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Hijacked and as such she oes what any level headed young woman might Six Days in Leningrad do She takes offEnding up in Coventry Jandy finds out she s beenubbed a Runaway Bride the press is after her and life is getting all the complicated But in Coventry things have a way of turning out romantic if never uite how you expectedIf you ve not visited Coventry before you re in for a treat But I warn you reading in public may expose others to your sudden bursts of laughter weepy moments and ultimately a really big smile Had a hard time getting through the first few pages but I m glad I The Darkness did It was the perfect beach get away book B fiction contemporaryromanc. Away bride Now with an eager groom her PR hungry mother and a swarm of paparazzi on her trail Jandy has to figure out if it's possible that a town a life and a man she hardly knows could suddenly feel an awful lot like homePraise for Becky Cochrane and A Coventry ChristmasThis novel is written with warmth and lots of cute funialogue— Romantic Times.

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Light cute I read this while we were on a little holiday getaway It was easy reading I enjoyed it I m not going to say too much or it will spoil it but it Flyboy did notisappoint Excellent story full of fun and romance Feel good book Although I find it strange that in books a lot of characters end up trading up and leaving their significant other for the shiny new individual they meet Labeled a contemporary romance but reads like Chick lit A realistic yet enchanting tale about a woman a man a custody battle over a A Dark Sicilian Secret dog a welcoming small town and so much Don t let the first chapter of this bookissuade you from reading The first chapter. Coventry Texas bills itself as the tiny town with the big heart Amid its picturesue storefronts and open minded locals one woman in search of a temporary hideaway might find much than she hoped forJandy Taylor's grandfather always teased her about not being able to finish anything So perhaps it's not a shock that a few ays before her wedding to soap.

Had me so confused I thought about abadoning the book altogether but I m so glad I kept on reading because I ended up loving it Ever since I read A Coventry Christmas I ve ecided that I want to move to Coventry In Coventry intelligent people end up in hilarious situations fall in love and remind me why romance is awesome I want to open a bookstore thereSo when I knew I could go back to Coventry I couldn t wait And as always Cochrane Black Beech and Honeydew: An Autobiography delivers what I always love fantastic wittyialog romantic sparks aplenty and moments of unexpected hilarity that left me crying Jandy the heroine feels like her wedding to her soap star fiance has been. Star Hudson Blake Jandy postpones the ceremony and hitches a ride to Coventry Texas with a stranger named Sam a At the Italians Command dog named Sue and an overwhelmingesire to escape—if only for a few Oh Baby! daysCoventry is in the middle of its famed annual Godiva Festival making it the perfect place for Jandy to be carefree and invisible That is until the pressubs her a run.