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The rest of t was just kind of repetitive and annoying I don t think I ll use Risking It All it. Ts out that he has them on the wrong feet When he tries to say that he’d like to walk the dog Winifreds uick to nterrupt “We don’t have a dog” In sho.

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I m not sure about this one It would work well with a story telling themed class Eugene’s story s the story of almost every child who has found himself n the middle All day he finds himself trying to tell his own story He wants to talk

Isit I have coming up but I m not wild on the story The ending s kind of funny but. Bout how nicely he can pour his cereal His sister Winifred The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel - A 30-minute Chapter-by-Chapter Summary interrupts to point out hes spilling He wants to tell about the shoes he can put on His sister poin.

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I was born with very little hair and very little feet and hands They all grew together and I still have them together with all my organs except tonsils I do not have four children they have me and we all know it I write and teach and talk about writing and other things Actually I talk a lot I’m right handed my car has a dent in the passenger side door and my blood type is A The motto