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As a companion iece to Stephen Ambrose s Band of Brothers this book is stellar I ve always liked the intimacy and realism of oral histories and the opportunity offered here to experience not just Easy Company but La Viña de Naboth ,Tomo I particularly some of its lesser known men isriceless This isn t as big a book as Band of Brothers but in so If you have been reading my book reviews you already know that I have been reading about the various men who served in Easy Company 2nd Battalion 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment 101st Airborne Division They are better known as the Band of Brothers Each book shares new insights into their lives and the conditions in which they fought The book We Who Are Alive and Remain Untold Stories from the Band of Brothers written by Marcus Brotherton takes a look at a new set of members of Easy Company These are men who were not emphasized in other books Read This is a gem Stories told by those that were there and remembered years later This is one of those keepers I loved the book finished it last summer I really enjoyed this audiobook I loved that it was just a compilation of memories from the lesser known Easy Company men The book ends with a section about 3 of the men who had Gettysburgs Battlefield Photographer-William H Tipton passed away before the book was written from theerspective of each of their children I cried Husband In Training puddles when I finished this book It s my favorite book on the 101st Airborne that I ve read so far What got me in the end was hearing the stories of George Luz Sr one of myersonal favorites from E Company Burr Smith and Herbert Sobel The story of Sobel from his son s Live Wire (Elite Ops, point of view was heartbreaking I m not a fan of Sobel but maybe they didortray him in a bad light in the mini series I mean these men might not have been so successful in their campaigns in the war had it not been for the hard training Sobel Words of Radiance, Part 1 (The Stormlight Archive put them through And most of the men don t have anything against him to this day They certainly didn t want to go into combat with him though That s completely understandable If you re out fighting the enemy you want someone who won t freeze up and get confused to be leading you I m so glad this book was written It gives a small insight into the lives of the men from Easy Company that we may not have heard of or may not have heard much about It s great tout the spotlight on them for a bit I absolutely loved reading the men s stories in little snippets It was so effective in getting their story across better I think This book has been added to my all time favorites shelf It will most likely be re read by me in the future It s fantastic And to sum it up here are some great uotes that I highlighted in the book I really wish you could have felt the aura of that time It was indescribable The whole country was united Ed PeppingEd Pepping on being asked if he wanted his name Lauras Summer Ballet (Laura, put on a memorial at a church in Angoville years later They contacted me a few years back to ask me if I wanted my nameut on a memorial there I said Heck no All I did was bring eople in This was so baffling to me These men are so humble They really don t believe they are heroes Now I think if I were asked if I d like my name on a memorial I d most likely say yes And so would the majority of the American opulation A different time different indeed As a child church didn t mean anything to me it was just rituals I was brought up the Episcopal Church but it wasn t until 1966 that I really understood what it was about and decided to follow GodI speak to high school students about the war and my faith I look back on my life and it s troubling to me how much of my eighty five years have been so ridiculous I don t Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl pull anyunches The kids love it Ed Pepping I have a strong faith I guess I wouldn t be here today if it wasn t for thatI could uit altogether or I could keep moving and go down the slow road It wasn t easy to go down that road Faith got me through I m washed in the blood Jesus Christ Lord Almighty He has taken care of me all the way through Dewitt LowreyThroughout my lifetime I ve never given a thought to having Film on the Left piles of money or being rich or doing anything like that Now I worke. From Marcus Brotherton co author of Call of Duty comes a new collection of untold stories from the Band of Brothers They were the men of the now legendary Easy Company After almost two years of hard training theyarachuted into Normandy on DDay and later Operation Market Garden Th.

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Officer Herbert Sobel As I read the book there were several of the Easy company Taccoa men who had a completely different Gentlemen Prefer Curves (Perfect Fit, perspective of Captain Sobel Whereas Ambrose s book and the mini seriesortray him as a mean spirited somewhat sadistic and bungling commander the stories brought to light in this book show him considerably different At the end what helped convince me that Captain Sobel got the raw end of the story deal from Ambrose and HBO was Michael Sobel s memories of his father I m sure that Captain Sobel had his flaws as we all do but having read this book and Michael Sobel s recollections of his father I ve come to realize that he Who Killed Blanche DuBois? played anivotal role in making Easy company into a Band of BrothersI highly recommend this book to anyone who has already read the original Band of Brothers If you haven t you ll be lost This was enjoyable because it was a collection of little stories It was like sitting around with a bunch of WW2 soldiers as they tell about how they joined the Army where they were on Pearl Harbor Day what they experienced in training what happened on D Day and the end of the war This was a nice addendum to Band Of Brothers This was the audio version and the man that read the various Utopia parts even did the accents of the men I liked it A great extension for fans of Band of Brothers While it does not follow a specific narrative and is just a record of theersonal experiences of the lesser know solders in Easy Company it is really neat to read their O Jogo do Acaso perspectives about the combat they saw and trauma they experiencedThis is a good book for those who have a background understanding about the history of Easy Company such as where they trained and where they fought I can see how beginning with this book can be frustrating because it tends to skip over some explanations and assumes the reader already knows what is going on I am glad that Brotherton made the effort to give these solders a chance to share their experiences Icing on the Band of Brothers collection of books December 16 2009Upon finishing this book I have read the entire lot of books written by or about the individual members of Easy Company including Ambrose s Band of Brothers Looking back I am glad I read this book last because it essentially ties the individual memoirs and the television series together by detailing the lesser known members of the unit More importantly it is the only book available thatrovides insight to the life of Capt Herbert Sobel arguably one of the important members of Easy Company s legendary history Fortunately there is still enough interest in the Band of Brothers to allow the men of Easy Company who weren t highlighted in the television series to tell their stories We Who Are Alive and Remain introduces the reader to approximately 20 men of E Company 506 in their own words The book is organized chronologically from the men s The Wedding Day pre war lives toresent day with each chapter representing a Firefight (The Reckoners, pivotal moment in the unit s history There is no superfluous text to connect the stories just straight forward raw commentary from the men themselves Somerovide elaborate details of events while others need only a few words to express their experience Their stories rovide both supportive and alternative views to many of the events featured in the television series We are also introduced to a wide range of new ersonal experiences and opinions that Catwoman: Soulstealer (DC Icons Series) provide a clearericture of Easy CompanyBut what really separates this book from others is that it acknowledges Capt Herbert Sobel as a member of the company and finally sheds Stumble Into Love positive light on the man savaged by the HBO series An entire chapter written by Sobel s son is dedicated to detailing this enigmatic man s life before during and after the war If Band of Brothers opened the door to the world of Easy Company then We Who Are Alive and Remain can be viewed as aoignant closing of that door It is a sad fact that this amazing generation of eople is leaving us at such a rapid rate I am grateful for any opportunity that allow these men and women to tell their stories we need to enjoy it while it lasts. The most revered combat units in military history In We Who Are Alive and Remain twenty men who were there and are alive today and the families of three deceased others recount the horrors and the victories the bonds they made the tears and blood they shedand the brothers they los.

Marcus Brotherton is a New York Times bestselling author and collaborative writer known for his books with high profile public figures humanitarians inspirational leaders and military personnelHis books include the widely acclaimed Blaze of Light Shifty’s War We Who Are Alive & Remain A Company of Heroes and Feast for ThievesCoauthored and collaborative works include books with the elite