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Ith all the speeches and declarations re World War II and nuclear energy Oppenheimer s resignation from Los Alamos for example one would expect Hirohito or one of his generals at the least While strategic bombing in WWII is discussed in the context of say Dresden Tokyo s firebombing is not mentioned and so on The DPRK s Kim family does not appear nor Mao nor Ho Chi Minh I m not the editor of the London Times or anything but I feel his declaration of independence far surpasses much of the parliamentary grumbling early in this chronologically ordered book nor any of the countless other well spoken leaders of the East The editors didn t mind translating Hitler Lenin Trotsky Stalin Castro Reinhard Heydrich or even Dolores Ibarruri that s no excuseEverything from the west that you d expect is here and a few I wasn t expecting Adlai Stevenson was a great public speaker Who new Sacco and Vanzetti s closing statements surprised me with their inclusion but certainly belongThos book is strong in newer speeches with Clinton Blair and Jesse Jackson each featured along with a bit of Thatcher and ReaganThe very brief and heavily edited for profanity speeches by General Patton are a highlight in this sometimes very dry mess of elderly British people talking like elderly British peopleWorth the read especially if you re in desperate need of well written prose okay Hitler s prose is legendarily daft but still and have a few hours to nock off I never tire of picking up this book and scanning its pages to be constantly amazed and inspired by some of the greatest rheotric of the last century Good collection of well written speeches unfortunately written books are un. Ad the power to stir hearts uphold great ideals and lead nations to new frontiers This newly revised edition of The Penguin Book of Twentieth Century Speeches includes a new introduction and.

Able to portray the delivery and cadence providing explanation and context in history First I have a confession to make I did not read all the speeches contemplated in The Penguin Book of Twentieth Century Speeches I picked just those that were significant to me Maybe I will read others later on I don t now There were for certain famous and notorious words by well nown personalities that helped shape the world I was moved by some of them irritated by others and emotional about a few Churchill It was in this book that I came to learn of and greatly admire such people as Emeline Pankhurst I am here as a soldier who has temporarily left the field of battle in order to explain it seems strange it should have to be explained what civil war is like when civil war is waged by women I LOVED thatEugene McCarthy I say to you the political prophets have prophesied falsely in these eight years And the high priests of A collection of great and terrible speeches I don t rate this particular collection highly but important speeches should be essential reading and study for every one This is the most direct way we can frame important historical moments I really liked dozen of speeches from the book They were worth reading But than half of speeches can be interested only for those from UK Also I think it contains too much American presidents of previous century On the other hand there is no mention of Chinese revolutions Ukrainian revolutions including modern and many others around the globe They could be much interesting reading than ones from British ministers in early 20 centuryThat s why I feel that the book is overpriced 1499 especially for foreign reader. Twenty nine new selections such as the words spoken by Earl Spencer at Princess Diana's funeral Nelson Mandela's Let Freedom Sing speech and Bill Clinton's 1998 apology to the American peop.

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I learned a lot from these speeches Unfortunately I learned that despite coming a long way we ve learned very little and history is a series of cyclical events where racism power and imperialistic ideals often prevailI ve given it a 4 as it was uite Western UK centric in the main but there were many powerful speeches none the less I recently picked up my copy 1999 version and read the resignation speech given by Sir Geoffrey Howe in the UK Parliament 13 Nov 1990 I had previously read the transcript of the speech on the web and had also listened to this speech when it was originally broadcast I note that the speech in the book has been eviscerated and many paragraphs removed from the original including the famous metaphor about the game of cricket I find no mention in the book that speeches have been edited for this publication so how can I trust any other speech in this book A little too Anglo American but a decent collection nonetheless This book is certainly worth the read but really demands a large footnoteIt is ridiculously focused on The UK particularly royalty There is a large volume of British domestic policy speeches from parliament in the early 20th century that turned me off just because I can t imagine anyone outside of Great Britain gives a crap Princess Diana s eulogy is just one example of a speech that just doesn t matter that much I mean did you remember until I told you that her brother went apeshit at her funeral Who cares about Edward VIII s abdication This editor includes 4 % ing speeches about it I was really overwhelmed how eurocentric this book isNehru and Gandhi have 2 apiece if I recall but that s as far East as it goes Whether it was Winston Churchill rousing the British to war Fidel Castro inspiring the Cuban revolution or Bill Clinton defending himself against Monica Lewinsky great speakers have always