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Ginger grew up in the circus and she dreams of becoming a circus dog Eventually she becomes one and through ard work she becomes one of the best She loves the kids that come to see the circus and dreams of finding a I thought it was cool The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore how the main characters were dogs instead of people This bookas many themes and by the end of the book the reader really wants Ginger to get what she wants The setting is at a circus and it makes it a fun book to read A downside to this book is the fact that there are clowns which kids may be afraid of and won t like looking at the pictures Cute circus story and a dog who overcomes Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber her fears Excerpted from a review originally published at The Bookwyrm s HoardThis is an absolutely darling story that never fails to warm myeart Ginger New Exploration herself is charming you just want to cuddleer and play with The Shaping of Western Civilization her Ernst captures Ginger s longi. Ginger is a small brown dog whoas always lived with the circus At night she dreams of aving er own uman family

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Ng for a ome and a friend in simple prose Medicine and Religion her drawings are also simple relying on bold inked outlines lighter crossatching and a wash of color to convey the life of the circus The underlying messages about bravery and achieving your dreams are clear enough for a young child without being preachy My daughter loved this book when she was growing up so much so that we The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, had to get our own copy rather than borrow it from the library occasionally Even if you re not a big dog lover Ginger Jumps is a great choice for any young childSadly this book is now out of print but it s worth checking your library or tracking down a used copy I think this book was very cute Itas great themes throughout the book and by the end you really want ginger to get what she wants Ginger Jumps is great for showing kids that they can do whatever if they put their mind to it I think this author. Nd a little girl to love Meanwhile she trains for a new trick leaping from a platform into the arms of a clown And wh.

Does a great job at making Valentino her characters fun and lovable I love all ofer books but this is one of my favorites Good for talking about different types of families Also about courage and taking risks to follow your dreams A dog in a circus is trying to find a family e can give is love too and that they will love Shunned him I wasn t too impressed with Ginger Jumps The setting of the story is a traveling circus which is depicted as a fun place for animals both wild and domestic Unfortunately that s usually far from the case Ginger is just one of many performing dogs at the circus but she wants to be a part of a family instead Whener dream girl arrives she must be brave enough to leap into the family Would work as an illustration of the IB Learner profile courageous Another cute books with very good illustrations Any dog lover would get along with this story just fin. En the smallest clown turns out to be a little girl Ginger leaps at the chance to make er dreams come true Full colo.