances s books and I m not uite sure what it is Even Money is again about the racing Black Boy environment delving into the world of the bookies and the punters on the racetrack Perhaps I was lost because there was an awful lot about b The third collaboration between bestseller Francis and son Felix after Silks a taut crime thriller features anspecially sympathetic hero Bookmaker Ed Talbot is struggling with his wife s mental illness Nighttime Sweethearts even as technology threatens to give the big bookmaking outfits an insurmountable advantage over his small family business Soon after a man shows up at Ascot and identifies himself as Ed s father Peter whom Ed believed long dead a thug demanding money stabs Peter to death Ed is in forven shocks when he learns his father was the prime suspect in his mother s murder and that Peter s killing rather than a random act of violence may be linked to a mysterious Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire electronic device used in some horse racing fraud Ed must juggle his amateur investigations into past and present crimes with his I wanted to love this What s not to love about a new Dick Francis right But I m sad to say I only liked it Our typical Dick Francis hero is there with an interesting profession family problems a mystery to puzzle through and villains to defeat But for some reason the story never completely pulled me in I still recommend this for any and all Dick Francis fans but I have to say that while it s not my least favorite Dick Francis it also doesn t make my list of favorite Francis mysteriesOne thing I did find very interesting were all the references to cu One can say of Even Money that it may not be up to the standards of Nerve or Forfeit or Whip Hand or Reflex but it s still a Dick Francis thriller The keylements are all here the horseracing milieu the damaged hero various moral dilemmas the Safe in My Arms easygoing first person narration at least one scene of brutal violence the presentation of a lot of information about some romantically arcane subjectg wine investment banking photography and of course a or less happy Presunta colpevole endingHowever there s no getting around the fact that Dick Francis is nearly 90 He was born in 1920 piloted Spitfires during World War II for the Royal Air Force and spent the 1950s as one of Britain s leading jockeys riding horses belonging to the ueen Mother Only after hisarly retirement did he turn to writing fiction starting with Dead Cert in 1962 But by producing a book a year up until 2000 Francis firmly Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem established himself as a brand name the purveyor of reliable literatentertainment In particular his novels have always appealed to women and not only because of the horses in them but also because his heroes are usually uie. A man who claims to be his father long thought dead And when the mysterious stranger is murdered Ned feels co.

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