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Otch orrorfantasy with a strong sense of umour Vividly gruesome and atmospheric with characters shaded than the stereotypes they initially seem to be Written by Kim Newman under a pseudonym and featuring an alternative reality version of Genevieve from is Anno Dracula books Technically I The Eyes of the Dead have a copy of The Vampire Genevieve which is a compilation of Drachenfels Genevieve Undead Beasts in Velvet and Silver Nails But after reading this first story I m just not interested enough to stick with it for another 500ish pages Not least of which because for a book titled The Vampire Genevieve she plays very little role in this first story That probably tells you than the rest of this review ever could I picked the book up because itad and interesting cover and was about a female vampire I thought it could be interesting I didn t actually know what the Warhammer imprint was proving uneuivocally that I m not as nerdy as I would Rules for a Lady have given myself credit for so I didn t know what to expect Drachenfels struck me as a pretty run of the mill ber evil overlord tries to take over the world and is defeated by a spunky group of outcasts kind of book Meh It took a long time to get going then came to a lightning speed conclusion and ending with an everyone livedappily ever after or not recap of the characters I thought the world building was weak the character development shallow and the action all crammed into one end of the story There were some really funny passages but for the most part I was uninvested It wasn t a waste of my time but I m not bothering with any Despite Calebs Tempting Mate (Saber Chronicles having first read it almost 30 years ago I could remember every scene of this novel before I even turned the page if that s not a mark of great writing I don t know what is. Lide a terrible secret which may make the opening night an evening to remember Storming dark fantasy with the vampire femme fatale Geneviev.

Of the world according to ABC himself that isas managed to get the approval and funding to write and enact a play that will finally show us what Odd Man In happened at castle Drachenfels so many years ago Of course the playas to be set up at the original location of the enchanters lair With the Palace Intrigue (A Medieval Tale help of the surviving adventurers In the present of the most important people and rulers of the EmpireWhat could possibly go wrongFrom a time when the world of warhammer was filled with dark morbidumour and still managed to be both Parking Lot Rules 75 Other Ideas for Raising Amazing Children horrifying and thrilling at the same time With uite a big and diverse cast to bootSigh I so miss the olden daysAnd I so loved listening to this story Most definitely one of the best stories I ve evereard Period It doesn t break any ground but it does a very good job of keeping you reading Set in the Warhammer fantasy world Drachenfels is not your standard fantasy story The structure of this novel is overwhelmingly astonishing As a play in prose it s syntax guides you through the story like you are listening to the voice of a master orator which is especially emotive during the scenes that define it as a Carlyle Marney horrorI can see it beingighly approachable for non warhammer fans as due to Shameful how early on in the lores life it was published many thingsave since being retconned To compare it with another authors work I d say it similar to Terry Pratchett Is it perfect NoIs it the best Warhammer book I ave read Without a doubtIs it the best tie in novel I ave read uite possibly My Sacred Landscapes husband asked me to read Drachenfels so last night I took it into the bath with me I only realised my bathad gone cold when Angel Without Mercy (Agnes Carmichael, he came in and told meoney it s nearly 11 I m going to bed If that isn t a sign of a good book I don t know what is Top He Great Enchanter Drachenfels to be staged at the very site of is death the Fortress of Drachenfels itself But the castle's dark walls stil.

In the Fantasy world of Warhammer few words can give you the shivers the way Drachenfels does Interchangeably used to refer to The Great Enchanter s name and that of is dark castle it embodies everything that s vile and corrupt under the sun To give you an idea of Girl Reporter how deranged Drachenfels is our good enchanter even thinks that what the gods of chaos Khorne the god of war and bloodlust Tzeentch the god of change and mutation Nurgle the god of plague and despair etc stand for is all well and good but falls a little short of true cruelty A zippy and enjoyable romp with witty erudite prose that sparkles throughout The author s obvious penchant for inventive situations wry observations outrageous violence and sneaky literary references make for almost perfect escapism with a neat gothic twist Now this THIS Is what Warhammer is all about according to me and as we all know I can never be wrong Dark and gritty fantasy with aorror element flawed characters and epic Hunted heroism in the face of insurmountable adversariesTo start of we follow a band of adventurers who wouldn t look out of place in a sword and sorcery role playing game like Dungeons Dragons or the Warhammer fantasy RPG I guess while they try to penetrate the evil dark lord of dooms fortress Avoiding traps and fighting the evil minions while losing comrades along the way And then finally They enter the dark lordsall of ominousness and the final battle can begin StopEnd of the first chapterNow we jump 20 years forward and get to follow the surviving adventurers How Gingerbread Heart have they coped with life after the great adventure The Evil enchanteras been beaten Destroyed VanuishedBut we as the reader don t really know ow it appened Aren t we lucky that one of the greatest play wrights. Detlef Sierck the self proclaimed greatest playwright in the world Biz Talk-2 has declared thatis next production will be a recreation of the end of

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Kim NewmanNewman's pseudonymous novels as Jack Yeovil play elegant games with genre cliche perhaps the best of these is the sword and sorcery novel Drachenfels which takes the prescribed formulae of the games company to whose bible it was written and make them over entirely into a Kim Newman novel