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Ost brought a good mood to a terrible situation that they were in Finally Santiago and Angelina are cutting notches in the boat to signify how many days they have been on the water This is the only time each day that I enjoy because I can count the notches Each notch means we have survived another day 166 This line really hit me hard Santiago is basically saying that the only thing to do to fight the boredom is to count the amount of days they had a second chance at These small pieces of dialogue that Mikaelsen added in just make the book ten times better if you think deeply about the things the characters say In conclusion I recommend this book for somebody who anticipates adventure and is older than thirteen Some things in the beginning of the book could be difficult for a younger audience to read because of how real and gruesome it is Once you pick it p you will not put it down I would easily give this book a 910 The only thing I thought it needed was to be lengthier All in all though great book It was a good book One of the only things i didn t like about it was the ending was kind of rushed Even after that it was still a good book This was a great tale to read It tells the story of two children sent on a Her Brooding Italian Surgeon uest to find the United States of America Their story is annforgettable journey from Guatemala to the US I loved the story of hope and loss It is an all too common story of how refugees try to come to the US It was a page turner and a great story Santiago lived in a village with his family One night the village was raided by soldiers and Santiago s family was killed except for his sister Angelina I cannot imagine what that would be like for santiago Santiago knew that if they wanted to escape they would have to flee Guatemala and go to the United States To get to the United States Santiago would have to sail there in his The Venetians Mistress uncles cayuco A cayuco is a canoe with a sail The only experience Santiago had sailing was a short trip he had gone on with hisncle a few years before Santiago would have to weather through storms pirates and starvation before they arrived in the United States I would probably not be able to endure the hardships that Santiago and Angelina had to go through just to survive I pray that nobody has to go through anything like the story this book tells At first this book was extremely slow and I didn t really have much interest in it But then I continued reading deciding to give it a chance and it got better It was still a bit I don t know youngish or something But it definitely improved once Santiago and his little sister were on the run That s when things started happening Most of the book took place in the boat or the cayuco They had to learn how to sail the boat in storms make sure they had enough food food can go bad when it gets wet too find a way to get and just stay alive At this point the book had picked Two Steps Forward up and I read nearly the entire thing last night in one sitting except for the first 30 pages or so ContentLanguage very mild a fewses of hll or mn probably only onc. Na set sail in their ncle Ramos's sea kayak built for just such an escape but not for a sailor who is only a boy Santiago heads for the United States on a voyage that will take them through narrow channels guarded by soldiers shark infested waters and days of painful heat and raging storms Santiago knows that he and Angelina probably will die trying.

Red Midnight by Ben Mikaelsen is a story of a boy named Santiago and his sister Angelina Guerrillas came and destroyed their village Santiago and Angelina escape and go on their ncle s kayak and explores to find a new and safe land They go on these adventures that are life threatening I enjoyed this book It gave a lot of description and it was adventurous It was sad because they were away from their family and Red Midnight written by Ben Mikaelsen was a great read and had me yearning for every page In the book the main character is a young boy around 12 years old named Santiago Around midnight his village is raided by soldiers and a voluminous amount of people were killed along with it Despite the egregious event Santiago found a way to escape with his four year old sister named Angelina Before leaving the village Santiago s The Ranchers Surprise Marriage uncle named Ramos gives him an escape plan The plan was to get to the US After escaping from the village the two fearful kids made their way to the village of Los Santos and find the village raided and people killed as well After making their way through the village they stop and sleep at their Uncle Ramos s house They are awoken by Ramos s friend named Enriue who gives them supplies for their tremendous journey ahead Through the brisk morning they travel to the shore with Enriue in his boat Before heading off into the open sea Enriue wishes them luck and heads back home Santiago had the hopes of arriving in the US in 20 days This goalnfortunately did not happen and he and his sister began to starve and become dehydrated With multiple attempts at catching fish for food they were left with nothing and had to endure the rest of