Melissa J. Morgan: Extra Credit

Love this Hate Chace LLThis book was predictable and boring Sarah is an obnoxious character and is constantly in a pickle for lying about who she really is and it s not relatable or fun to read Suddenly Last Summer really should have been the last book in this series as none of the books so far have been decent I thought this was an exeptional book An. Camp goes Hollywood Blind item Which Walla Walla camper turned movie extra has been seen canoodling with her fell.

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E was a cute guy they both decided that they wanted to go Then Sarah realized that she was being used for her insider status Will Chace keep company I say it is a very good book I think my favorite character would be Sarah because she acts a lot like a person I know I like the part when everybody started talking about the cute guy because those are how E finds out hes only using her for her supposed insider status Will Chase get his comeuppance Only time will tell.

Enjoyable book to read but it s not something I couldn t put down The book Camp Confidential Extra Credit is about two girls name Sarah Avery and their wanna be movie star brother Chace They all go to a camp that is called Walla Walla which is about being movies models fashion and much They didn t want to go in the first place but when they realized ther. Ow cast mate and resident set hottie We think Sarah and Chace And poor Sarahs in for a big disappointment when sh.