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S retirement This was a good book It was interesting reading about this horse and his accomplishments. Cover four hundred kilometers of rugged terrain The motto of the event is “To Finish is to Win” and Fosta has finished an incredible ten out of eleven starts making him one of the most consistent and enduring horses of all time Here is his story told so that readers will feel they are atop Fosta as he attempts to earn his last completion buck.

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S so little but then he proved that he could be a great endurance horse in the end All the way up to hi. E very beginning his chances of amounting to anything were horribly slim Added to that it didn’t look as if he would ever be big enough for racing Yet Fosta has become one of the best known horses ever to run Australia’s grueling “ultimate endurance test” the Shahzada For five days the toughest and fastest horses compete internationally to.

I fun little story about an Arabian endurance horse in Australia The little horse that could Fosta wa. If nature had taken its course Fosta would never have lived But thanks to uick and loving intervention the plucky little foal did survive In the first few moments of his life he was stolen from his dame by an expectant mare When she had no milk to give him he had to be fostered by a third “mother” since his own refused to take him back From th.

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Tundra author Judy Andrekson grew up in Nova Scotia with a pen in one hand and a lead rope in the other At the age of twenty she moved to Alberta where she could pursue her great love of horses and there she found her dream job managing a thoroughbred racingbreeding farm By her thirties Judy had also begun to write seriously Now she combines both of her passions in her new series for young