the trip with the greatest chance of dying Ten days or so after they expected to arrive the made it to Florida where they made major news and were greeted by everybody thereThe name of the book Red Midnight comes from the light of the fires bouncing off the clouds and the time at night the raid occurred I thought this was a very sophisticated way of incorporating the name into the book In my opinion the book was very exhilarating and detailed Every page had you The Ancient Central Andes urging to read the next and I could not put the book down I read the book in about three days on my own leisure and I enjoyed all of it There are a multitude of examples of detail in the book I could support this When Santiago is running away from his village in fear his Uncle stops to tell him where to go Pain makes Uncle Ramos bite his lipntil it bleeds What you have seen tonight makes you a man he says his voice weak 3 The amount of detail Mikaelsen put into this book is just astonishing I believe that these small imagery details can cause a reader to keep going Another example of his detail is when Santiago and his sister are in the boat rationing food Angelina takes the doll and stares at it I think the doll is hurt and needs a friend I say Will you help her Angelina turns the doll in her hands and nods I think the doll is very hungry she says 144 I found this dialogue very amusing and it alm. When guerrilla soldiers strike Santiago's village they shoot at everyone in their path Dos Vías is on fire and the night glows red Take the cayuco and sail to the United States of America Now go Santiago's ncle Ramos tells him and Santiago twelve and his four year old sister Angelina fleeWith a map a machete and very little food Santiago and Angeli.

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E or twiceViolence medium at the beginning of the book Santiago s village is attacked by soldiers so there are a few things here view spoiler Mentions of a character s legs having been completely cut off people being shot and also women being raped All he does is say that he sees it happen but nothing than the mention of the word Talks about the storms bashing the two about in a ship hide spoiler Red Midnight was really good and well written But it was so sad I cried on the first page When guerrilla soldiers strike Santiago s village they destroy everything in their path They kill his whole family except him and his little sister Running away meant really far away On the path finds helpful people but surviving is not easy He needs to survive with only limited supplies His destination is the United States of America He ses Uncle Ramos s sea kayak Sailing through narrow channels guarded by soldiers shark infested waters and days of painful heat and raging storms Santiago and Angelina face an almost impossible voyage hundreds of miles across the open ocean This is a great book and i recommend reading it for everyone any size I really liked how the book started with Santiago s village being destroyed It really drew my interest and made me want to read what he did to get away from the Guerilla Soldiers I like how the book wasn t just Santiago taking care of himself but also taking care of his little sibling because I felt like that really made it harder for him in the book I wish the book would ve Christmas With A Hero used less foreshadowing when talking about the trip to America because I wanted Santiago to have to comep with decisions of what to do on his own I think that this would ve made it even harder for him to reach America and would ve made it seem like he had to face a lot challenges on his way I like how the author made Angelina his little sister actually act like a 6 year old with a lot of different mood changes and estions because if she was just iet it would ve made the book seem less life like Some of the parts about the sailing trip made the book seem fictional which I didn t really like For example the part about how Santiago kept the boat from flipping by himself in a really bad storm with little practice of sailing really didn t seem realistic with such a small boat I think it was cool how brave Santiago was and how he seemed to not back down at any point in the book Where as I would ve probably stopped after hearing that my parents had died and jus given p due to how sad I d be Overall I felt that the story had a lot of life tips in the case of a major incident like this and how a person can do just about anything they set their mind to if they have enough drive Gripping and not just because I spend my Tuesdays working with women fleeing violence in their home countries some of them like the narrator in this book echi speakers from Guatemala Ben Mikaelsen does an admirable and mostly successful job of maintaining narrative discipline in conveying the voice of an indigenous teenager fleeing a massac. To make the voyage but they certainly will die at the hands of rebels or government soldiers if they do not tryIn this tale of courage survival and triumph Ben Mikaelsen introduces readers to a danger and fear that is far too real for many children and he reminds s of the responsibility and power that the world's richest nation bears to help end it.