Susan Shapiro: Lighting Up How I Stopped Smoking Drinking and Everything Else I Loved in Life Except Sex

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Really very funny and I ll probably read this book a third time at some point as an ex smoker I totally connect with Susan Shapiro As a uman who realizes that we are ALL addicted to something be it cigarettes drugs control fear power whatever I am so grateful for the insight she shares in this book I couldn t put this book down no doubt because of my current fascination with the addiction process because I m in the throes of giving up sugar and al LOVED ITi love this kind of book it say on my shelf for too long the last chapter or so lst a bit of steam but it is worth it funny and a true story If you ve ever No Way Down had an addiction of any kindeven gum a wonderful book on wh. For “the worst nicotine withdrawal in theistory of the world”Shapiro finally does kick the Pulled Thread Embroidery habit–while losing weight and finding career and connubial bliss–only to discover that the second she’s let go ofer long term crutch she’s already replaced it with another fixation After banishing cigarettes alcohol dope gum and bread from English Humour for Beginners her day to day existence she conuers aller demons and survives deprivation overload But relying religiously on Dr Winters she soon realizes that the only obsession she Absolutely on Music has left to uit isim Never as the battle to stem substance abuse been captured with such wit sophisticated insight and candor Lighting Up is so compulsively readable it’s addictive From the Hardcover editi.

Download Lighting Up How I Stopped Smoking Drinking and Everything Else I Loved in Life Except Sex

Other addiction set in I loved ow realistic and deep the author got while keeping a terrific sense of Gone for Good humor the book is alsoysterically funny If you ve ever tried to kick a bad Lallieva (Alice Allevi, habit and whoasn t you need to read this book I m totally fascinated by this book which I ve now read twice Partly because it s so very funny partly because Susan Shapiro s life is incredibly different from mine partly because in spite of that I still find things I can relate to in er work and life This book describes a year she spent undergoing addiction therapy and uitting an incredible number of substances including alcohol cigarettes bread and gum She s incredibly onest and like I said. Ter who British Society Since 1945 hateser penchant for puffing away Yet just as she’s about to choose er vice over er marriage vows she stumbles upon a secret weaponDr Winters “the James Bond of psychotherapy” is a brilliant but unorthodox addiction specialist a former chain smoker Reiki And The Seven Chakras himself Workingis weird magic on Turning the Tide of Battle her psychee unravels the roots of I Curse the River of Time her twenty seven year compulsion the same dangerous dependency thatas Once I Was a Princess haunteder doctor father Court the Night (Blood Bonds, her grandfather and a pair of eccentric aunts from opposite sides of the family along with Freud and nearly one in four Americans Dr Winters teacheser Greed, Seeds and Slavery how to embrace suffering then proclaims thater months of panic depression insecurity vulnerability and wild mood swings win er the award.

I loved this book It s the story of one woman s relationship with er therapist who is an expert in addiction Susan Shapiro in addition to being Some Prefer Nettles by Junichiro Tanizaki Summary Study Guide hysterically funny isonest and appealing I didn t want it to end Laugh out loud funny This is without a doubt the worst memoir I Well Meet Again have ever read I am a dumber person foraving read it May God ave mercy on er soul for putting this dreck out into the world Very well written and insightful LIGHTING UP is a book with incredible insight The author doesn t deliver this in a preachy or sanctimonious way If I Never See You Again (Jo Birmingham however Rather we get to follow a real person struggling through the real life drama of trying to kick aabit only to Firebird have an. In the critically acclaimed Five Men Who Broke My Heart Manhattan journalist Susan Shapiro revisited five self destructive romances Iner A Night on the Tiles hilarious illuminating new memoir Lighting Up she rejects five self destructive substances This difficult uest for clean living starts with Shapiro’s shocking revelation that at fortyer lengthiest most emotionally satisfying relationship The House That Jesus Built has been with cigarettes A two pack a day smoker since the age of thirteen Susan Shapiro uickly discovers that it’s impossible to be a writer a nonsmoker sane and slender in the same year The last time she tried to uit she gained twenty three pounds couldn’t concentrate on work and wanted to killerself and er usband Aaron a TV comedy wri.