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I have a meanness inside me eal as an organ Slit me at my belly and it might slide out meaty and dark drop on the floor so you could stomp on it I highly ecommend eading this whilst sitting in the sun with plenty of happy people around you as I did that way you can avoid contracting something evil and nasty from its pages and also avoid losing any hope you had for humanity Okay sorry I make it sound so negative when actually this book is pretty fantastic if you can stomach the horrors within I ate this up in a couple of days finding every opportunity to ead that I could Flynn certainly has a talent for dragging you into her stories and having them take you over until you find out just what the hell is going onAs much as I enjoyed its dark predecessor Sharp Objects I think Dark Places was for me a complex and well developed mystery I had many theories as to what was going on and all of them were wrong You know I honestly think that writing a mystery story must be the most difficult of all because the eader is your enemy Most eaders of mystery stories will analyse the information they e given pull it apart and try desperately to solve the mystery before the characters do and yet if they are successful they feel disappointed For an author to manage to pull out something both surprising and convincingly eal at the end of all this they have to have a talent for itDark Places alternates between the present day and 1985 when Ben Day allegedly massacred three members of his family his sister Libby being the only one to escape and testify as a witness sending Ben to a life in prison Now after years of living on the donations made by concerned members of the public Libby Day has finally un out of money and is forced to earn some cash by making an appearance at a group meeting where the members believe Ben is innocent At first Libby is willing to write them off as crazy fanatics with a grisly obsession but as information is presented to her she starts to uestion what eally happened all those years agoThe story is told from three main points of view and to say I m not a fan of multiple perspectives I thought it was done excellently Patty Day is an exhausted mother of four who starts to fear her son is becoming involved in satanic ituals torn between wanting to protect him and being a little afraid of what his behaviour means we begin to uestion through her eyes whether the heavy metal loving loner could eally have it in him to become a murderer Then we have Ben Day s point of view Being inside his mind is a little frightening we see how his thoughts become increasingly dark how just wanting to have something normal can lead to the most abnormal behaviour but does that mean he would eally murder his familyAnd of course there is Libby Day Libby Day is the eason I think I enjoy Flynn s novels so much She is so imperfect complex selfish vi. From The #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Of Gone GirlLibby Day was seven when her mother and two sisters were murdered in “The Satan Sacrifice of Kinnakee Kansas She survived and famously testified that her fifteen year old brother Ben was the killer Twenty.

Olent but somehow you manage to stay on her side I have no idea how the author manages this but I ve always loved a protagonist with issues the kind of issues that make them lash out in ways that would make you hate them if you weren t inside their head understanding them She does some horrible things and though you don t necessarily forgive her for them you are able to see whyIf you e okay eading about filth gore and underage sex then you should dive into this mystery straight away and immerse yourself in the disturbing but awesome mental workings of Gillian FlynnLast updated April 2016Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Store 45 StarsGillian Flynn scares meBut it s a good scare A keep you up all night anxiously eading because closing the book is not an option kinda scare If you thought Gone Girl was twisted make oom for Dark Places because this suspenseful thriller takes freaky to a whole nuther levelI went in thinking I was fully preparedI wasn t This book is so astoundingly demented it truly makes me wonder exactly how Miss Flynn thinks up such bold scenarios The plot is so out there yet way too close creating a palpable level of discomfort for the eader but I for one could not look away This author knows how to stretch the creep factor to its limits just short of over the top delivering a crazy yet still fathomable plot She masters the art of description until the details begin materializing and suddenly you e visualizing them whether you e trying to or not Libby Day What a truly uniue unforgettable character So mentally and emotionally deranged you cant help but want to each out to herwith a six foot pole of course Because she feels so damn eal Her thoughts her actions so cynical and bitter But who wouldn t be after experiencing the torment she has I assumed everything bad in the world could happen because everything bad in the world already did happen Libby s family was brutally murdered in their home but little seven year old Libby somehow survived the gruesome massacre Largely due to Libby s testimony her wallflower brother becomes tried and convicted for these satanic murdersNow Libby is a grown woman who is beginning to uestion the details of that fateful night long ago A night she has buried deep inside desperate to forget But there are things that efuse to be forgottenAnd so begins the suspenseful journey as the plot glides through past and present alternating between a first and third person perspective Libby serving as the story s narrator And her unhappy defeated voice is one I will not forget With this particular story I think the writing won me over even so than the plot Although I was completely sucked into the mystery marathon guessing like it was my job the ending somehow left me ever so slightly disappointed It s difficult to place my finger on why I wanted BIG but maybe this was a little too big I m Five years later the Kill Club a secret secret society obsessed with notorious crimes locates Libby and pumps her for details They hope to discover proof that may free Ben Libby hopes to turn a profit off her tragic history She’ll econnect with the players fro.

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Till unsure In any case this author has a genius grasp on storytelling and I will gladly ead anything she writes But for now I m off to ead something happyish Book Stats GenreCategory MysteryThriller Graphic Nature Racy and bold Romance Twisted Characters Unlovable but unforgettable Plot A twisty and suspenseful murder mystery Writing Flawless poetic bold and edgy POV Switches between 3rd and 1st person heroine Cliffhanger NoneStandalone cool idea shitty ending Normally I wouldn t give a genre book like this a 5 star eview because I m picky and controlling about handing out major praise How could a crimemystery be as good as say Thomas Hardy or Alice Munro Apples and orangesBut I just finished this about five minutes ago and it made me gasp It s so good a well paced page turner beautifully wrought I literally couldn t put it down for longer than a couple hours at a time once I picked it up with the exception of sleepAccording to her Acknowledgements Flynn did significant esearch to write this and it shows it s assured detailed and often heart wrenching There are no loose ends and when they tie up they tie up so naturally unfolding at such a ealistic pace that you feel like this could eally have happened Nothing except maybe for the Kill Club the ball that gets the narrator Libby s investigation olling is farfetchedFor what this is a genre novel echoing In Cold Blood crossed with southern gothic it s superior But even outside the mysterycrime genre this book is a better skillful funnier emotional and fascinating ead than most of the literary fiction I ve ead lately Libby Day is a fantastic heroineanti heroine eal three dimensional funny dark bent and broken but not beyond epair I so enjoyed taking this ide with her and am sorry the book had to end This is very high praise coming from me because I ead constantly and I hardly ever have this feeling about anything I can t wait to ead Sharp Objects though I m dreading it at the same time because I eally can t afford to let another book usurp all my time for three straight days Gripping and entertained DAYS GO BY You gotta believe in something ight Everyone has their thing This is my second novel by Gillian Flynn and now I am ealizing that I have been eading them backwards I mean in the opposite publishing order but this has been due mainly the order of film adaptations However I won t wait until having any film adaptation of Sharp Objects to ead that one I do hope to ead it in the following monthsMy eading experience with Gone Girl wasn t any good as I would expect BUT I have to admit that it has a eally uniue narration style making it worhty to be in anyone s TBR book list And odd enough I enjoyed A LOT the film adaptation of that one while I watched after eading the book and taking in account that it s basically the same story but I enjoyed it better in the movie fo. M that night and eport her findings to the club for a fee As Libby’s search takes her from shabby Missouri strip clubs to abandoned Oklahoma tourist towns the unimaginable truth emerges and Libby finds herself ight back where she started on the un from a kill.

Gillian Flynn is an American author and television critic for Entertainment Weekly She has so far written three novels Sharp Objects for which she won the 2007 Ian Fleming Steel Dagger for the best thriller; Dark Places; and her best selling third novel Gone GirlHer book has received wide praise including from authors such as Stephen King The dark plot revolves around a serial killer in a Mi